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Stone Rose in Conshy

Will certainly agree with knappy and JanR - had a great lunch at Stone Rose last week. Service was excellent as was the food, with big lunch portions. Started with the short ribs over mac & cheese and finished with a roasted turkey/avocado/bacon sandwhich and house fries. Decent beers on tap, didnt look at wine list.

We will return.

Dec 16, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Shabu-Shabu in Philadelphia?

Maralyn - I also lived in the Bay Area and have trouble finding the same foods I was used to in CA here in PA! With that said there is a great food culture here in Philly, albeit different than the Bay Area.

Years ago, our favorite place for shabu shabu was in Carmel (at the Flying Fish). Great ingredients and dipping sauces........ Wow, good memories. Anyway, we have found that we can recreate the dish fairly well here - everything from the little stove, various ingredients, and dipping sauces can all be found at HMart. Not exactly the same sensation, but still a quality meal!

Dec 13, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Has Anyone Been to Seasons 52 in KOP By the Mall?

Good point about being confused. Perhaps I did not articulate my thoughts well........

I often find myself in the KoP area for business lunches, and nearly all of the places are chains. I am not particularly a fan of chain restaurants, however must eat in them on occasion. Therefore S52 is high on my list (OF CHAINS) for the afore stated reasons; however the food is NOT that good that I would repeat my dining experience on my own dime. Agree, the service is great and they always ask we are on a time constraint (a huge plus), however it is not a place I would consider a date with spouse or a place to catch up with foodie-friends. The food is simply good, but overpriced.

Dec 09, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Has Anyone Been to Seasons 52 in KOP By the Mall?

Must agree with CS on this one too. While I have been on multiple occasions since it opened, it is strictly for business lunches - always on company $ or other's expense account.

The food is good, a bit overpriced priced for what you get, great service, a neat gimmack (low calorie), and some innovative dishes. As far as chains go, it is very high on my list! With that said, I have never been socially, and never intend to spend my own money there.

Dec 09, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Great meal at Blackfish in Conshohocken

We had several inconsistent meals at Blackfish a few years back, and have not been back since. However based on the recent reviews and menus we will definitely be going back, perhaps even joining all of you if there is a Chowhound event!!!

Dec 02, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

50% Verdad in Bryn Mar

Exactly. So for a place I was planning to visit anyway, a 25% discount off a nice dinner out with my wife; sounds perfect. And after reading details, which were readily apparent and easy to understand, I bought 2 certificates! They expire in one year.

Nov 10, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

50% Verdad in Bryn Mar

Open Table Spotlight Deal of the Day is $50 certificate to Verdad for $25. A really good restaurant that is even better 50% off!

Nov 10, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

ISO Good French Onion Soup in the Burbs

La Maison in Ardmore has great Onion Soup as an app, and some other great food as well. They are BYO, another plus in my book!

Oct 21, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Marly's in Phoenixville

We had a very similar experience there many months ago. Couldn't even call the food mediocre..... Was a while ago so don’t remember the specifics, but remember thinking all the entrees (four people total) were awkwardly paired with fruit. Disappointed with the quality and certainly the price, have not been back since.

Oct 13, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia


Not sure where you live - and your access to a Costco - but we buy them there. I think it is a 1-lb bag for ~$12. They freeze great and pull them out and use them whenever needed!

Sep 28, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Home Cooking

Still looking for Stagg chili

Was just in the KOP Costco and they also had Staggs Steakhouse Reserve Chili. Box/carton of 6 cans - didn't pay attention to the price though (sorry).

Sep 26, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Look for great Wing Specials for NFL Sundays

Not sure where you live but the Sly Fox in Royersford has many TVs in the bar area, good beer and wing specials on Sunday. As a brew-pub they only serve their beer, but offer a good selection. Wings are good, but not the best.

Previously we lived walking distance, so spent many a Sunday afternoon there....... Recently moved to ML so still searching for good wings in the area. Eager to see other posts.

Sep 15, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Sous Vide Illegal in Pa?

Cruz - Not sure if the technique is legal in Philly, but it appears to be legal in the state of PA (or at least the burbs). There was a restaurant in Cedars, near Skippack, that specialized in sous vide preperation. A few limited menu as you can imagine, and changed weekly. Was an excellent concept, and also a phenomenal restaurant. Unfortunately it has since closed – not due to the food, but I presume due to location and limited menu; only one ‘protein’ served per week. I sincerely hope the chef, Greg, resurfaces with the same concept!
Therefore, the technique doesn’t seem to be illegal, and at least the times we had visited was not highly regulated. Though in my opinion was very safe and well controlled. Loved the concept so much I am pondering buying or making my own unit.

Some links about Restaurant Rosalie for your reference:

Sep 14, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Silverspoon BYOB in Spread Egle Village, Strafford/Wayne - anyone been?

Worth another mention, have dined here twice since last post……..

Most recent experience was on Saturday evening. Everything was delicious and the restaurant was slammed! Inside and outside seating - several of the tables flipped once, and there were no open seats. Maybe I shouldn’t be telling everyone! Starters included: roasted squash soup, MD littleneck clams, and warm spinach salad. Entrees: lamb loin and pork loin. This is quickly becoming one of ‘go-to’ restaurants!

Sep 13, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Best Indoor Farmers Market in Philly

Would be remiss in mentioning the Ardmore Farmer's Market! Great location and great stalls inside; not to mention clean and bright inside. Prices might be a tad higher than at the supermarket or other specialty stores, but everything is fresh and high quality!

The convenience of having so many different stalls in one location is worth every cent (fish, meat, cheese, and pastries)!

Sep 13, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Silverspoon BYOB in Spread Egle Village, Strafford/Wayne - anyone been?

Been meaning to try it for some time, and finally ate here last night --- what a wonderful meal. My wife and I started with an arugula salad (with beets and cheese) and pan-seared dayboat scallops (sauted in bacon fat? I think?). Entrees included spot prawn papperdelle and a brined pork loin. We of course argued about which one was better! Everything was fresh and delicious with GREAT service as well. Will certainly be going back soon!

Aug 14, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Ian Moroney still rockin it at Pumpkin

Must be a slow summer for them. Went on a Friday night a few weeks ago and the place was EMPTY. Literally only 3 or 4 tables were occupied. The meal was fabulous, as usual. Four people in our party so we got to sample much of the menu! Love that place.

Aug 12, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Chinese banquet places?

Not sure what area you are targeting, however I have been to several Chinese banquets at Lai Lai Gardens (located in Blue Bell - burbs). They have pretty good food, an extensive menu, and a medium to large banguet room.

Aug 03, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Rehearsal Dinner spot Conshy, Phoenixville, Skippack, Ambler, Collegeville...? experiences anyone?

Another vote for Majolica. Andrew is a great chef and very accomodating. Would probably have to book entire place, not sure about costs, but would certainly be memorable!

Jun 25, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Restaurant Rosalie ---- Is Closing?

According to the website and most recent email update, I hate to report that Restaurant Rosalie (Cedars/Skippack) is closing as of this Saturday's dinner service. I know for one that we will head over for a final meal there!

Such a shame; Greg has such a great concept (sous vide cooking), one that is clearly missing and is a welcome addition to Philadelphia. For all that have enjoyed meals there before, better make reservations - and for those that have always intended to eat there, looks like now is your last chance. Hope the last week is a success for him.........

Feb 23, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

Anyone know where to find red jalapenos?

While not fresh, I just saw jarred fire-roasted red jalapenos at Giant (near the roasted peppers). Don't know if these are compatible with the recipe but figured it was worth the post.......

Feb 01, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Philadelphia

BBQ caterer that will travel to the Lehigh Valley

Tex's BBQ rotates weekend locations around the western suburbs - and has good BBQ. I know they cater but have no details (only purchased from the truck). Website is:

Jan 13, 2010
EpicurBurbs in Pennsylvania

Weeknight Tasting Menus in Philly/surrounding area?

Some of my favorite tasting menus in the burbs are at the Birchrunville Store Cafe (only offered the first Tues of the month), Majolica (farmhouse table, I think any night of the week?), and finally Restaurant Rosalie (sous vide, available Wed-Sun). In fact not only are those my favorite tasting menus, they are also in general my favorite restaurants!

Nov 20, 2009
EpicurBurbs in Pennsylvania

R.I.P. Collegeville Acme and Wegmans

Have been to Wegmans a few times now, and wow I love that store! Most recently, stopped by this morning on the way to work and picked up a chocolate croissant and some coffee - must admit the croissant was the best I have had outside of France. And potentially even better than some I have had there! Point is the fresh baked goods are delicious.

Oct 23, 2009
EpicurBurbs in Pennsylvania

Suburban spots- butcher shops and fish markets?

While not a butcher per se, Costco has great meats at great prices. We buy most of our meats there. Some of the local farmers markets also have vendors that sell meat - we especially like the buffalo/bison from Phoenixville. For high quality seafood we always buy from Hills Quality Seafood Markets (4 area locations - we use the Exton location). The prices are certainly higher than the grocery store (including Assi) but the variety and quality is excellent! Happy shopping.

Oct 22, 2009
EpicurBurbs in Pennsylvania

BYOB in MontoCo for Holiday Party (20-25 people)

While a little pricier than the other two suggestions, the Birchrunville Store Cafe does private parties. Am aware of several companies that do holiday parties there in Dec. During the week they let you use the entire place. Certainly better than Viggianno's, but not as convientently located - also not sure if any of the people are 'foodies'.

Oct 16, 2009
EpicurBurbs in Pennsylvania

Best Sushi in the Philly Burbs

I have to agree with Kater - while Minado is clean and fresh, the quality is mediocre at best. Have been several times with coworkers (only for lunch). They do have a wide variety of sushi and other japanese items, however everything is just okay. Its a buffet, how can it be excellent! And while it is better than TJs pre-prepared sushi, it is on par with in-house made supermarket quality. With that said, for a quick inexpensive sushi fix I will continue to go for lunch occasionally with coworkers........

Oct 12, 2009
EpicurBurbs in Pennsylvania

Cedars/Skippack Recommendations?

Not really sure why the whole thread/discussion about Restaurant Rosalie from yesterday got removed....... So I will post my thoughts again.

Rosalie is located in Cedars (same location as Alison's first restaurant), and is truly a gem. The cooking technique is sous vide, which separates it from most other restaurants out there! Their menu is posted on the website, so be sure to look at the menu for that week.

Incidentally, we went last night and had prime beef short ribs. So tender and flavorful - in the sous vide for 48+ hours. As usual everything was delicious!

Oct 09, 2009
EpicurBurbs in Pennsylvania

Penny's Pizza (Limerick) Re-opening?

I drove by Penny's last night around 6pm and there were cars lining both sides of Ridge. So I have to ask - fellow CHs how was it? Dying to hear some details!

Oct 02, 2009
EpicurBurbs in Pennsylvania

Sly Fox Brewery

No tours at SlyFox to speak of, however it is a neat microbrew pub to hang out in. Not sure what day the wives were planning to shop, but on Sundays the SlyFox has beer, wing, and steamer specials. We find ourselves there quite a bit on Sundays. I will also agree with everyone else that the Craft Ale House is also a great place - both great beers and food.

To be honest, you cant go wrong with either place. Have fun.

Sep 09, 2009
EpicurBurbs in Pennsylvania