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Helzel the easy way

Occasionally, my great aunt would make Helzel and stuff it with her beef meatloaf recipe. In essence this was making a ground beef sausage with poultry skin instead of a natural casing and roasting not smoking

about 8 hours ago
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Helzel the easy way

Helzel Stuffing
• 1/2 cup of canola oil or ¼ cup, ¼ cup schmaltz
• 2 outer stalks of dark green celery without leaves
• 2 large carrots-peeled
• 1 medium yellow onion
• 1 whole wheat flour
• ½ cup Farina
• 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt
• ½ teaspoon white pepper
• 1 teaspoon of smoked paprika
Grind the celery, carrots and onion in a food processor. Once they seem not to get smaller, add the flour, farina and turn the processor back on until they are mixed well. Add the oil and spices and mix very well.
Stuff poultry skins, and lay in one layer in roasting pan-I use an old black speckled enamel on steel type (my favorite for all poultry and crisps the skin well-never use disposable aluminum pans for roasting poultry as they don’t crisp well)
Brush with a little oil, melted schmaltz or a quick spray with PAM
Place in a preheated 350 F oven for about 80-90 minutes until golden brown and crisp.
If you like a crispier version, place a cake cooling type rack in the roasting pan so the Helzel doesn’t sit in its own fat. It also helps the skin from sticking to the bottom of the pan and tearing when you remove it.

If I am making the Helzel after the poultry is roasted, I sometimes hand mince a couple of ounces of the thigh meat and add to the mix (after taking it from the food processor) before stuffing.

about 20 hours ago
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Helzel the easy way

I grew up in the shmatte business and have a collection of antique sewing machines. I understood your joke.

Kosher goose, duck and turkey has gotten rather expensive. I'm lucky that I have a local mostly retired shochet who will still do poultry, but no 4 legged animal;s. I make an appointment and take him to a local farmer where I buy my live birds. He works about two hours and I take home enough poultry to fill a large freezer. It averages me about $1.50 pound before dressing/kashering the birds. As I make a 22-24 pound turkey every week it makes sense to do it this way. I save the neck skins when I process the birds and a couple times a year I'll make a load roasting pan of Helzel. It freezes well after cooking.

2 days ago
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Helzel the easy way

Actually I do have an old Singer with a Floor Treadle but it would be absolutely useless for Helzel.

I make Helzel a few times per year. My preference is to use Turkey or Goose necks as the neck skin is quite large compared to chicken. I sew it using a curved upholstery needle (the type used for attaching buttons to a sofa) and lightweight kitchen twine. It takes about 2 minutes to sew. Also using a turkey or goose neck yields enough so 4-6 people can have a slice as an appetizer.

The way you propose making it with a piece of bone sticking out may be fine in the kitchen for personal consumption, but I would not serve Helzel that way at a Shabbos or Yuntif table.

May 25, 2015
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Better than bouillon? topic on the BTB

I agree beef prices are ridiculous. I do not understand why people pay $4.59 lb for ground chuck 80/20 when the supermarkets feature round or shoulder London Broil for $2.99 lb. 10 minutes effort to put through the Kitchenaid grinder or old fashioned meat grinder is worth saving $1.60 per pound. PLUS you aren't getting the pink slime that is often mixed in supermarket beef.

We don't use supermarket meat (kosher kitchen) and I have ground all our beef for almost 40 years. I adjust the fat content based on the use of the meat. More for hamburgers on the grill, less for use in sauce, meat balls, meatloaf.

May 25, 2015
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New Fries Size At Five Guys!

I have a 5 Guys Franchisee as a client. When the Little Fries were being introduced, he explained that it was the Franchisees asking for it, not a response to customers wanting a smaller size.
With the spike in beef prices, a regular hamburger (2 patty) small fries and small fountain soda had broken the $10 price level and their was a great deal of customer resistance. So the Little Fries allowed a complete meal below the $10 price point.

Unfortunately with increases in the past two years in prices of foodstuffs, the $10 price level is also a thing of the past.

May 25, 2015
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Better than bouillon?

Costco carries the BTB Chicken flavor in a Low Sodium version. I haven't seen it in supermarkets. My SIL, who has heart problems has used it for years and the end product is quite good.

May 25, 2015
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Who eats using sterling silver flatware at home each and every day?

during WWII when almost all silver was reserved for the war effort, some manufacturers would use lead solder to attach the sterling handles to the steel blades.

In 1970, Manchester Silver (Providence, RI) replaced all the knife blades in my 1944 service because the quality of steel available during WWII started to pit after 24 years. they also replaced any lead solder with silver solder.

May 23, 2015
bagelman01 in Not About Food

Who eats using sterling silver flatware at home each and every day?

Your EPNS flatware is NOT sterling. It is an imitation manufactured for the middle class who could not afford sterling or didn't want to care for it.

I have 4 sets of sterling flatware, one is service for 24.

I also have service for 108 in a silver plate pattern from Oneida Community. It costs me less on eBay than a single place setting of Grand Baroque in sterling.

This is what I use when we have a crowd for a buffet. Sterling is used for sit down affairs.

May 23, 2015
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Who eats using sterling silver flatware at home each and every day?

Many of the knife handles are hollow, no wooden core.
My Manchester Silver Sterling (Collonade Pattern) from 1944) has been washed in the dishwasher since 1958. No problems as long as no stainless in the load.

May 23, 2015
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How do you deal with the compulsive need for everyone to like your food?

Yes it sounds childish, this need for everyone's approval.

I will never wax enthusiastically over a chocolate cake, no matter who has made it or how delicious others perceive it to be. I'm not a fan of chocolate. If told it's home made I'll take a bite to be complaint and say something such as this is good.

OTOH, I might go really wild over a good crusty roll or artisan bread.

Stop seeking 100% approval. You should accept the group consensus.

May 21, 2015
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Parent companies of Stop & Shop, Hannaford reported to be in merger talks - The Boston Globe

I spent the 3 days per week living in MASS from 2008-2010 and never liked Hannaford's. I found the prices high and the layout hard to shop. I have shopped Stop and Shop for more than 55 years. I loathe them. Currently they are the only supermarket in my town and price much higher than their branches in our three neighboring towns, 2 of which are just a 5 minute drive from my house.
That said, Stop and Shop (founded by the Raab family) caters to Jewish/Kosher clientele. The in-stire bakeries in my area are under kosher supervision. The deli has kosher slicing machines and kosher product and many more of their private labelled products are kosher than Hannaford or Market Basket.

While in Massachusetts Market Basket was my choice for produce or national brand items.

May 18, 2015
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Who owns the leftovers?

Sounds more likely to be a DIL than daughter. Basic lack of respect for parent. Maybe you should pay her rent for using the fridge.

May 18, 2015
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Graduation Open House - How much to make?

1/4 lb of meat for each item is fine if this is the main course of a meal., not one of several items to be taken from a buffet or passed food trays. Cut the filling by half.

#2 Lettuce wraps do NOT freeze well. Ever tried to eat a salad that was in too cold a fridge and froze then defrosted? YUKKKKK

#3 Think finger food, the kids will want to circulate. Lo Mein is hard to eat on the move at a party. Miniature egg rolls or spring rolls are a better choice and freeze well. Go meatless to cut the budget and accommodate some of the non-meat eaters who will show.

If you must have a starch, fried rice is easier to eat than lo mein at a non-sit down party.

May 17, 2015
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Banquet hall tipping - when guest thinks servers are getting it, but owners pocket all...

When I was in the business we placed a notice on all quotes that a 15% service charge would be added to all invoices.

That 15% service charge was distributed to all service personnel working the party: servers, bussers, bartenders. Party managers and kitchen staff did not share in the service charge. (CT is a state where they would not share in pooled tips in a restaurant either).

If a satisfied client insisted on handing additional funds as a tip it was distributed the same way. Many clients would hand the party manager a sealed envelope and say this is for you. That would be the personal property of the recipient and not pooled.

Catering staff never expected a gratuity above the per party wage (in those days we did not pay catering service employees by the hour, but by the party). When I got out of the business CT minimum wage was $3.25 (not the discounted wage for tipped service employees) and our per party rate of pay was $75 for servers and bartenders, $60 for bus-staff. That was quite a good rate of pay in 1980. The service charge when distributed was always greatly appreciated.

Our staff was specifically FORBIDDEN from accepting a gratuity from a party guest. It was grounds for immediate dismissal (the rule and consequence was part of the employee handbook they each signed). Guests are just that-guests and only the host should have a money relationship with the catering company and its staff.

BTW>>>this wasn't a huge issue, it mainly came up if we had a really busy weekend, such as in June wedding madness and had to 'borrow' staff from establishments that offered cash bars---something that we never did in all our years.l Our caterer's liquor license allowed us to sell alcohol to the host of the event. A cash bar required a restaurant, hotel or cabaret type liquor license. Sometimes 'borrowed' bartenders would put out a tip cup while setting up and our party managers would whisk it away and explain the rules. Similarly, if we staffed the coatroom or valet parking signs were posted that the service and gratuity was provided by your host.

May 16, 2015
bagelman01 in Not About Food

Banquet hall tipping - when guest thinks servers are getting it, but owners pocket all...

"I have actually never experienced a large scale cater event where there was not a deposit, (perhaps) a mid-payment, a soft final payment based on quantity expected well prior to the event.."

I've been a caterer and a repeat patron of caterers. It is not that unusual not to require up-front money from repeat clients. I catered 2 Bar Mitzvah dinners, 3 Bat Mitzvah luncheons and all 5 weddings for the children of one family, as well as the parents 35th and 50th wedding anniversary galas. after the first three affairs, I didn't ask for a deposit or even settle up at the affair. The patron came into our office the next business day to settle up.

I was out of the business by the time I married and had a family, but the came caterer that handled our family's business while I was growing up catered my wedding and daughters Bat Mitzvah dinners. I was presented an invoice at the end of the evening by the party manager. I handed the manager an envelope with tip cash and mailed a check to the cater's office.

Not everyone works this way, especially for new clients. More commonly, the caterer cannot afford to finance the affair without up front cash and must have payroll money at the end of the affair. A properly capitalized business can do things differently.

Even our country club sends the bill for a member's private affair at the end of the month with the member's statement. We don't host events for non-members, so their credit is not an issue.

May 16, 2015
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Taylor Ham (aka pork roll)?

Masha Bousha
Adamm's Supermarkets (Derby, CT location) stocks it in the smoked meat case in the meat dept.

Adams has 8 locations in CT and MA and is owned and operated by Bozzuto Family who are also the IGA distributor for Connecticut.

I don't eat it, but having gone to college in Philadelphia 40+ years ago I notice it in the store.

Biggest Tip Ever?

Biggest tip as a percentage of the check: $100 on a $70 check in 1990. Tip given to a waiter who saw Mrs B's exasperation with the horrific service we were receiving from an obviously high on drugs server. Mrs. B had booked months in advance and made special arrangements for my birthday dinner. Management was oblivious and didn't respond when Mrs. B asked the hostess to send the manager to the table. The astute waiter at the next station saw and heard what was going on and stepped in on his own, took command and saved the evening.

Biggest Tip Dollar Amount: $625 (25%) on a $2500 bill for an anniversary dinner celebrating my late parents 65th (dozen children, grand and great-grandkids).

Biggest tip I received: I waited tables in the Catskills during college circa 1972. I took care of a family of 6 for the entire month of July (21 meals per week). Back then the hotel recommended $3/day pp for adults and $2/day for kids under 12. I expected about $700 for good service. The husband handed me an envelope when they left on the 31st, I opened it and found One Thousand Dollars in cash with a note saying it was the standard tip plus textbook money for the fall semester and that they had requested to be seated at my station during the Xmas/New Years holidays.

If you were invited to a birthday party (for someone else) on the day of your birthday... what would be a nice touch for you?

The Jerusalem Talmud brings forth an ancient but still observed Jewish law/custom that states: “one does not mix one celebration with another” (ain marbin simcha b’simcha). The patriarch Abraham was instructed by his future father-in-law Laban that Abraham could marry Rachel until all the post wedding feasts for Leah were complete.
This is meant to explain that it is not possible to emotionally dance at two weddings at the same time.

Mixing the celebrations, denigrates each one of them as something special and causes the attendees to divide the honor and attention bestowed on each celebrant.

If I were the host I would hand the non-party honorees a sealed card acknowledging their birthdays but make no public mention of it.

The non-party honorees knew when they received the invitation that the purpose of the party was to celebrate the birthday of someone else and should have no expectation of such.

If I accepted an invitation for a birthday party for someone else that fell on my birthday, I would not want to take away anything from the honorees occasion.

BTW>>Mr. B shares a birthday with a 3rd cousin (he’s 2 years younger) when either of us has a birthday party and the other is also present, we wish each other a Happy Birthday privately, but only the honoree is acknowledged publicly.

How do you split the bill and tip evenly?

This sure beats the typical 20 something's first apartment............
Getting paid with fine food and drink included...must be nice

May 10, 2015
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How do *you* find kosher dairy recipes online?

Google should be your best friend.

There are over 1900 Dairy Kosher recipes submitted from all over the world

May 10, 2015
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How do you split the bill and tip evenly?

27 year old Ms. B spent 3 years working for a cruise line. Although a college grad, she loved to travel. She started as a room steward dealing with the same things a hotel maid does and worked her way up to Hotel Manager on the cruise ship...responsible for all cabin stewards, dining room servers and general cleaners, as well as some purchasing and linen/laundry cleaning in ports.

Now instead of dealing with a complete change of passengers every 14 days, she lives a luxurious and exciting lifestyle as steward on a 300' $500 million mega-yacht in the Mediterranean with a crew of 25 serving a family of 6.

And to think Mrs. B and I could never get her to put away her toys, make her bed, clean her room or do anything in the kitchen. Now she has developed sophisticated food tastes (it helps to have 2 cordon bleu chefs making your every meal).

May 09, 2015
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How do you split the bill and tip evenly?

It was worth every penny to be rid of her.

One usually loses most couple friends in a divorce. They are afraid to take sides. Those who are also friends now, knew the current Mrs B and her former husband...we were part of an overlapping social circle, much prefer our company. They never mention the ex, but did host a bit more than one would expect the first year we were married.

Last month, ex-Mrs B informed me that she is getting married after all these years alone. She asked if we would attend.................

I declined, but sent her a magnum of champagne and 2 lbs of chocolates

"Can I transfer these drinks to my table"?

CT is particularly vigilant about protecting employees' wages and rights. We are a small state and audits are not uncommon. Furthermore, complaints to the wage division are looked into rather fast.

Allow me to digress and tell a true story that is 45 years old. In 1970, my father owned a chain of 15 retail clothing stores in Connecticut. One of the part-time evening (5-9 PM) shoe department clerks was suspected of stealing money from the cash register. A professional shopper tested the employee and a camera caught the theft and the police were called at 6:30 PM. The clerk was arrested and hauled away in handcuffs. The manager wrote 6:30 on the clerk's time card and the payroll department issued a final check paying the clerk for the hour and one-half he was in the store.
Two years later, the CT Dept. of Labor did a payroll audit and this came up as a RED FLAG. In those years CT had a 4 hour minimum call in work period for retail workers, unless they signed a waiver agreeing to work shorter hours. The company comptroller showed the Dept. of Labor auditor the arrest records and said the police removed the employee at 6:30, he only worked 90 minutes.
The Dept. of Labor ruled that it didn't matter, if he was scheduled, and clocked in, you have to pay the 4 hour minimum. So. the company had to mail a check for the 2 and one-half hours pay and was fine $250 for violating the law. An appeal to the Commissioner with supporting statements form the chief of police got the fine reduced to $50.

May 09, 2015
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"Can I transfer these drinks to my table"?

$3.15...most common in the US?

You better get out of the anti-labor Red States.
Here in CT, minimum wage is $9.15 going up to $10.10 (part of a 3 year phase in) The tip credit reduction for waitpersons and bartenders requires employers to pay:
Waitpersons: $5.78 hour
Bartenders: $7.46 hour

Employers MUST make up the shortfall if tips don't bring pay to the $9.15/hour minimum.

It is enforced. A Ct Dept of Labor audit will bring heavy fines if the restaurant doesn't comply.

Eldest Ms. B was a server this past winter during her time off the ship she works on. We had a real snowy period and the restaurant had to pay the difference on about 8 nights in a one month stretch.

May 09, 2015
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How do you split the bill and tip evenly?

I've been self employed (or owned the business) for 85% of my working life.

I only worked for two major corporations in a 40+ year career, and both would not reimburse cash gratuities. If you couldn't leave the tip on the credit card bill it came out of your pocket. Thus it was common to see co-workers not tip hotel maids and taxi drivers while tipping servers 20-25%.
I always felt that if the company was buying me a $200 room for the night, I could leave a $5 bill for the maid.

How do you split the bill and tip evenly?

EX-Mrs. B was a bean counter (CPA) and she always would grab the bill when it came to the table and break down each person's portion plus tax and tip and announce what they owed.
By the time she had done that, I had already handed the server my credit card and paid the entire tab, telling the other husbands in the group..."You get the next tab."

Glad she's my ex.

"Can I transfer these drinks to my table"?

I haven't even been part of this conversation and two of my favorite CH sparring partners have dragged me and my favorite Apizza restaurant into it.

Like JFood I've been a Business Consultant, I attended the Wharton School of Finance and have a BS in Management, an MBA and a JD (this the lawyer appellation).

Like Fourunder, I've been in the food business for many years: waited tables in hotel dining rooms through the college years. Made pizza and bagels, worked/owned bakery, deli and catering business.

Served as a management consultant in the hospitality industry for several decades as well. My chops are established, I'll take lamb or veal, hold the pork.

The shins are fine.
Is it annoying to be asked to pay for parts of your food and beverage for an evening in separate transactions? Yes. Do I let it bother me? No.

Two summers ago, eldest Ms. B (while in grad school) waited tables on the weekend at a SoNo hot-spot. Servers handled their own banks and had to settle with management for all orders placed with the bar and kitchen at the end of her shift. If she was going off at 11 and she had a table still occupied, she had to pay the establishment for what had been served to the table. Therefore she had to present and collect a check, and the next waiter/tress taking over had to open a new check.

Did anyone like the system? No. But the operator had 11 successful restaurant/bars in the tri-state area and the system worked for them.

Complaints or expression of displeasure with systems are appropriately addressed to management. The servers, hosts, etc. have no control over the decision to implement the systems and should not suffer the patron's wrath or be penalized monetarily because the patron wants only one bill for the night.

If 2 bill settlements bother the OP, inquire at the time of reservation or entry, if it exists, deal with it or go elsewhere.

A photo of 2 of the nicest people who ever graced the restaurant scene, the late Flo and Sal of Sally's Apizza in New Haven circa 1966


Barila No. 397 is a 16 ounce box
Their no-boil is sold in a lesser weight package. You confused the product number with grams

May 04, 2015
bagelman01 in General Topics


Many brands of dry lasagna noodles come in only 10 or 12 ounce boxes, not a pound. In fact many boxed pastas carried by supermarkets are now 12 ounce.

This is price creep. Just as Mayo is now 30 ounces not a quart, OJ is 59 oz, not a half gallon.

Always check the label, don't assume.

Then again, I usually make my own lasagne noodles so it doesn't matter that much.

Here's a lasagne that I cranked out today for tonight's feed daughter's friends who were doing a spring cleanup in our yard

May 03, 2015
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