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Can I freeze leftover beef (grilled London broil)

I grew up eating 2 meat meals every day. When I was a young single, I had a fleishige apartment. Since I drink my coffee black, who cared...................

My wife and daughters could easily be ovo/lacto vegetarians.

Therefore, I cook many pareve dishes that can be finished to serve either fleischige or milchige or eaten pareve.

Today I cooked a huge cauldron of Kapestash-(Hungarian Cabbage and Broad Noodles) all pareve.

My wife ate hers with sour cream.

I had mine with leftover brisket from Shabbos minced in.

We don't get a chance to eat together during the week, so I have many portioned meat servings cooked and ready in the freezer. Always slightly undercook meat (not poultry) that you plan on freezing and reheating. It won't dry out as quickly when reheating.

about 4 hours ago
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Can I freeze leftover beef (grilled London broil)

Did you slice all the beef that is leftover, or is it still a large piece?

If sliced, I would take the slices, pat dry with paper towels, wrap each slice in wax paper, stack compactly and wrap tightly in aluminum foil, place in ziploc bag. Freeze and use within 30 days for best quality.

If a 'whole piece', pat dry, double wrap in aluminum foil, then into ziploc bag. Will keep 60 days.

Make sure to press as much air out of the bags before sealing to avoid ice crystals.

Make sure to use FREEZER ziploc bags, not storage. There really is a difference in how well they keep cooked meats.

Youngest Ms. B likes sliced London Broil on a salad for dinner at least twice each week (after the gym) so I keep 4 ounce portions sliced and frozen in sandwich sized bags.

This would not be much good in a stew as it would get very tough poaching in the liquid when heating.
It would work well in stir fry-high heat fast cook

about 8 hours ago
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Veal brisket in RI or nearby

Veal Brisket is a common term in NY. But in New England try calling around to butchers or meat departments at supermarkets (try Market Basket) and ask the butcher for boned breast of veal.

In NY the brisket is commonly available boned, but I've found in New England it is generally sold as a 3 or 4 bone cut of meat for roasting/stuffing. They cut a pocket between the first and second cut (flat and tip) for stuffing. Ask the meat cutter to get you a whole (7 bone piece) and remove the bones.

I usually bone it myself and use the bones for stock.

Skirt steak

As discussed on a different thread (about a lamb) I still am able to source live animals and have them schect in Connecticut and kasher them myself.

Back in the early 70s when the local kosher meat scene was changing to prepackaged kashered cellophone wrapped....One of our local Orthodox Rabbis was adamant that congregants should still buy and kasher their own meat at least once a year so as not to lose the ability/knowledge to do so if it became necessary.
The disappearance of local slaughterhouses and fresh meat has left a generation of kosher households where no one has ever kashered meat.

How many of us grew up with that bucket and board reserved for kashering stored in the mudroom closet?

Nov 19, 2014
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Skirt steak

This is a modern generation problem that has arisen after the demise of local slaughtering and butcher shops who received beef on the hoof.

My mother always made skirt steak and hanger and did not have the butcher (or herself) kasher the meat via soaking and salting. She kashered via broiling.

Today's kosher consumer is hard pressed to find kosher meat for sale that has not been kashered at the plant before shipping to the retailers, or by the retailer whose mashgiach insists that only kashered meat be sold to the consumer.

Nov 19, 2014
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Is there any traditional Kishka or Stuffed Derma in the US?

Polonez River Road Shelton, CT
Lasowiak Deli...Derby and Bridgeport
Podlasie Meat East Main St Bridgeport

Availability varies...give them a call

Our (born in Lodz) cleaning lady swears by Laswoiak.
I love Fil's in Cromwell but their Kizhka is a blood sausage, not a beef intestine type.

Nov 17, 2014
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Is there any traditional Kishka or Stuffed Derma in the US?

Looks appetizing, but sadly Caplansky's is NOT in the USA as the OP requested.

On a separate note, the availability of kosher kishka with edible beef casing in the USA has disappeared over the years due to government regulations and the closing of small kosher slaughtering operations (under state not USDA supervision).

For those who eat non-kosher I have found a good number of Polish delis here in south and central Connecticut who make traditional beef intestine kishka sourcing the non-kosher intestines from local slaughterhouses.
My 80+ year old neighbor (who does not keep kosher) has sampled several and claims it is the same taste and texture that she remembers from kosher delis 50-60 years ago.

Nov 17, 2014
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Kitchen and Service Issues @ Burger Bar and Bistro

Eldest B daughter serves at a SONO eatery during her winter break (Nov. 1-Feb.1) from being Hotel Manager on a cruise ship.
Lat week after her shift a couple of co-workers wanted to go to Burger Bar and Bistro and she reluctantly agreed.
After waiting far too long for their food and none of the 3 burgers coming out as ordered (doneness and toppings). They tossed a $20 on the table for their sodas and the waitress' efforts and walked. Waitress told them at least 30 minutes for a refire and chances were the food still wouldn't be delivered as ordered.

Kitchen and Service Issues @ Burger Bar and Bistro

diploma...certificate of leaving...walking papers

Kitchen and Service Issues @ Burger Bar and Bistro

Time to diploma that restaurant.

Kosher Hotel for Shabbos Chanukah

The link brings you to hype and MISINFORMATION. This is NOT a Crowne Plaza Hotel.
They are NOT taking over the entire resort and day passes to the water park have and are still being sold to the general public.

The resort is NOT in the Northwest Hills of CT, but just off East Main St in Waterbury, CT adjoining I-84, Costco and Kohls.

Table One Catering is a mainstay of Chabad in Waterbury CT area. It is not very gourmet as they claim. CHs will find Table One to be ordinary and serving what was innovative a few years back. (I've been to my fair share of events they've catered in the past 2 years).

Again, let the organizers buy paid advertising.

Nov 16, 2014
bagelman01 in Kosher

Servers vs. Food runners.

"Most food runners are ServSafe Certified as well, whereas your server is not."
A blanket statement that I disagree with.
Eldest B daughter is a server weekends in a Fairfield County restaurant (past two years, same place)(Doing a grad degree during the week).
She is ServSafe certified as are a number of the servers there. Not a single food runner they employ has that certification.
Don't try to mention any problem with the food to a runner, not one is fluent in English. The runner's job is to carry heavy trays of food to the server, NOT to serve customers.
The expediter checks the plates against the tickets in the kitchen and dispatches the runners. The runners will take full bus pans of dirty dishes back to the kitchen with them, but don't bus tables. They should never come in contact with diners at the table, they are not trained servers.

Nov 14, 2014
bagelman01 in Not About Food

Sad News: Best Value Glatt Kosher Market Closing, January 5

As a reference point for those in New England, NY and NJ. Giant is the sister division to Stop and Shop owned by Royal Ahold (For Pennsylvania area).
Wish they could put in such kosher operations here.

Nov 12, 2014
bagelman01 in Kosher

Kosher Hotel for Shabbos Chanukah

I've been there within the past two months. It is still a dump.
All your hyperbole is just to sell rooms and turn a profit, that's the purpose of this venture. The fact that you claim the water park portion is rented for your exclusive use doesn't change the quality of the facility or the groups that rent the large public rooms in the hotel for weekly church services, dances etc.

BTW>>>> The resort is selling day passes for the waterpark on its website for every day of Chanukah to the general public. So that contradicts your exclusive claim.

Even renting the whole hotel doesn't put out those groups with contracts for the space on a weekly basis.
I have been familiar with this hotel since it opened nearly 30 years ago as a Sheraton Four Seasons. The franchise was pulled when the operators left it go to seed.
Putting in the waterpark with its overpriced food operations didn't improve the hotel side.

BTW, our family has been in business in Waterbury since 1958. I am intimately familiar with the area and its politics and shortcomings.
Waterbury is one of the cheapest areas within a two hours drive of NYC for yeshiva and Kollel families to live with kosher food readily available. It is not a vacation destination.
The facility offers the waterpark which may make the kids happy, but parents will find nothing of interest, except adjoining a Kohl's and Costco.

Nov 11, 2014
bagelman01 in Kosher

Kosher Hotel for Shabbos Chanukah

No reflection on the operators of the retreat.

COCO KEY in Waterbury is a terrible DUMP. The rooms are dilapidated, smelly and decorated as if it's 1975.
The management is surly at best.
The water park attracts the worst element and you will not want to expose your family to it.

I am stuck there every February a a proctor of the CT State Bar Exam.

Nov 11, 2014
bagelman01 in Kosher

Advice from fast food store owners or people with knowledge about that: How can we make the Kosher Delight fried chicken?

I can not speak to the specific chicken served by KD. I never had it. I ate at KD once decades ago and had a burger, FEH.

BUT from my days in the kosher catering and restaurant business:
The best fried chicken is made in commercial pressure fryers, not in fryolators (The open baskets used for French Fries).
All the major treif chains (KFC, Popeyes, etc.) use this method. In fact we bought our pressure fryers at a bankruptcy auction of a KFC franchise in 1977 and our mashgiach kashered them. Later, we rec'd a letter from KFC corporate attorneys warning us to remove all KFC marking from the equipment, something our rav hamachshir had done to avoid the problem of marit ayin.

There are many recipes on the web for making pressure fried chicken at home in a 'home' pressure cooker.
You will not get the fast food experience you seek by making fried chicken at home in a frying pan or electric skillet, no matter what ingredients, brining, etc. you use. Equipment is crucial.
I've attached a picture of what the commercial equipment looks like.

Nov 11, 2014
bagelman01 in Kosher


No, I did not imply a prohibition against GMOs in Jewish Dietary laws. I don't understand why you think I did.

I wrote about new state laws prohibiting GMOs in school lunches which includes non-public schools that take public funds.

Nov 11, 2014
bagelman01 in General Topics


The concern is spreading beyond the fringe.
Here in Connecticut, our state legislature banned GMO from being served in school lunches.
This includes any private school that takes any government funding to subsidize their lunch program.
A Jewish attorney from Fairfield spearheaded the effort and is involved on the national level as well.
Unfortunately, she lost her bid for the CT House of Representatives last month (but this issue wasn't a factor, her opponent agrees).

Nov 10, 2014
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Parents of Adult Children: When should kids start picking up the check?

This didn't become an issue with my parents until they retired.
Mom and dad always insisted on picking up the check when taking out their adult children and/or adult grandchildren.

B and his parents had been in business together from 1980 until 1990 when they retired.
Mom or dad picked up the check, used a company credit card and B paid the bill. So, B was subsidizing the cost of his siblings' and nieces' and nephews' meals every time mom or dad hosted.

After Mom and Dad retired and B sold the business, the system changed. If you went to visit mom and dad in Florida, they paid when you went out. After all, dad said you paid for the airfare and that's a lot of money. If Mom and dad came north, they were treated.

After dad died, mom moved back north. I took over her business affairs. Until she moved into the nursing home, she insisted on treating her adult children and grandchildren. She paid with a credit card. I paid the bills (usually with my money). It's important to let an aging parent have a sense of self worth and be able to 'treat' her family.

My kids are still in school, I pay.
Bro has no children.
Sister turned 65 last year and now her adult children pay, saying that if she can be on Medicare, than they'll help take care of her too.

Nov 09, 2014
bagelman01 in Not About Food

Luxembourg Kosher

Their website does say that the dining room is available evenings for private functions. According to my niece this is in a business district that basically shuts down at the end of the business day and may not be able to sustain evening hours/expenses.
They are not competing with surrounding restaurants that are open for dinner on Friday or lunch Saturday.
I wish them luck and hope that the business model they've chosen is successful.

Nov 09, 2014
bagelman01 in Kosher

Luxembourg Kosher

Brasserie is to Francophone culture what Trattoria is to Italian culture.
B's niece who ate there is a Francophone at heart. Her BA is in French Lit (including a year at the Sorbonne). She then got a MHL and Rabbinic ordination from JTS. She did her student Rabbi stint in Paris and returns to France 4-5 times each year. She is an authority on Kosher Food locations in Paris and the provinces (with accepted Orthodox supervision).
I get great pleasure from this as I took her to Paris for her first visit in 1984 when she was only eleven years old. We had spent 2 weeks in Israel and broke the trip home with 5 days in Paris, for good food. Food in Israel 30 years ago was not innovative and polished as it is now.

Two years ago we went on a two week kosher eating experience in Europe with her as our private guide.

Nov 08, 2014
bagelman01 in Kosher

Fried clams

Now you know why they've been my favorite shack for years. I believe it was more than 50 years since my mother first took me to their original location.
It's all about the fresh seafood, not atmosphere, except in season when one dine's at the picnic tables and the breeze comes across the street from the sound.

Other Good Pizza In New Haven

My preference in apizza is just sauce and grated pecorino romano cheese...a true New Haven style pie.
I will eat Mozzarella, but don't like the inferior shredded cheese mix being used my many places.
Southern CT has many Greek owned pizza places that bake their pies in round pans. The dough is stretched in the pans, sauce added and put on racks in the walk in for up to three days before it might be dressed and baked.
Typically they use a cheese mix that has one pound sharp cheddar for each 5 pounds mozzarella. I was taught this when I worked for one 40 years ago. The cheddar is added to prevent cheese burning in the oven.

That's why the one thing I do like at Grimadi's is the use of fresh mozzarella on the pizza, not the processed stuff.

That's still not enough reason for me to choose to return, but I won't reject Grimaldi's if others in the party want to go there.

Fried clams

Clam Castle had a shaky start under the new owners, but they adjusted fast and understand what the customers want and expect. They no longer rotate kitchen staff from their restaurant next door, but have dedicated seafood fry cooks, etc in the Clam Castle.
It is still, or again the best in the area, and unlike L&J Madison serves fried oysters.

When a favorite restaurant is ruined - what do you do?

We had this happen about 3 years ago to a standby 35 year old Chinese-American restaurant about 15 minutes drive from home.

New owners were Fujianese and kept name and menu. Their versions of the dishes on the menu were so different as to turn off the regulars.

They were smart enough to bring in a restaurant consultant. They quickly:
#1 Changed Name
#2 Changed Decor
#3 Changed Menu
#4 Advertising stressing regional Chinese cuisine.

Business is way up.
We've been back and without the expectations of the old favorites being executed properly are pleased with the new offerings or new interpretations of classic dishes.

It's all in the marketing. If the food is NOT bad, just different from what used to be served, turn it into a good thing not a disappointment.

Nov 08, 2014
bagelman01 in Not About Food

Fried clams

Since you're going to be on I-95...........
Clam Castle in Madison
Lenny and Joe's Madison

When a favorite restaurant is ruined - what do you do?

A comment specific to changes in Chinese restaurants.
Chances are that the restaurant with the 30 year legacy was owned/operated by Cantonese or Szechuaneze immigrants.
Pre-Nixon the vast majority of Chinese in America had origins in Canton, with the opening of ping-pong diplomacy and easing of immigration restrictions the next wave was from Sichuan province.
Today most new arrivals in the Chinese Restaurant business are Fujianese.

Completely different cooking styles and culture.

Nov 08, 2014
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Do guests' "do not eat lists" get you down?

Basic Rule:
If I invite you, you are my guest. You are not a patron in a restaurant. I don't cook to order when entertaining. If you alert me early enough about a true problem (legitimate allergy, vegetarian) I may be able to accommodate you, BUT I'll not be changing my whole menu to suit assorted guests' whims.

EXCEPTION: If you are the guest of honor (e.g. I'm hosting a birthday dinner in your honor), I'll ask you what you would like served that evening.

I have a kosher home, no pork, no shellfish. I have 2 vegetarian nieces, one with Celiac Disease, so most gatherings that include family with have a number of dishes without meat or wheat.
And if it's not a pizza party, the chances are it'll be non dairy.

I won't be offended if you don't eat much because of your eating peculiarities. In fact that's less offensive than being presented with your laundry list of food likes before the affair.

Luxembourg Kosher

A brasserie is NOT a fancy restaurant (tho that is most American opinion of French food). It is a simple moderately priced restaurant serving a limited menu of fresh fare and drink.
Traditionally (until the 1970s) Tavernes were all male establishments and Brasseries served both sexes, serving more food than drink.

Nov 07, 2014
bagelman01 in Kosher

Luxembourg Kosher

Looks lovely, FYI>>the Kashrut Certificate on their website expired last month.
That said, my niece was there in September and enjoyed both food and service.

Nov 06, 2014
bagelman01 in Kosher