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Arby's, just how is their roast beef made?

Actually, I once saw roast beef delivered to an Arby's restaurant by a delivery truck of a National meat packing company. The roast beef was packaged like one of the whole "tubes" of bologna.

Sep 28, 2014
Buck_Bailey in Chains

Help! Where can I find Tasso, Boudin and other Cajun products in Dallas?

The best is found back in Louisiana, at the little groceries and butcher shops. I've tried dozens of places over the years and T-Boys near Mamou can not be beaten. The stuff sold at the supermarkets is not in the same class.... Visit for good info...

In Search of Andouille in Dallas!

My family is from Louisiana, and, so far, we haven't found any good Cajun sausage in Dallas. But, we always looking for good boudin. In fact, we often visit back in Louisiana and drive down to Mamou, and buy 30 pounds of boudin from T-Boys. None better in Louisiana. I've tried the Best Stop boudin, in Scott, and it's not as good in my opinion. However, I do like the more traditional style of boudin. Hot does not make it great!

P.S. The Savoie's boudin and Richard's boudin found in the supermarkets in not in the same class with local sources in Louisiana. Visit ...

Louisiana/Natchitoches Meat Pie Recipe

Having moved from Natchitoches to Texas, after twenty-five year, I've eaten lots of meat pies. In fact, there are better meat pie recipes in the town of Natchitoches than the one at Lasyone's. But, if you can find his original recipe, don't throw it away....

But, whatever you do, don't purchase the commercial version from Natchitoches. The crust of a meat pie is supposed to be one of it's outstanding features, and the Natchitoches Meat Pie Company hasn't figured that out... Just me.

Dec 22, 2010
Buck_Bailey in Home Cooking

Best Ginger Ale?

Blenheim is really good.... Best I've had. We featured Blenheim's Ginger Ale at my USAF reunion and everyone there agreed that it was the best that they had tried. That's saying something, because the military "tastes" lots of ginger ale with their bourbon....

Dec 19, 2010
Buck_Bailey in General Topics

A northerner with smoked pounce, please help!

And...every Fontenot in Louisiana is related to every other Fontenot. They are all descended from the same man and woman. Most can really do a good job with the Cajun food...

Oct 13, 2010
Buck_Bailey in New Orleans

Galveston/Crystal Beach Report

The "Stingaree" restaurant in Crystal Beach has reopened. Ask around, the food is pretty good, and the raw oysters are a bargain for the area of Galveston. Take the free ferry over and give it a might, or might not, like it. Food is subjective.

Mar 24, 2009
Buck_Bailey in Houston

Good Cajun

Good Cajun? Are you talking about in Dallas? Most people in the area don't even know the difference between Cajun and Creole. A few have visited New Orleans and think that they serve good Cajun food there. A majority of the restaurants in the "Big Easy" are serving Creole. Good folks, "blackened" anything in not authentic Cajun. And, dumping a zillion pounds of cayenne pepper into the pot does not make it authentic Cajun. Last of all, if you can taste "bay leaves" in the food, it is not authentic Cajun--at least, not authentic "prairie Cajun" food. Cajun food is like anything else when it comes to preparation and flavor. Visit all of the restaurants that say they are serving "authentic" Cajun food until you find one that serves what you like. Otherwise, it's too subjective for those that did not "grow up" in the culture...and, for some that did. Visit a "Cajun" family potluck reunion if you want to taste some "home grown and authentic Cajun food." Otherwise, it's "caveat emptor." I've been married to an "authentic" Cajun from Eunice, Louisiana, for over a zillion years...good food...good folks...Laissez les bon temps roulier!