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Out the Door @ Ferry Building

On a whim, went there to pick up a quick snack before heading back to the car. Got the $2 chicken bun, and WOW. DELICIOUS! It was full of chicken, and the flavors were bold and bright without being heavy. I almost couldn't finish it, it was so filling! A great value, in my opinion.

That, and Thomas the Roli Roti guy was doing pork knuckles today, and they smelled mighty tasty (you could smell it through the rest of the rotisserie). For the $7 one knuckle would cost, I'm hoping it's worth it.

Farifield, OH, Uncle Yip's


When I went to Uncle Yip's a couple of months ago, the dim sum was so-so, except for the Xiao Long Bao, which was outstanding. It had that wonderful burst of soup and was wonderfully flavorful and interesting. Other than that, though, I thought that the dim-sum was pretty average, but still fun to go to before/after a jungle jim's excursion.

Oxford, OH tips?

As a current student @ MU Ohio, I personally find the food here to be "meh" at best, although if you're willing to spend the money, Alexander House is fantastic; it stacks up easily with quality restaurants anywhere. High Street Grill is also a good place to go, as sammy o said, and the Smokin' Ox is a decent place for bbq'd/smoked meats. Other than that though, nothing here is really anything out of the ordinary.

butcher recommendation

I'm almost POSITIVE that it was prime, not just "Prime"

butcher recommendation

I recommend Bryan's, but I am biased because my family and I have been going there for years. Wonderfully delicious prime (or choice) dry-aged roasts.

butcher recommendation

I do remember that they sold out of those VERY quickly at the one up in Novato, and I think that you had to trim them yourself (fat-cap wise). Still, $75 for a whole standing roast is quite impressive for Prime. Has anyone tried it yet?

butcher recommendation

Bryan's is expensive because their Prime is flat-out the best, in my opinion. Their beef really has that wonderful mineral tang and deep flavor that I look for in a steak. The amount of care and precision the Flannerys' use to take care of that meat is outstanding (I know that that they age their beef for at least 4 weeks). I can't remember the last time I was disappointed by a steak from Bryan's, especially with their rib roasts. The Marin Bryan's is just as good, if not better.

meat market in san francisco

Bryan's on California

SW Ohio - Alexander House, Oxford OH

I had dinner at the Alexander House last night to celebrate a milestone, and wow, was I genuinely impressed.

Alexander House is actually set inside an old house. The five of us who went ended up next to the fireplace in what seemed like the dining room when it was actually a house, and it was a nice bit of atmosphere.

Service was perfectly fine. The server (who remained nameless all night!) was friendly and willing to help, but overly so. Only mistakes made were when she brought a Caeser to the wrong person and forgot to bring bread right away, but she made up for it later on.

The food was quite good. I had the specials of the day, which were seared diver scallops with aged balsamic and an interesting celery/onion/potato compote in the middle. The scallops were cooked just right, and the dish just worked really well together, especially with that balsamic (It was aged for at LEAST 10 years, probably longer). For an entree, I had the 18 oz. Prime Dry-Aged Ribeye. WOW. What an incredible steak that was. I've had quite a bit of steak, and this was deeply beefy and had that wonderful mineral tang beef ought to have. Perfunctory sides of grilled asparagus and potato were fine, but that beef! I was genuinely surprised to find such quality! It measured up VERY well with some of the steakhouses back home.

After that, I was so full that I couldn't eat anymore, so we skipped dessert. Total (Tax & tip) was $58, which I thought was an absolute STEAL for what I recieved. Fantasticly good. Now it's back to dorm food for me, but I know where I'm going whenever I feel like I need a steak again!

Cioppino & Crab Season

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm definitely excited for the start of crab season in about a month or so, and thus was looking for some cioppino rec's outside of Tadich's and Scoma's (not that either version isn't great, so much as those are the ones that are ALWAYS mentioned). If anyone could let me know where to find wonderful cioppino, I would appreciate it.

That, and does anyone know if there's any indication about when those wonderful Dungeness are coming in? Is it still mid-November or will the haul be pushed back? Thanks in advance!

Pacific Cafe, Marin County

I just realized I forgot to post my most recent experience at Pacific Cafe in Kentfield!

This little seafood restaurant on College Ave. in Kentfield is probably one of my favorite places for home-cooked seafood dinner. When I went with my mom, we were greeted at the door by Bill, the owner. He's owned it for probably a good 20 years, and still maintains his charm and affability. He just makes the restaurant feel so inviting!

We started with my now-favorite popcorn shrimp. Usually this dish is a deep-fried mess, but not at Pacific Cafe. The shrimp arrived only barely adorned with a translucent veil of crust, revealing the pinkish meat within, and a cup of tartar sauce and lemon wedges. I'm not quite sure how, but each of these little guys had a nice burst of shrimpy flavor, and were just right to start off a meal. For the second course, I had the New Orleans style prawns, and my mom had the seared scallops. The prawns were perfectly cooked, full of flavor but still crisp and plump (an oft-missed combination), and the scallops were fresh-tasting, but the sauces were what blew me away. I could have made a meal out of french bread and the sauce they served the shrimp in. It was simply phenominal. What a fantastic meal... I miss it... sigh...

Will be visiting SF.... need some recs, please.

Second on Tadich for seafood. It's simply what they do, and they do it well.

I would send you over to Great Eastern or HKFL (in Millbrae, but relatively easy to find, and great Dim Sum) over Gold Mountain. I wasn't particularly impressed the last time I went with both the quality and the selection. Others may disagree, it's just my opinion about the place.

Enjoy your visit!

New York CH heading to San Fran for honeymoon. Recommendations?

I echo the recommendations of everyone else on this board, especially about Incanto and Aziza. I would toss in Chapeau! on there as well, for the reason that the food is great and it can be quite intimate. I would suggest Boulevard for the splurge, or the Ritz-Carlton Dining Room. Boulevard is like Gramercy Tavern, but with a California twist and setting. The Dining Room is just flat-out fabulous, if you enjoy a good 2-3 hour dinner with a variety of tastes and textures. Also, I agree with the sentiments about trying dim sum. It really is a San Francisco experience to try it in either a really upscale place (like Yank Sing, HKFL, Koi Palace), or somewhere less refined, but still excellent, like Y Ben House or Good Luck Dim Sum.

There is a lot of street food in SF that I would recommend you trying as well. Getting CTM in the 'Loin, buying Chinese baked goods, hunting down some banh mi, chowing down on a fresh taco al pastor or burrito in the Mission, or getting fresh foodstuffs at the Farmer's Market are some of the best things you can do for good, cheap food that satisfies the palate.

Congratulations on your wedding, and enjoy your trip!

Myth or Boulevard for a private party?

The downstairs room at Boulevard is very nice, i.e not just another "group room." The food at Boulevard is superb. I can't comment on service for a group, but individual service has always been friendly and attentive without being oppressive or annoying.

I can't comment on Myth, as I haven't been there yet.

If the Bay Area Only Had a .......

Yeah... pretty much! I'll admit, as much as I enjoy brisket, pulled pork, and smoked sausage, I could eat ribs for quite some time. I have yet to find a place that does ribs right in the Bay Area...

Pacific Moon... good and bad news

Pacific Moon Cafe is unfortunately gone. I went with some of my friends to get Dim Sum, and it was closed. I don't think I've ever been so sad. The good news is that the head chef is opening up a restaurant "on the levee," which as an out-of-stater, I have no idea where it is, or if it will serve dim sum, but at least we won't lose good Chinese!

If the Bay Area Only Had a .......

I would LOVE to see a restaurant/take-out place that only served ribs. Wouldn't matter what kind of ribs, maybe a rotating daily special of ribs (like Cheeseboard), but I'd go there EVERY day. Mmmmmmm.... too bad it's not that feasible, but oh well.

I would actually like to see a really good steak house in SF, Peter Luger style. Pure grilled meat, in that same bierhaus atmosphere. Something artery-clogging!

Great Places to eat in CIncinnati

Chinese-wise, I'm not overlly impressed, but Pacific Moon Cafe can easily compete with a lot of the dim sum in San Francisco. Try the asparagus/shrimp dumpling, beef noodle, har gao, sui mai, and ha yeung. Those are my personal favorites.

ISO Good food in or near Hamilton, Ohio

The closest thing I've found has been Boston Butz BBQ. The ribs are only so-so, but the pulled pork is simply outstanding. Get sauce on the side. Baked beans are decent, and the jonnycake was pretty good last time I went (about 4 weeks ago). Hope this helps you!

Best Carnitas in SF? Farolito or Metate

I'm personally a huge fan of the carnitas at La Palma. They're not crispy in the traditional sense, but wonderfully moist and full of porky goodness.

Great Caterer in Cincinnati?

I'm looking for a caterer to do a party of about 50. Anyone have a particularly good experience worth relating? Asian/French influence is a plus. Thanks!

Oi vey, not another one of these...

I think you ought to at least CONSIDER Tadich Grill (for seafood). It's just simply prepared, beautifully cooked food.

As for soft tacos, I personally like the ones at Taqueria San Jose.

You ought to toss Aziza on the Moroccan list, it's quite good (I'm a fan of the lamb shank).

Try branching out the Asian influence beyond just Chinese. There are PLENTY of great places for Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, etc. all over the city. I personally like the CTM at Naan'n Curry the best for Indian, and I'm not too up to date on Vietnamese, Japanese, or Thai in the City.

Hope this helps, and enjoy your trip!

Town hall, sketch, hooker's gumbo shack, coi, and pizzaolo (some questions, stupid ones)

When I went to Town Hall last, I was impressed by the BBQ Shrimp that they have. Firm, but still briny-sweet, they had a wonderful cajun kick to them that didn't overpower, but was still flavorfull. As for gumbo, I don't know, I've never seen it on the menu when I've been.

Homemade Tamales in Marin!

Over the summer, I spent quite some time looking for a good cheap lunch I could get while at work at the Marin JCC. The Santa Venetia market sells several different types for about $2 each, and they're not at all bad. Not AMAZING, but they were consistently good all summer, and it beats a lot of the stuff I've had at other places. Try the pork and chicken tamales, and you gotta get them in the morning (They get put out at about 8:30-9:00 AM), when they're hot and fresh. They are a bit too heavy on the masa, but I was a fan of the fillings, except for the mushroom ones.


It was a final dinner before heading back for sophmore year. I was so busy working I had little time for hounding, but I made a few discoveries!

New Yorker Visiting SF for First Time Ever! Any Suggestions...

I would have to recommend some "California" style restaurants. Aziza or Slanted Door are both in the "reasonable" price range, and quite good. If you wanted to splurge, you could go to Boulevard, which is Gramercy Tavern-esque, but still distinctly Californian.

As for Chinatown, I personally have to recommend Golden Gate Bakery for egg custard tarts, and I really like to go to Great Eastern for food (seafood in particular). And I know a lot of 'Hounds will disagree with me on this, but I'm actually pretty fond of the Hong-Kong style noodles at Yuet Lee, preferably with green pepper beef on top.


We went there about 3 weeks ago, and the duck and pork were both superb, as well as the quail appetizer. If they still have it, and they might not, try the Gravenstein Apple Tarte Tatin.

Best Burger in Bay Area?

I personally like Mike's at the Yard, but I've been told that it closed due to health department stuff. Mike's at the Crossroads is still my favorite burger in the Bay Area!