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Where to get New Dill Pickles?

Hey everyone,

I love new dill pickles. The kind that are crunchy and in between a cucumber and a sour pickle. I prefer them closer to a cucumber. I am having a hard time to find them. Strubbs makes a "kosher pickle", but they aren't great. They are still pretty sour. Any place that makes them homemade or anyone else except for strubbs that I should try?


Looking for a good place to throw a surprise Party.

I'm looking for a place to throw my boyfriend's 30th bday. I would love a place that has a nice patio that we could go for dinner and drinks and also that could accomodate a large amount of people.

The other option is to find a place that we could go for dinner, but would turn into a bar or lounge later in the night (i.e. spice route).

Please help!

Looking for best patios in York Region (Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Woodbridge, Markham)

Can anyone recommend some good patios that I can try in the Thornhill, Woodbridge and Richmond Hill area?