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Watusi and Bohmer - what do you think?

Hi there - heading to Ossington for dinner tonight and was looking for feedback on Watusi. Other than it having great decor and a passing blah opinion of the food, I haven't heard anything else.

Not for tonight (Sunday) but has anyone tried Bohmer? Looks like a nice place...

What do you think?


93 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Afternoon Tea in downtown TO? Advice please!

Thanks torontoJo - those links are really helpful x

Afternoon Tea in downtown TO? Advice please!


I am an English girl with an upcoming birthday and am looking for recommendations and suggestions for a good old fashioned Afternoon Tea.

I have heard that the Fairmount and King Edward are decent - what's your opinion?



King Edward Hotel
37 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C, CA


Thanks all - great stuff!


I'm looking for a great wings place to take a party of 10+ people. Best areas would be Queen West, Dundas or College between Spadina and Dovercourt.

Any suggestions?

Irie - going downhill?

Went to Irie for dinner a couple of nights ago. Is it my imagination or are the portions getting smaller? I loved the food there on previous visits, and it was still good, but it felt like they were mean with the portions.


Budget Friendly, Quiet Dinner Suggestions

Delux is one of my favourite restaurants! It's delicious and the menu is different enough to make any occasion feel special. Definitely not for under $100 though... sorry!

But if you do go, have the fresh baked cookies with organic milk for desert. The chocolate oozes out when you break into the cookie. Dribble.

Le Royal Meridien King Edward Hotel

Went there last night for the NOAH fundraising dinner. Food was OK, service was awful. They really didn't care about the diners. I know there were around 200 people to get through but they couldn't have made us feel more unwelcome.