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Shad Roe for the Home Cook -- Where to Buy in N. Va.?

Last week I saw some at the Whole Foods in Clarendon.

Bebo - Bad Experience


I haven't been to Bebo in over a year because of what happened on that final visit. I brought my parents and brother , who were visiting from out of town, for a lunch. I ordered a sausage sandwich, my parents ordered meatballs and garlic bread (no pasta because my mom has diabetes), and my brother ordered pizza. We waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, the server informed me that the kitchen had no sausage. No problem. I ordered meatballs and garlic bread instead. Meantime, my parents' dish plates came and consisted of a few meatballs mounded upon a mountain of spaghetti. I could understand if it meatballs and garlic bread was not actually a menu item, but it was. They had to send it back. Now none of us had food. Then the server returned to tell my brother that the pizza oven was broken and that he should order something else, which he did. When my meatballs came, they were rubbery and full of gristle. My parents' had bits of spaghetti left on them. The final kick in the head is that as we were leaving, we saw Roberto Donna up in the front of the restaurant giving a cooking demonstration. My brother swears that one of the pupils gloated at us. Ironic that he was there teaching a class, beside the broken pizze oven, while his restaurant is crumbling. Sad.