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Hatch Chile time at Wegman's

Wow, I was at the Columbia store yesterday evening (Sunday) and there were plenty of chilli's available. They even had my favorite Hatch Chili cheese dip available (I missed it last year - it's so good).

It's Been Years Since I've Been to......

Crisfield's in Silver Spring. Excellent fish, the best shoe string fries, thickest seafood bisque. My grandparents used to take me there a long time ago, but it's probably been at least ten years since I've been in that area.

Beef Wellington in Washington or Baltimore

La Refuge in old town Alexandria has it on the menu. I haven't personally tried it though. There was a Chowhound thread six years ago asking the same question and this was the most solid answer.

PI Day

A little late to post, but....does anyone have any suggestions for good pie restaurants to celebrate today (3/14/15)?

When I traveled to the midwest there were restaurants that specialized in pie (and were always full on PI day), but I don't know of any restaurants around here except for Dangerously Delicious in Baltimore.

Are there others?

Bon Fresco - Columbia

The baked goods are worth the calories, especially the brownie. I agree, the couscous is not their strongest offering. The lentils are good if you like lentils, but I usually get soup & sandwich. The soups are worth trying.

Atlanta trip report

My daughter was competing in Paws for a Cause gymnastics meet at the GWCC, so we spent the weekend in Atlanta. Except for Sunday, we didn't have a car, so the restaurants we tried were all in walking distance of GWCC. We flew down Friday night and left Sunday night.

Friday night we went to Ted's Montana Grill and we were pleasantly surprised. The food was tasty, the service was friendly, and the pacing was good. We started with the bison nachos and while it was quite messy, it was very good. They put a few thin slices of habenero on it, so people who like heat can get a nice jolt, and people who don't, can just avoid them. Towards the end, the chips did get soggy, but we went through most of it so fast, it wasn't a problem.
I had the eggless Caeser salad and it was good. Nothing extraordinary, but light & satisfying. I got it so that I would have room to sample from my wife and daughter's plates.
My daughter got the cheeseburger (beef) and it was good. One of the more flavorful burgers I've tasted. The fries were good - seasoned but not overly salty.
My wife had the bison short rib and which was a treat. It was tender and had a good sauce and was much larger than she expected, which allowed me to have even more :-). The dish suffered as a whole because the cooked carrot slices had no flavor at all, but the meat was yummy.
We tried the snickerdoodle cookie and chocolate chip cookie and preferred the snickerdoodle. For $2, it was a good price for a sweet at the end of a meal.

Breakfast was at the hotel - standard Hilton Garden Inn breakfast and done pretty well: they kept everything fresh.

Lunch at the GWCC was not particularly good. If you can, avoid the American and Italian eateries in building C. No one became sick, so I guess it wasn't too bad.

We had a team dinner at the Biergarten a few blocks from GWCC. There was a good selection of beer and the service was very friendly. The food was...overcooked. The potato pancakes were greasy and hard, the goulash soup part was tasty and the potatoes well cooked, but the bits of meat were dry (overcooked). The saurbraten had a good sauce, but the meat was dry and overcooked. The desserts were good, with the German Chocolate Cake better than the Apfel Streussel. Seems like a fun place, come for the beer, stay away from the food.

We had lunch the next day at a Mexican restaurant called Zocalos, which is not in walking distance, but we had a car at this point. This was a pleasant surprise. I had the poblano soup which was excellent and heartier than I expected, a chicken tinga quesadilla and a chorizo taco. I enjoyed them all, but the soup was my favorite. My wife and daughter split a steak fajitas and while the sauce didn't appeal to my wife, my daughter really liked it. The sides of beans, rice, and guac were done very well. I also appreciated that they offered extra chips without us having to ask. If I'm in Atlanta again, I would return.

So, a good trip, I got to try new restaurants which is always nice, and the flights were on time. My daughter placed 3rd in her group (level 9 senior) and is happy with how everything went.

Joe H.

P.S. The hotel was good. The room had a large bathtub which was a nice surprise. The only downside was they didn't have a shuttle so we had to walk everywhere, which was the healthy thing I guess.

Feb 01, 2015
dzoey in Atlanta

Hyattsville, White Oak, College Park

I don't know if the original location is still in operation, but there is UMD ice cream in the Stamp Student Union near the food court area. I hope the original location by the Rossborough Inn on US 1 is still there. My father used to take us there for a treat when we were very small, and my future wife worked there while we were dating. Love that ice cream.

Round Challah in DC/NOVA

Giant Foods carry round challah especially around the holidays. Some with raisin, some without. Wegmans as well.

Teenagers and where did you "dine?"

We'd go to Montgomery Mall and play video games at Sears, which was demoing the Atari 2600, and then go to a sub shop in the mall. Similarly, we'd play Space Invaders at a local shop in Cabin John Shopping center - in retrospect it was a head shop but we didn't realize it in our early teens - and then get pizza at CJs. After duck pin bowling (somewhere off of River Road) we'd go to Shakey's for pizza or Farrells for ice cream.

With parents driving (and paying!), it was the Rockville Hot Shoppes, Shanghai Chinese in Silver Spring or Sir Walter Raleigh in Bethesda for a real treat.

When I went to UMD, my favorite places were Hungry Herman's or Marathon Deli (which is still there!), though I'd go to all the places on monkeyrotica's list occasionally with friends

Weekend in Baltimore, Must Eats?

If you want an excellent burger for the 4th, try Abbey Burger Bistro. They do an excellent regular burger and will usually have an experimental meat as well. I've tried a camel burger there which I can't recommend, but the beef, buffalo, and other normal burgers are excellent.

Childhood memories

I love these nostalgia threads...we certainly didn't eat out back then as much as we do now, but still over the years a number of restaurants left nice memories.

I grew up in the 60's (Four Corners) and 70's (Potomac) and remember going to:

Roy Rogers (the roast beef sandwich was yummy)
Hot Shoppes (mom's favorite was the Mighty Mo)
Gusti's in D.C. (special occasion)
L'Auberge Chez Francois (really special occasion)
Little Tavern (a treat after a doctor's office visit)
Shanghai in Silver Spring for great American Chinese
Crisfield's - the great tasting bisque that holds a spoon vertically. Shoe string potatoes (a rarity back then)
Armands for deep dish pizza
Hamburger Hamlet for their hot fudge brownie sundae
University of Maryland Dairy Sales Room for fresh ice cream after Dad would take us to fly kites on the lawn in front of the admin building
Ledo's for their wonderful pizza

I too remember Farrells - we would go after duck pin bowling. I saw someone get the huge 50(?) scoop sundae once for a party.


I haven't been in years, but G&M, a family restaurant has good native food (sour beef and dumplings) and is known for its giant crab cake. The crab cake isn't Maryland style, but many people like it (and some hate it ). A little farther west on MD100 is Timbuktu - another local family restaurant. Not fancy but comfortable and tasty.

In Arundel Mills, one exit west of BWI on MD100, there are lots of restaurants. I think the Indian food at Rangoli is very good. I've stopped a few times to recharge my car in the garage there and have had very good dinners and friendly service.

Family trip to MD and DC (Mpls foodie)

I agree with the Annapolis Ice Cream company for dessert. Some other options for lunch closer to downtown are:

1. Ramshead Tavern on West St off of Church circle
2. Joss Sushi on Main St (my kids used to get chicken katsu before they liked sushi)

For breakfast, I second the Silver Diner as a good choice as is Naval Bagels (no seating) or "Bagels and...." (seating)

If you have extra time around Annapolis and you've done the sightseeing thing (State house, Paca house, docks), you could stop by a sub shop or grocery to get a picnic and drive over to Quiet Waters park for a picnic. There's a good playground and if you drive to the end, a really pleasant walk down to the shores of the South river.

Any feedback for the JFX Farmer's Market (Baltimore)?

The prepared and canned food stands are there as always and just as good as always. Of the fresh veggie vendors, leafy greens are available - lots of lettuce and spinach. Some strawberry's (from Richmond farms), some potatoes and apples . Lots of herbs and plants to start your garden for the season. The meat and fish sellers are there. The pickle guy is back, the lines are long, and its still impossible to snag Trinidad Scorpion after 10.

The weather the past couple of weeks has been gorgeous causing the market to be very, very crowded. You are right to get up early.

Restaurant/kitchen supplies (especially glassware) in Baltimore

I got a 10" non-stick skillet for about $20 from Sysco a few months back and it's a great pan. I like getting my pans from Sysco because they're so inexpensive that if I damage one, I don't feel bad about replacing it, unlike >$100 ones I see for "professionals". They also have stock pots in commercial sizes, much larger than I can use at home.

Where to get a Patty Melt?

Most of the non-fast-food burger chains have this. Cheeburger Cheeburger makes a decent one (good rye) and I think Red Robin has one as well.
I've yet to see a diner that doesn't have this on the menu.

restaurant for young couple near Baltimore

You live in a good area for restaurants. In the past dozen years many restaurants have opened around Ellicott City. I can also recommend reading Howchow, especially his "tours of the county" postings.

Many of the restaurants in the neighborhoods around Ellicott City are decent and casual - good places to go for tasty food without having to change clothes. I can recommend Tino's for Itallian, Rumor Mill in "downtown" EC for New American, and there are many Mexican restaurants, from the authentic-take-out of R&R Taqueria to the Americanized-with-Mexican Specials of Hidalgo and El Azteca

There are business casual restaurants with wine (Iron Bridge Wine Company, Aida Bistro, Bistro Blanc) and less casual restaurants such as Tersiguels and Kings Contrivance for French (IMO, Tersiguels is better). My preference for a nice evening out is Bistro Blanc, but the others in that list are good as well. I rarely feel like dressing for dinner, and when I do, I tend to want to go to D.C.

You mentioned you wanted to go outside of Asian food, but Sushi Sono on the lakefront in Columbia provides a nice romantic setting and good sushi (and other Japanese food).

Italian restaurant near BWI

There isn't notable Italian before Columbia/Laurel or Baltimore, but there is a fast mom & pop type place that's OK. On 176 (Dorsey Rd) is Mamma Lucia.

A non-Italian place you could go is G&M - they've been up and down throughout the years and people love or hate the crab cakes, but it is a good experience. W. Nursery & Hammond roads.

Bon Chon Korean fried chicken opening in Ellicott City

They opened last weekend. We went Wednesday evening (7:30) and it was packed. They have a lot of TV screens mounted on the wall, so watching the Olympics was a great distraction from the wait for the fried chicken. I tried the spicy combo (wings+drumsticks) and it was delicious, with a great crunch and a nice heat level, but it took almost 50 minutes to arrive. We had an order of Chicken Katsu arrive in about 15 minutes, so there must be some magic they do with the fried chicken that takes longer.

The waitresses were very nice and pretty on-the-ball. They are just opening so expect a few minor bumps (e.g. they ran out of scallions after making our seafood pancake, so no one else could order that the rest of the evening)

Best and worst on the Outer Banks

My brother and sister-in-law introduced us to Brine & Bottle on the 21st and it was the best meal I had on OBX, or even for a while back at home. They have a good selection of small plates and a few larger plates. My wife, who is very picky, had the NY Strip steak and pronounced it the best she's had in a long while. I had a selection of small plates and can strongly recommend the gazpacho and also the hammachi. The four of us split the cheese plate which was, on that day, a selection of three locally produced cows milk cheeses, crackers and some small picked beet cubes and some sort of jelly which set off the cheese perfectly.
They also had a "pickle cooler" which was white wine, some fruit juice and some cucumber and it tasted like pickled watermellon, but was probably the cucumber that was pickled. I don't know that I'd get it again, but I'm glad I tried it.
Definitely worth a stopping by. On Friday the 20th, they were closed because Food Network's "Diners, Dives, and Drive-ins" was filming there, though they are not really a diner, drive, or drive-in.
It's a small place, so go at off hours or make reservations.

Jul 27, 2012
dzoey in Southeast


It does seem a bit bigger than Hunt Valley, and there are some differences like Columbia will make you a Taco salad/Nachos where Hunt Valley would make you a Ceaser salad. I prefer the Ceaser salad which was quite good,while the Taco salad/Nachos is nothing special.
There are more choices for vegetarian meals in the prepared food / food court area in Columbia, and the veggie dishes have been better than expected.
The kosher deli contents are the same, though the location in Columbia (next to the regular deli) makes more sense.
Both stores have the train running above the juices/dairy section - always a nice distraction.
Columbia has a veggie prep area by produce, where they will cut and prep vegetables for you (extra cost). They do a decent job, but I'm not sure if the extra cost is worth it. It does save time though.

Columbia may get a liquor store on the 2nd floor. It hasn't opened because there's a county ordinance that says all liquor stores have to be owned by people in the county. Wegman's found a local lawyer to open the liquor store, but when competitors investigated, it turns out the local person had a 10% interest and the husband of the Wegman's president had a 90% interest in the proposed store, so the opening has been delayed while the county council decides if partial local ownership is sufficient, and if so, how much "partial" is required.

ISO Ice Cream Sandwiches

The Potbelly sandwich chain makes home made ice cream sandwiches. They take two of their cookies (you choose flavor) and a scoop of ice cream (you choose flavor) and make it for you. It's pretty big but delicious.

bars in Columbia/Jessup?

Have you tried Nottingham's in Columbia? Kelly's in the Normandy Shopping center on US40 is a decent Irish pub. Second Chance in Oakland Mills Village Ctr is good, especially on nights they have live music.

Schaumburg recs?

Thanks to all for the replies. We did try Chef Ping last week and enjoyed it.
A great selection of dishes, well prepared. I had the spicy seafood stew and it was the right level of spiciness - they didn't try and tone it down. It arrived in an iron pot (too big to be a bowl) filled with picked vegetables and fish with a nice, spicy sauce. My companions had cashew chicken, which was good but boring, but that's the nature of the dish, and a vegetarian pad Thai which was very good, with just the right amount of sweetness and good crunch from the veggies.

I am very happy with the selection and quality of the restaurants in Schaumburg. We've eaten Indian, American Grill, Malaysian, and Chinese/Asian.
Indian: Chopsticks by India House has great Indian food and good Chinese food with Indian influences. This is some of the best Indian food I've had. All dishes were good, but one dish I hadn't had before was a carrot curry (I forget the type) which was superb. The portions are large, the standard Indian food is well prepared and there are opportunities to explore outside the typical curries and tandoor meats. One of the dishes was a goat curry and the goat was prepared perfectly - it's hard to do without the meat getting tough and stringy. We also tried a fusion of Indian and Chinese from the Chinese menu called Jade Pillows which were fried paneer balls in a soy based sauce - an interesting combination.
We've been to Wildfire grill which was better than I expected. The meats were good, the fish was cooked correctly, and the bread was delicious. One of my companions was vegetarian and he was disappointed with the veggie sandwich, so vegetables are not the focus of this restaurant.

I tried Penang on Algonquin and liked it enough to bring others to investigate. I haven't had Malay food much, so I'm quite curious how it differs from Thai or Chinese. They had a roti with curry dipping sauce appetizer that was worth returning for. I tried the beef ribs they had on special, but it wasn't what I was expecting. The sauce was good, but the meat was sliced 1/2" blades and was tough and stringy. The sauce was good enough to make we want to return to experiment with other dishes.

Finally, we've been to Big Bowl a couple of times, and while it's a chain, the food it produces is reliably delicious and the service has been attentive and kind.

Mar 25, 2012
dzoey in Chicago Area

Schaumburg recs?

I'll be staying in Schaumburg for a few weeks for work and am looking for recommendations for something in the area. There are many, many restaurants in the area, so which ones are worth checking out?

Mar 04, 2012
dzoey in Chicago Area

Best Annapolis area weekend lunch picks?

Sad to hear that the quality of Joss has slid. It's been a while since I've been now that our office moved from near Church Circle to out by the mall.

Best Annapolis area weekend lunch picks?

I work near the hospital, so if you're by the mall, I suggest the following

Mama Lucia's near the Trader Joe's off of Jennifer or Bella Italia next to Naval Bagels off of Rowe
Mexican Cafe off of Ridgely Rd is good food and comfortable with decent prices.
The new Whole Foods has a good food bar with lots of choices, but you have to be disciplined in order to keep costs reasonable.
Paul's Homewood Cafe is nice for a sit down lunch. Their steak salad is excellent.

For dessert, try Bruster's Ice Cream off of Forest Drive It's outside of Annapolis, but very good.

In downtown Annapolis, Joss Suishi has some good lunch specials - their sushi salad is a spicy favorite and the California roll special is a good deal. Luna Blu on West St is good upscale Italian and 49 West is a good place to sit, eat, and talk.

I have not found any good Chinese or Indian around Annapolis, but Viet-Thai Paradise off of Riva is good for both Thai and Pho.

Paul's Homewood Cafe
919 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401

Joss Cafe & Sushi Bar
195 Main St, Annapolis, MD 21401

49 West Coffeehouse Wine Bar Gallery
49 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401

Luna Blu
36 West St, Annapolis, MD 21401

Bruster's Real Ice Cream
1409 Forest Dr, Annapolis, MD 21403

Bella Italian
609 Taylor Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401

Naval Bagels
609 Taylor Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401

White pizza

The pizza at Geppeto's is good, but I especially like their version of white pizza. Yum.

Fractured Prune Donuts? How Good are they REALLY?

With me it was the opposite. I liked FP, but my kids didn't care for it. I appreciated the variety of toppings available and that the donuts were always fresh. My kids preferred KrispyKreme's sweetness.

Mount Airy/Frederick area suggestions

Heading east, Bistro Blanc in Glenwood is well worth trying. You might also want to check out the Howchow blog for Howard county restaurants.