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Eggs Benedict

For the past several months, I've chosen to order the classic eggs benedict dish for brunch at many a Baltimore restaurants. It is easy to overcook the eggs and it has turned out to be the case even at some upscale places I've been to. I've have yet to say anything to the servers or managers about my misfortunes, but have been tempted especially since these are all well regarded dining establishments(any opinions on whether sending it back would be appropriate would be appreciated). To give you some perspective, I've sampled this dish at least 8 different places in the Baltimore area. There was some really good stand out dishes, some, really bad and the rest to be expected. I'm taking into account the whole construction of this dish and will say The Wine Market and Abacrombie have been the best thus far. So, if you have any opinions or anything to add please do share them here.

Wine Market
921 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230

Where to eat sucling pig in greater Baltimore area?

I was looking to find a restaurant that serves suckling pig in Baltimore.

I've read that Tio Pepe's does, but was looking for more than one option.


Best wedding food/caterer in the metro DC area?

Do yourself a favor and try Rouge located in Hunt Valley They are very accomodating as far as coming up with an excellent menu and the service is top notch. The owner is a real charmer as well. It's worth giving their tasting menu a try!