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Cheap, good lunches in Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Vernon Hills, et al.?

Beinlich's or Fuddruckers if you can't get into Beinlich's. I was just there yesterday and they are still money. Expensive for a burger but worth it! As for Hackney's and Market Square, the square is good but Hackney's is hit or miss. For pizza, you have to try Lou Malnati's in Buffalo Grove, it's the original and totally awesome. For cheap slices, Pizanoz at the corner of Weiland and Deerfield rd. has monster slices all day for 2 bucks a slice. Trust me when I tell you that all you need is a slice and pop for a meal.

solo eats in Chicago

Also close is La Scarola which is unbelievable but tough to get into unless you get there before 6pm. People wait 2 hours to eat here, it is fabulous.

solo eats in Chicago

Head to Greektown at Halsted and Jackson, and try Philly's best on Jackson just east of Halsted. The Steak hoagie is money!

Best Upscale Ethnic Eats?