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Stores for craft beer and nice wine?

I second Moore Brothers! They are the best for wine. I like the Jersey location, which is a quick trip across the Ben Franklin Bridge. They only carry old world wines (plus a rare bottle or two from CA on occasion), but they know all the growers and even better, are really knowledgeable about pairing. You can tell them any byob in Philly that you are going to and they'll give you a few options.
They also usually have a few bottles open for tasting, and the owners are often around and more than willing to chat with you about all things wine. I usually walk out feeling like I got a free tutorial along with some delicious bottles!

Jan 17, 2010
runstoeat in Pennsylvania

Relocating to Chicago, foodie seeks real estate advice!

I will be relocating to Chicago from Philadelphia and need help in the real estate search. I'm trying to narrow down a couple neighborhoods to (most likely) buy a condo in. What are some of the best "foodie" neighborhoods?

To be more specific I'd love a neighborhood that contained:
a great bakery
cute, non-chain, coffee shop
wine store (went to perman wine last time I was in town and LOVED it!)
farmer's market/place to buy good produce
good ethnic options (open to all ethnic food)
dive bar

In the non-food category, I'm in my late twenties and single, so I'm hoping to find a neighborhood with lots of young professionals. It wouldn't hurt if there was also a great bookstore and yoga studio!

I am a big runner, so I'd love to be by the lake, however I'm not married to that idea if the best neighborhood is more on the west side. I would like to be close to at least one cta line...I will likely be driving to work, however.

Thanks for your help!

Jan 10, 2010
runstoeat in Chicago Area

Foodie bachelorette dinner in Philly!

Hello all,

I am searching for a great place to take a very food conscious bride-to-be and 11 other ladies for a fun bachelorette dinner. Ideally the locale would be BYOB, but I'm open to all suggestions. The party is at the end of August, so I do need to hurry up and make a reservation. Some limitations are obviously the ability to make a reservation for 12 (it could be a few less, but that is the max). Some places I have already nixed--Matyson (no groups larger than 6), Mercado (the bride eats there all the time), Chifa (the bride isn't interested).
I'm most concerned with it being a fun atmosphere, but the food is important, too. She is kind of particular, so no Steven Starr recs please. I realize I'm narrowing down the field quite a bit, but I'm hoping my fellow chowhounds can help!
Thanks in advance!

Jul 27, 2009
runstoeat in Pennsylvania

solo eats in Chicago

Thanks for all the ideas and recommendations!! I'm looking forward to the trip even more now! :)

Mar 16, 2009
runstoeat in Chicago Area

solo eats in Chicago

Hello all,

I'll be making a trip to Chicago in early April (Sunday to Wednesday) and need good recommendations for places to eat. I'll be traveling by myself, so I'm looking for places where I'd be comfortable dining for one (nice bar, etc.). I'll be there for Sunday brunch (where I'll likely have people joining me), 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners.

I'm hoping for at least one wine bar, and maybe 1-2 good coffee shop/cafe places for lunch. I'm open to all types of cuisine. I'm staying at the Hyatt downtown, but I'm hoping to spend some time in the Andersonville area and any other cute, foodie-friendly neighborhoods. I'm considering moving to Chicago in a year so I'm trying to get a lay of the land, (So suggestions for neighborhoods to explore would be welcome, too!).


Mar 12, 2009
runstoeat in Chicago Area