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Joe's Shrimp House (near Armitage?)

I also have fond memories of Joe's. The best place we've found is Haire's Gulf Shrimp at 8112 S. Vincennes. If you take the Kennedy/Dan Ryan to 79th street and then south on Vincennes, it doesn't take long at all. and well worth the trip.

Mar 30, 2010
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

fresh goose

Where is a good place to find freash goose to cook? north or northwest side or suburbs. Many thanks.

Dec 18, 2009
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

Where to find the best fried shrimp

thanks, bigdave, for your advice. We went to Haire's today. Only took 40 minutes from the northwest suburbs. Had a great conversation with the owner, who is a charming guy who uses his mother's recipes. The shrimp are fantastic. He also gave us a sample portion of his spaghetti. Excellent meat sauce, very litle tomato, great taste. We would eally recommend this place. JoanW2002

Nov 09, 2009
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

Where to find the best fried shrimp

Years age we used to go to Joe's Shrimp House on Cortland. Nothing since has really measured up. Would love to hear recs on the best fried shrimp, preferably North or Northwet sides or suburbs. I remember that Joe's was not battered, byt breaded. I believe it was a mixture of flour and cornmeal. Mayube that's why it was so special. Any suggestions welcome. JoanW

Oct 31, 2009
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

A question about lamb.

Various cuts of lamb were a family favorite when I was growing up. It had a special flavor that I loved. Lamb today lacks trhat flavor, sometimes having no real flavor at all. I have bought New Zealand and Australian lamb as well as American lamb, often from Greek purveyors. I am always disappointed. I am ready to quit buying it altogether. Does anyone know of a place that sells really good lamb? I would really appreciate it.
Joan C.

Sep 30, 2009
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

Afghan food

I was recently introduced to Afghani food and have been planning a trip to Kabul House in Skokie. Can anyone give me a critique? What are the best things to order? Thanks

Jul 16, 2008
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

Croissant question

There used to be a wonderful croissant shop on Clybourn across from Treasurs island.Does anyone know if they moved to anoiher locaton? Their chocolate croissants were scrumptious.

May 03, 2008
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

anniversary dinner

We have an anniversary coming up and need recs. The only problem is, I love to cook and make a lot of interesting meals at home. When we go out I'm looking for something unique which I would not make myself. We've been to North Pond and Sweets and Savories and loved them. Now we're looking for something new. Old Town Brasserie has been suggested. Has anyone been? Grarteful for any and all ideas

Apr 02, 2008
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

Dinner near Silver Lake

We will be visiting L.A. next week, staying with friends near Silver Lakes. We have children ranging from 21 to 7 and we're looking for a nice but not-too-pricey restaurant for a nice dinner. (Isn't everyone?) This is our first visit. any suggestions much appreciated. Many thanks

Mar 14, 2008
joanW2002 in Los Angeles Area

Heston Supper Club

Has anyont been to the Heston Supper club in LaPorte, Indiana? We were there years ago and have begun getting e-mails from them. Does anyone have a recent experience there? thanks

Feb 15, 2008
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

Kiki's Bistro

Kiki's Bistro on Franklin has been recommended by a friend for excellent food and wine. Their wine list does look pretty impressive. Can anyone give us advice? Thanks

Jan 27, 2008
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

Dining near ImprovOlympic?

Raw Bar at 3720 N. Clark should be just what you want. Great food and service and just a short walk to Improv

Dec 08, 2007
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

Tomato Paste in a Tube???

Here's a tip my Mother gave me years ago. After using some tomato paste, scoop out the rest in 1 tablespoon measures and put on a plate. Put plate in freezer. When they are hardened, pop them into a zip-lock bag, Place in freezer and use as needed.

Nov 06, 2007
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

Thanks for great advice

Thanks to all chowhounds who responded last week to my request for suggestions in Wrigleyville. We went to Raw Bar and just loved it. Every course was great, the waitress was charming and efficient and the manager very helpful and cordial - also generous with a complimentary course. We will definitely go back. Thanks to all.

Oct 30, 2006
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

Wrigleyville dinner

We are hosting out of town guests on October 28 and will be in the Wrigleyville area. Looking for suggestions for a really nice place but not too pricey. Raw Bar has been suggested but we have never been. How is it? Any other ideas? Thanks

Oct 16, 2006
joanW2002 in Chicago Area

West Side Market

Recently on a trip to Cleveland we went to the West Side Market. What a great place. In addition to every kind of produce at reasonable prices, interesting vendors sell meats, seafood, cheeses, baked goods - fancy cakes and great breads, as well as pasta, spices and marinades. One purveyor sells just quiche - every kind you could imagine. Is there any place like this in the Chicago area? If there is, I will become a regular customer.

Aug 20, 2006
joanW2002 in Chicago Area