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Lunch Near New Amsterdam Theater (214 W. 42nd)

Excellent, thanks. Please do...

May 31, 2012
wingpin in Manhattan

One night in Montauk

Thanks again. Yes, we're stying overnight in Montauk (goign to try and catch a surf...LOL). I'm sure we'll manage...

Lunch Near New Amsterdam Theater (214 W. 42nd)

Aloha - Hawaii chwo family in NYC in June. Seeign Mary Poppins matinee with 3 kids (6-9) in tow. Looking for something good/interesting for lunch prior. No preference for cuisine so long as good, mid-price ($20-30/head) would be great but open to all. Mahalo.

May 31, 2012
wingpin in Manhattan

One night in Montauk

Hmmm. Google maps certainly doesnt tell you that. Thanks for the heads up.

One night in Montauk

Nice, thanks. I wish I was arriving by yacht. Coming across from New London on the Orient Point Ferry and then driving down L.I. to NYC.

One night in Montauk

Aloha - Hawaii hound spending one evening in Montauk on the way into NYC. I'd prefer seafood, but am open to anything good. Considerign the "Inlet" mostly for the location. Mahalo!

Tea with 2 little ladies

Aloha - Hawaii hound, wife, and 8 and 6 year0old daughters visitng NYC. Looking for a nice spot to have "tea" prior to seeing Mary Poppins at the New Amsterdam. We've looked at Alice's Tea, wondering if there's any other, better spot? Mahalo...

May 23, 2012
wingpin in Manhattan

Downtown SF "Meat and Potatoes"?

Nice suggestions, but for a a really enjoyable meal at a fine SF tradition, got Harris's. Sit at the bar.

Real Mexican Near Pleasanton

Hi there - Hawaii Chowhounder traveling to Pleasanton in a few weeks for work. I'm looking for an authentic taqueria (meat choices like tripa, cabeza, lengua... you know - the real and good stuff) in the area. Thanks and Aloha.

Baltimore Crabs

What's the consensus (is that askign too much) on Bo Brooks'? And, how far a cab ride from the Inner Harbor is Mr. Bill's?

Crab House

First, many thanks to the thoughtful responses to my prior post looking for a "seafood" restaurant in Baltimore. I now see that post was obtuse. I haev tried to distill the suggestions and do some additional research. Based on a number of variables and requirements, I have arrived at the following 4 crab house candidates. The only standing requirements are,other than being good and serving fresh crab, are: (1) that they have crakc and eat crab, (2) that they have soft crabs (i.e. soft shell), and (3) that it is a reasonabel cab ride from Inner Harbor (mostly a distance concern). With that, please weigh in on:

(1) Canton Dockside (I think we can take the water taxi there);

(2) Bo Brooks;

(3) Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn; and

(4) Costas Inn (I think is far).

Again - Mahalo!

Baltimore Seafood

Thanks everyone for the great info - I'll let you know where we end up. Aloha.

Baltimore Seafood

Aloha Chowhounders. Traveling to Baltimore at the end of the month. Staying in the Inner Harbor area but willing to travel within a reasonable taxi fare. I have been tasked by my colleagues with finding the absolute, hands down, no questions seafood restaurant in town. We don't care about atmosphere or price, we just want the best that bay has to offer. Focus is on blue crabs, oysters, and softshells. Mahalo in advance for what I am sure will be fantabulous suggestions.

Deanie's in the FQ

Wondering if anyoen has been and whether it's recommended. I had a pretty good dinner at the Metairie (I think) restaurant a while back. Better than Acme....?

Mar 12, 2009
wingpin in New Orleans