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Park Slope Sushi

My girlfriend and I have been going to Geido on Flatbush. We are definitely pleased with it, but I'd like to check out a few other places (variety is the spice of life, after all).

Does anyone one have recommendations for sushi? I'd be interested in what people think about both high end and everyday options.

May 20, 2013
BK0077 in Outer Boroughs

Surfish Park Slope


May 20, 2013
BK0077 in Outer Boroughs

Best of Prospect Heights - New To The Hood

I recently moved to the edge of Park Slope and Prospect Heights and have not been able to find to find a good one stop thread on the best of the hood (or at least not one from less than 4 years ago).

So far I've really enjoyed Pur Bird, Castillo De Jagua & Geido. I'm curious about places you'd recommend off Flatbush, Vanderbilt and Washington.

Specifically: Delivery, Brunch, Pizza, Chinese, Deli and Date Night.

But any of your favorite spots would be great to hear about! Thanks everyone.

Feb 24, 2013
BK0077 in Outer Boroughs

Good Food + Sports?

With March Madness coming up I'm looking for the Sports Bars with surprisingly good food (read more than tasty sports bar fare) or, alternatively, places with good food that will also let you watch the big game.

I live in Bucktown and think Cleo's, Crossing, 50/50, Boundary, West End, etc. are all fine, but could I be doing better? Piece has it's moments, but sometimes you just don't want pizza and beer.

It doesn't need it to be a sports bar, but ideally there'd be a couple TVs so they're willing to change one of them to a college hoops game if the Bulls or 'Hawks happen to be playing.

Also, a place that serves food in the bar area works for me too.

Thanks all.

Mar 09, 2011
BK0077 in Chicago Area

Roadtrip NYC to Seattle

You're crazy if you think skipping Zingerman's is acceptable on any trip through Ann Arbor.

I love NY delis as much as the next guy, but the amount of time, care and love put into everything at Zingerman's makes it a must see for any foodie out there.

Typical NYC arrogance.

Dec 19, 2009
BK0077 in Great Lakes

Madison favorites

Excellent post Ross.

I agree with pretty much everything you wrote. I’m going to kinda of ramble on and expand on some of your reviews as well as add my own personal favorites.

Muramoto now has a second location at Hilldale Mall. It is more of a traditional sushi joint than their downtown spot. The lychee martini is great at both locations. The roll with duck across the top is also excellent. Wasabi on State is my favorite normal sushi spot. The prices are reasonable and the fish is almost always fresh.

Café Continental and Jolly Bob’s have the best mussels in town. You’ll need to get extra bread to sop up all of the juices. Speaking of Jolly Bob’s . . . it’s my favorite outdoor dining spot in Madison. It’s a bit pricey (especially when sitting at plastic patio furniture inside), but the atmosphere in their courtyard along with their delicious Jerk, conch fritters and cocktails makes for a wonderful night.

Other Willy St thoughts: I second Lao Laan Xiang. Literally everything on the menu is delicious. Weary Traveler is a great bar and restaurant. They often have live music too. The bad breath burger is tasty, but the West of the Andes steak (or portabella mushroom) sandwich is otherworldly. Jamerica is excellent for cheap Jamaican food. Harmony Bar has a great Walnut burger (and I am a carnivore all the way). Bahn Thai is my go-to Thai place.

A slightly nicer place on Willy St is El Dorado. They serve a great brunch (spicy bloodies in a glass cowboy boot) as well as southwestern inspired dinners. The blazing saddle is a jalapeno-infused margarita that is not to be missed.

I have nothing to add about Sardine except that it’s excellent, but intentionally loud and bustling. I really enjoy the atmosphere, but some people have a hard time hearing there. They have great beers on tap.

Further east, past Willy St is the Atwood-Schenk Corners neighborhood. Alchemy’s sweet potato fries, hot ham and cheese sandwich and bacon cheeseburger are very good. Hubbard St. Diner is great for breakfast. Texas Tubbs Taco Palace has a huge variety of delicious tacos (westside location on University) and a salsa bar in a funky atmosphere.

Downtown thoughts: The Old Fashioned is a cool take on the traditional Wisconsin supper club/tavern. They have a bunch of different old fashions (a Wisconsin cocktail staple) on the menu. The walleye, #30 burger and cheese curds are great. I’ve also heard they have surprisingly good salads. Greenbush is my favorite Italian place. It’s in a basement with about 6’6” ceilings, Christmas lights and generally happy surroundings. Great, standard Italian fare with a good cheapish wine list.

I wasn’t overly impressed with Samba. It’s not bad, but the Brazilian steakhouses on Chicago are much better. I’d recommend eating at the Cabana Room, which is a casual sandwich place/bar downstairs from Samba. They have excellent lunch specials.

If you want steak then I have four recommendations (2 downtown, 2 westside):
Tornado Room is right on the capitol square. It has a very traditional Wisconsin atmosphere (animals on the wooden walls) and excellent cuts of meat. DelMonico’s is your typical big city, expense account steakhouse. Their meat is great, but it’s easily the most expensive steakhouse in town. Atmosphere is cool, slick, possibly even sterile. Smokey’s is one of my favorite places to take out of town friends. The waitresses are all 80 years old. The bartender is a true mater of the martini. He even teaches a class on it (their martini list is epic). The steak comes on a sizzling plate. The hash browns are great. Try to save room for the ice cream drinks at the end. Delaney’s is on the far Westside. A bit cheaper and very standard supper club atmosphere.

Back to downtown . . . State St is a good place to find ethnic food. Vientiane Palace is a cheap Vietnamese/Thai place. The spice gets spicy in a hurry. Buraka has great north Africa/Moroccan food. Mediterranean Café has very good greek/mediterranean lunch specials. Parthenon is a typical delicious greasy gryo place. There are probably 3-4 other places that I haven’t eaten at (Himalayan, middle eastern . . .). There are also many carts on library mall at the University end of State St. Myle’s Teddywedgers at the other end of State St serves great, huge pasties. I prefer the steak and potatoes or pizza pasties.

I second the Marigold Café recommendation for breakfast. It’s so good. Gotham Bagels makes a true, heavy NY bagel. Their breakfast sandwiches fill you up till dinner. My favorite breakfast spots are Mickey’s for counter service and the 2 pound scrambler (eggs, sausage, potatoes, cheese and gravy all piled up), Café Marigold for anything you can think of and El Dorado’s brunch. Hubbard St Diner in Middleton has great French toast.

Ancora is the best coffee in town, but I like the crowd at Ground Zero on Willy St.

Friday fish fries are obviously a Wisconsin staple. Avenue Bar is the tastiest (get the hash browns with cheese and onions, trust me), but the portions are not huge. Go there with light eaters so you can steal their leftovers. My personal favorite is The Oakcrest on Old Middleton Rd on the Westside. It is always jammed on Friday so get there early. Perch with double fries is my standard order. It comes on a double paper plate and weighs about 2 pounds. I’ve heard Big Ten pub does a surprisingly good fish fry.

Burgers are also great at a few places throughout Madison. My personal favorites are the Blue Moon Burger at the Blue Moon on University, the Melting Pot at Dotty Dumplings downtown, Brasserie V’s cheese burger on Monroe St and The Weary Traveler’s Bad Mouth Burger on Willy St.

Pizza Pit, Rocky Rococco (sausage and peppers on whole wheat crust) and Roman Candle are my favorite pizza joints. Others rave about Ian’s crazy pies like Mac n Cheese, Steak and Fry, and BBQ chicken.

My favorite sandwich places in Madison start with La Concha on Fish Hatchery Rd. It’s a Mexican bakery/sandwich counter in the middle of a strip mall (behind DQ and next to Shagnasty liquors). You will probably be the only English-speaker in there (assuming you haven’t translated all this to Spanish), but the tortas (sandwiches) are huge and delicious. Trust me on this one. My other favorite is The Otto sub at Fraboni’s Italian Deli on Regent. Huge, great cuts of Italian meats and tasty sweet peppers. I love that sub.

Natt Spiel is a very cool bar. I’ll recommend Le Tigre Lounge, another strip mall wonder. This one is located right on the highway in between a hardware store and Mexican grocery. There are literally hundreds of tiger decorations on the wall, a jukebox that plays 40’s and 50’s standards, and bartenders (father son duo) who are masters of their crafts. No swearing though, they will kick you out for that.

Two places I still miss: Pel Meni Russian dumplings and Radical Rye.

This got ridiculously long. Sorry about that. I just love the restaurants in Madison. I could probably go on for another 1000 words on them.

Dec 19, 2009
BK0077 in Great Lakes

Roadtrip NYC to Seattle

Breakfast: I'll give you two options on opposite ends of the spectrum. Mickey's Dairy Bar is a down home, big portion, old school breakfast place. They are famous for their Scrambler and their Milkshakes (yes for breakfast if you like). If ordering off a board on the wall and heaping mounds of potatoes, eggs, sausage and cheese covered in gravy sounds AMAZING to you then you have no need to read on to recommendation #2 for breakfast. If you are more refined in your breakfast choices then I recommend Marigold Kitchen. Madison is a town of foodies sitting in the middle of two lakes in the middle of Wisconsin. Mickey's was the WISCONSIN recommendation. Marigold is the Madison recommendation. Their breakfast and brunch are phenomenal. Duck Confit hash, artichoke omelettes and a changing menu that reflects what's growing in the region (a common thing in Madison).

Lunch - The Old Fashioned is located on the Capitol Square and is an upscalish take on traditional Wisconsin fare such as brats, fish fries, cheese curds and even Brandy Old Fashions. Check out the website. If that doesn't appeal to you then I'd recommend walking down State St and looking at the menus on the sidewalk. Madison has an amazing spread of ethnic restaurants and a number of the best are on State St, a shopping st that doesn't allow any cars and turns into the UW's crazy bar strip at night. Finish your lunch with a beer or ice cream at the Student Union and sit out on the terrace. THE UNION TERRACE is the ZINGERMAN's of MADISON. DO NOT SKIP THE UNION TERRACE.

Dinner - Madison has a slew of great, upscale restaurants for dinner. LeToile has recevied rave reviews in the NYTimes on multiple occasions. Smokey's is about as old school as steakplaces get. The waitresses are 80, the bartender is a martini master and the steaks come out on sizzling platters. I'm going to send you over to Williamson St though (affectionately known as Willy St in Madison). If the weather is nice enough to sit outside then go directly to Jolly Bob's and ask to be seated in the courtyard. Amazing tropical drinks (seriously, not just mai tais and blue hawaiians), great appetizers (mussels are my favorite) and a variety of carribbean fare from Jerk Pork to excellent fish. it's my favorite place to eat in Madison when the weather is nice (prices are too high to justify sitting inside on plastic patio furniture). If the weather is poor then I recommend Sardine. It's right at the start of Willy St and is owned by the same people who own Marigold Kitchen. it's got a french bistro feel to it. Loud, bright, high ceilings, bustling. The food is small plate and the beer and wine lists are excellent. Check out the website.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Jul 28, 2009
BK0077 in Great Lakes

Roadtrip NYC to Seattle

I've lived in Madison and Ann Arbor. They both have GREAT restaurants for their size. They both have great restaurants period.

Ann Arbor
Breakfast - Angelo's is the town breakfast staple. Their cinnamon french toast is otherworldly. Fleetwood Diner is another fine breakfast spot in Ann Arbor. It is a greasy spoon all the way. Check the website:
You can't go wrong at either place.

Lunch - Zingerman's. IF YOU GO TO ANN ARBOR AND SKIP ZINGERMAN'S THEN I WILL BE SORELY DISAPPOINTED. It is the best deli I've ever been to and I lived in NYC for 5 years. You could really go there for Breakfast and Lunch and you'd still regret not getting to try everything.
The place is overwhelming and amazing. The prices are high, but it's 100% worth it. Get whatever sandwich tickles your fancy, real ginger ale (spicy), and noodle kugel for dessert. I'm super jealous.

Dinner - Upscale: Gratzi (fine Italian) and Real Seafood (seafood, duh) are right on Main St and are excellent dining experiences. The Earle is more romantic, but has excellent drinks and a fine wine list.
Pizza - Cottage Inn Pizza. Unique, sesame seed crust (get the square version). If you're a pizza guy and on a budget then you can get something unique in Ann Arbor at Cottage Inn. Go to the downtown location near campus.

If I were to pick three i'd go Fleetwood Diner, Zingerman's and Real Seafood (Cottage Inn if on a budget).

I'll post Madison in a moment.

Jul 28, 2009
BK0077 in Great Lakes

Outdoor Day Margaritas

Thanks steph!

Anyone know any place in the Village or Lower East?
Maybe with a Friday Brunch?

Apr 22, 2009
BK0077 in Manhattan

Outdoor Day Margaritas

I'm looking to sit outside during the day on Friday, enjoy the weather, and sip some Margaritas. Anywhere on Manhattan is acceptable. Any recommendations that will be cheaper than Dos Caminos Soho?

Apr 22, 2009
BK0077 in Manhattan

Sports Bar Near St. John's in Queens

So . . . no bars near St. John's?

Mar 12, 2009
BK0077 in Outer Boroughs

Fun restaurant for 8 dudes

Essex and Spitzer's Corner. Both on LES.

Mar 12, 2009
BK0077 in Manhattan

Sports Bar Near St. John's in Queens

I'm going to be at the basketball arena on St. John's campus in Queens on Saturday and would like to hop into a bar to catch some of the NCAA games on TV. My only request is a bar that has lots of TV and audio. Good food would be a nice bonus, but secondary to good sports viewing.

Mar 12, 2009
BK0077 in Outer Boroughs