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Can't miss recommendations for an out of towner

Thanks for the help so far! Based on the suggestions above and ones found in other posts, I've decided on at least trying the following:
- Spoon and Stable
- Piccolo
- Butcher and Boar
- Al's
- Birchwood

Other places that I plan on trying if I have time and on subesquent visits are:
La Belle Vie
Bachelor Farmer
Bar Lagrassa

Now to figure out which breweries to visit...

Can't miss recommendations for an out of towner

Hi All,

I'm a Boston Chowhounder and I'm visiting Minneapolis-St. Paul for a week in August. I'm hoping that you fine folks can tell me all about the can't miss places that I should be eating and drinking at during my stay. Proximity isn't an issue -- I'll have a car and plenty of time on my hands. The only restaurant on my radar so far is the Butcher and the Boar. I'm looking for all sorts of recommendations: fine dining, breakfast, ethnic, bars, etc....


Best Buffalo Wings!


Anone try Crave Mad for Chicken yet?

I'm curious to hear how this place is, and how it specifically compares to Bon Chon.

Gene's Chinese Flatbread Coming to Boston

Ha--I went there today for lunch and followed them up with a 1/2 dozen donut holes from Union Square Donuts.

Lunch was great. The place was packed by 1145am!

ISO Great Indian

I live in the South End and often get India Quality (located in Kenmore Sq) delivered. It's consistently excellent.

South End Pizza -- Takeout and Delivery

I had a similar experience last week when I tried ordering pizza from Mangia on Friday night. Took me about 90 minutes to get someone to pick up. With that said, it was some of the best pizza I've gotten delivered in the South End in quite a while despite being a little cold.

I've also had good experiences ordering from Canestaro on occasion. They're located in Fenway I believe.

Xinh Xinh closed?

I tried going the other week on a Tuesday and found that the place was closed. Does anyone know if this is permanent?

Best breakfast sandwich?

One of my favorite breakfast sandwiches can be found right in Back Bay Station. The gentlemen across from the T kiosks makes fantastic sandwiches. I usually get sausage, egg, and cheese on sweetbread.

5 Napkin Burger

Any updates on when 5 Napkin is supposed to open?

Knife Sharpening in Boston?

Hi All,

Is there a place in Boston proper where I can get a knife sharpened? Older threads mention Kitchen Arts and Stoddards--but both are now closed.


Best Burger and Fries combination in the Back Bay

I'm suprised no one has mentioned sel del la terre yet. Their burger and rosemary fries have yet to disappoint. In fact, I sometimes enjoy this burger more than the Craigie burger....


Has anyone eaten at Benevento's on Salem St yet? I went last night and was very impressed. The pizza was excellent with a great crust and a sweet sauce (akin to the sauce at my favorite pizzeria, Caserta's in Providence), and prices were very affordable. As a North Ender who regularly eats at Regina's and Galleria Umberto, I think Benevento's is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

Best North End Pizza for lunch with kids

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree about Waterfront Cafe--I love going for a drink, but the pizza doesn't even compete with Regina's.

Union Bar and Grille - Any recommendations?

I'm looking to go to the Union Bar and Grille in the South End this weekend for dinner. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what to order?


I'm from Rhode Island and I don't think I've ever had a Saugy's dog. However, with the help of the ole Google Machine, I was able to find this: No road trip needed.

Best Chicken Salad Sandwich in Boston

My favorite chicken salad sandwich as of late is The Cowgirl at Hot Tomatoes (the North End location)...I haven't had a better one in Boston yet.

new fort point channel bar?

I was thinking of a more bohemian type place...I think they have live music and art on Fridays....anything ringing a bell?

new fort point channel bar?

I remember a while back seeing something about a new bar/restaurant opening up (within the last 2 months) in the Fort Point Channel area. Anyone know what its called?

What to get at Hungry Mother

Any suggestions for what to order for a first trip to Hungry Mother?

Dim Sum on a friday night?

Hi All,

I know Dim Sum is traditionally served during the day on weekends, but is there a good place in Chinatown that serves it on a Friday night?


take-out in the North End?

I've gotten takeout from Giacomo's and Pomodoro.