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Smokin' in the Park (SD)

Last year there was only one vendor selling food and it was a mess. The vendor selling wasn't even part of the competition. This is the first year with People's Choice which should prove to be a heck of a lot better. I know a lot of the teams competing including Prof Salt, Bigmista, Notley Que, etc. Sadly for the attendees some of the best food (not barbecue) is at the pot luck. OMG!

Oct 15, 2009
Chow Down Hound in San Diego

Beef Ribs

Bigmista's has experimented with beef ribs I believe the last two weeks. Sold out every time. He does charge $5/bone but the bones have about 1/2 pound of meat on them. I don't know if they're going to become a regular menu item or not.

On Sunday a couple of his customers from Eagle Rock (Friday nights) came looking for more at Atwater.

Must-eats in LA - visiting from NY

I would like to add The Gardens of Taxco. The atmosphere can be romantic or fun depending on who you take. There are no menus. The waiter tells you everything. They serve a five course meal that begins with an individual mini appetizer and finishes with a sherry and sherbert. It's not pricy and if you get added to their mailing list you get coupons for a free meal. Check out the site.

Gardens of Taxco
1113 N. Harper Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90046

Must-eats in LA - visiting from NY

While all that sounds good. I'm a simple carnivore pizza lover. Give me meat and a lot of cheese with just enough greasiness and I am happy. My favorite place is Uncle Red's in Downey. The place is run by guy's with tattoo's that look as if they would be more comfortable hanging out at a table with a pitcher of beer then behind the counter. They are the nicest bunch you would ever want to meet. The pizza's are hand made not cranked out like pizza hut or something. The big oven is right there in front so you can see your pizza every time the open to check it.

Make sure to try their cinnamon sticks. They come fresh out of the oven with icing on the side. They are lip smackin' good.

Uncle Reds Pizzeria
13762 Clark Ave, Bellflower, CA 90706

Baba Ghanouj Restaurant Bixby Knolls Long Beach

I visited tonight and was not that impressed. I really have nothing to compare it to since this was my first Lebanese cuisine experience. I hade the kafta which came with rice, hummus, tomato and smoke chile. Granted my hunger was taken care of but it would not be my meal of choice. the kafta was very dry and reminded me of something I saw on South Park.

I would go again for the atmosphere (small, intimate, friendly) but not necessarily for the food..

Good Fried Chicken

Oh my damn. If someone had told me it was the old Golden Bird that would have been all I needed. I actually went to Honey's Kettle after I got home. When I realized where I was going my smile got bigger and bigger. Thank you all for the heads up. I will still try Muggies in Long Beach though as well as some of the other suggested places.

One bad thing though, I asked for an 8-pc meal with nothing but wings and thighs and they gave me two of everthing. Heffa

Good Fried Chicken

You guys better not be getting my hopes up just to let me down. Trust to know I will try them all.

Good Fried Chicken

If it's better then Golden Bird then I definitely have to try. Would it be to much if I got Honey's and Muggies'?

Good Fried Chicken

I will try the one in Compton hopefully tonight. I've been satisfying myself with chicken wings from a fish market.

Good Fried Chicken

I found two on Pico thar seem to be within waling distance.

Good Fried Chicken

I heard of Flossie's but have never been.

Good Fried Chicken

I saw a thread from 2004 regarding fried chicken but nothing recent. I'm looking for good fried chicken I don't have to cook myself.

My mostest mostest favorite is Golden Bird. They are few and far between now and open and close quicker than... Anyway. while everyone was running to Porky's in Inglewood for the bbq, I went for the golden bird chicken. I know they've moved but really don't have the gumption to drive to San Pedro to find out they don't have it since it's no longer on the Golden Bird site.

I've tried the one on Avalon in Gardena and it was pitiful. That chicken had no love in it. The only other chicken I've tasted that would make me commit bigamy was made by a friend who pasted a while ago. So if anyone can recommend something in the South Bay I'm all over it.

BBQ at Atwater Village Farmer's Market

They had some on this past Sunday. Did you get any?

Great BBQ in Long Beach???

I have never heard of Walker's. I will look it up.

Great BBQ in Long Beach???

I was speaking from experience also based on a conversation that I had with one of the managers about how the city of long beach won't allow smokers. But since I'm particular about my bbq I don't try around that much.

I think sauce is only good for dipping your bread so when I can't get it on the side I naturally assume the flavor is from the sauce and not the meat. When do get my meat with no sauce I usually find it pretty bland or peppery. I have a taste for savory so pepper does nothing for me.

Great BBQ in Long Beach???

I didn't say the meat wasn't smoke I just said it wasn't smoked on the premises. The last time we visited a major chain after there re-opening we asked were they allowed to have a smoker yet and the manager replied no. This was about six months ago.

Great BBQ in Long Beach???

My only problem with bbq in Long Beach is the preparation. By that I mean depending on the location, they are not allowed to have smokers so they have to bring smoked meat from some other location. I don't know if all are like that but that fact that it is even like that when some would give me pause.

There was a bbq place in north Long Beach that is closed now that had a smoker but the powers that be didn't know about it. Outside of bad bbq I wonder if that is one of the reasons he is no longer in business.