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Hash O'Nash in Mamaroneck

let me rephrase it...i actually met the owner who shaked my hand, tuched his face and proceeded to make my lunch afterwards with his bare hands and then handled money....its besides the point...when handling food one should always wear gloves...thats why they have the dept of health whom i called.

Hash O'Nash in Mamaroneck

DO NOT EAT HERE!!! I ordered lunch from here and one worker was making food with only 1 glove on. There was also another worker who was making a gyro with bare hands. He was touching all the food with bare hands...picking chopped tomatoes, touching the wrap and then proceeded to handle the register and touch money. Very unsanitary!

Little Thai Kitchen Scarsdale

Just ordered take out from here. We started out with the thai curry puffs and po pia sod. The thai curry puffs were a little too doughy and overfried but the filling was good. The po pia sod was very good. Also had the pad thai with shrimp which was decent and the jungle curry with veggies & tofu. The curry was made with fresh veggies, not greasy and very spicey as I had asked for. Will give this place another chance in the coming weeks.

Ice Cream? Gelato?

Pane and Gelato in Eastchester is awesome.

Caffe Azzurri, Hartsdale?

I have been there twice and the food is very good. They offer a prix-fix dinner for $25 which I have ordered from. The food is nicely prepared and everything seemed fresh. Server was good.

BarCar Eatery

I was a frequent diner at this restaurant but dont think I will be going back after last week. They completely changed the entire menu. They are now serving mostly "glorified diner food"-eggplant parm, burgers, simple pastas, salads, etc. Seems like they are trying to capitalize on the fact that Athena's Diner closed and most likely the economy is not helping the situation out either. The executive chef also left. It's really a shame because the food before was excellent.

Need a good bakery in Westchester

Good morning. Can anyone recommend a good bakery to get a birthday cake from in Westchester. Thanks all.

Toscana in Eastchester, where Gina Maries used to be...

I had dinner there the other night with my boyfriend. They do not have a liquor license yet so they are offering a complimentary glass of wine to each person. There are also no specials at the moment since the chef is still working on the menu kinks according to our waiter. They start you off with a warm bread basket filled with warm rustic bread, homemade bread sticks and tomato focaccia along with a very small white tuscan bean salad. My boyfriend had the Capesante in Padella as an appetizer and said it was excellent enough for him to go back and eat there again. For our main courses we had the Fettuccine Bolognese and Capellini Primavera. Both dishes could use more salt. The fettuccine is homemade but the texture was not as soft as homemade pasta is supposed to be. They gave us a complimentary fruit plate. We ordered the flourless chocolate cake for dessert. This was very good but could have been warmed up more. Our waiter was very attentive and the owners were there whom were very pleasant as well. We will wait a few more weeks and go to try the food again.

The Cookery in Dobbs Ferry

I just went to The Cookery last night with my boyfriend. We thought the food was good nothing special. The table bread was a little stale and not served warm. The waiter took about 10 minutes to come over and take our order. It was 6:30PM and there were 2 other tables filled.

We started off with the maccheroni e formaggi and the crostino of fresh ricotta drizzled with honey and fresh thyme. The maccheroni e formaggi was salty. Too much salt was added not taking into account that parmegiano reggiano is a salty cheese to begin with. The crostino was very good (the same bread that is served on the table is used),,,,fresh ricotta cheese is delicious. For our entrees we had the cauliflower ravioli (you get 6-7 large ravioli) and radiatore with lamb bolognese. Both entrees are the perfect size...leaves you full not stuffed.

We shared the chocolate bread pudding which is served with a scoop of vanilla gelato. This was excellent. Our bill came out to $64 (w/o tip) for a glass of wine, 2 sodas, 2 appetizers, 2 entrees and the dessert.

We will give the restaurant time to settle in a little more before we head back to give it a second try. Here's a link to an article about the restaurant along with a copy of the menu:

BarCar Eatery

They're located on 706 Locust St, Mount Vernon. Next to the Fleetwood train station.

BarCar Eatery

I went to BarCar Eatery yesterday with my boyfriend for the first time. It's a really nice quant restaurant. A little slow but it was a Tuesday night. The bartender said their busiest days are Friday & Saturday. They serve fresh breadsticks that are piping hot out of the oven. They give you 2 that have garlic and herbs & 2 with a tomatoe paste topping. We ordered a bottle of Sterling Pinot Noir and had the curried chicken quesadilla and short rib as appetizers. The short rib was very moist and off the bone. The quesadilla was good but I didnt really taste the curry. For our main course we had the garganelli meat ragu trio and barcar filet mignon. My boyfriend enjoyed the pasta dish. He said it was something different but could use some cheese. I ordered my filet medium well and that's how it came out. Service was excellent. We asked our waitress her opinion on the dishes we had ordered and she gave an honest reply. Short rib, quesadilla and garganelli are popular choices but the garganelli isnt one of her favorites. The only way to find out if you like something is to try it. The bill came out to $109 without tip. We are definitely going to go back and try some of the other dishes. Check this place out at