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Best places from Portland to San Francisco

Hello all,
For spring break this year my best friend and I have decided to drive from Boulder Colorado to Portland Oregon and then down the coast to San Francisco/Berkley. We are both big foodies and are looking for the best places to chowdown along the drive. We should be in Portland for approximately 3 days, then taking three days for the drive down to San Fran and another 3 days in and around the bay area (San Francisco, Berkley etc.). Any great recommendations out there? Were not on a starving student budget but also don’t want to break the bank. I would love some restaurants that represent the cities and areas well.

Here are some questions I thought might help.
What’s the best sandwich place in Portland and San Fran? The best chinese place in San Francisco's china town? Best oyster bar or local seafood joints along the coast or in both cities? Best breakfast in both cities? Any crazy or just damn good dives?

- Kevin