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Asian Fine Dining in Kuala Lumpur

Thank you! That's exactly the style we had in mind. :)

Asian Fine Dining in Kuala Lumpur

Hello All,

Hubby and I are currently in the process of relocating from Australia to France. Along the way, we'll be spending three days in KL. We're all sorted for street food, food courts, etc, but we're looking for a fine dining option anywhere in KL. We're trying to steer away from anything too French. Help is very much appreciated!

Best scones & cream in Blue Mountains?!

My vote would be Lilianfels. Their scones are light and airy, very reminiscent of Southern US style buttermilk biscuits. Tasty cream and jam too. :)

Tetsuyas Booked - So where else?

In Neutral Bay, try Neutral Bay Bar & Dining, as well as Enopizzeria. Both are welcome additions to the neighbourhood. Things have changed drastically over the last six months.

In Crows Nest, Jurin is always a great option for sushi.

ISO: Restaurants with seasonal menus and local produce in Sydney and Melbourne

A word about the tipping- the reason it is so necessary to tip in the States is because in many places it is common for waitstaff to make as little as $2 per hour (below minimum wage). Most of their salary comes from tips and many rely on it for survival (just one reason why the service is so much better there).

Here that is absolutely not the case. They get paid very well in comparison, so don't feel bad about not tipping. :)

Advice for Sydney

I agree. I stopped reading after a few of them were sent frozen Lean Cuisine meals which they actually described as being really tasty. :)

Advice for Sydney

I'd skip the Sydney food blogs. I don't find their reviews as genuine as they were a few years ago (before all the PR companies started getting involved).

Looking for the best cookie shop in Sydney

Mrs Fields is an American brand of American style cookies. I'm not sure you'll get anything closer.

I'm sure mall cookies weren't what you had in mind, but Mrs. Fields do make a peanut butter cookie here in Australia.

[North Sydney] Favorite lunch places in St Leonards / Crow's Nest?

While I don't work in the area, I do live here, so I know more about their dinner prices and weekend lunch options. Many restaurants in the area do weekday lunch specials though.

St Leonards:
Bazzar Beer Cafe- good food, stick to the more traditional dishes
The Moody Chef- haven't had their lunch, but their brekkie and brownies are very tasty
Adam's Kebab- cheap and cheerful- better than the kebab place in the Forum courtyard
(on Pacific Highway across from the Forum courtyard main entrance)
Ace Noodles- not the best Asian food, but it's a great value for money.
(other side of the park on Christie St, next to the Forum residential entrance)
Gilroy's Hotel- decent pub food- don't know if they do a weekday lunch though
(Christie St & Atchison St)

Crows Nest:
Crows Nest Plaza- has a few decent places inside, should be able to get lunch for around $10 (Ramen Sun Sun, Sam's Singapore Laksa House, Himalayan Chargrill
)Ju-Rin- only been for dinner, but we go often. Otoro Sashimi!!
Ryo's- best ramen I've had in Sydney, but it's probably too far out for lunch

I think most of these are on Eatability if you're interested in reviews.

Hope this helps! If you have any more questions I'd be happy to answer them. :)

Tuna, salmon, kingfish -- but where to buy other kinds of sashimi?

I know I've mentioned them before, but Wellstone's in Willoughby. Their stock changes often, so I'd call and ask what's fresh before going, but I've seen a lot of fish there that I haven't seen in many other fishmongers. They also cut sashimi to order which is nice.

They're open late on Thursdays and Fridays too! :)

Shop 3, Market Place, 201-209 High Street, Willoughby, 9958 8599

Port Douglas Food Recommendations?

Thanks for all the suggestions! We've made a booking at Sassi at Bale, and even if we just go for an early cocktail and prawn snack, I'm not sure I can resist the George the Groper feeding. As for Salsa, I've heard mixed reviews, but "screaming children running riot" makes that a miss for us. :)

Sushi in Sydney

Did you see the recent SMH article about Wellstone's in Willoughby?

They supply the fish for Tetsuya's and Jurin among a few others. Not bad company to keep. :)

Anything from the US you consider a real treat?

As an American living in Sydney, the main thing we're always asked to bring back is BBQ sauce. There is nothing here like the variety of sauces available in the States. Jack Daniels (for the novelty I guess), anything with chipotle, buffalo wing sauce and anything locally made are normally pretty popular sauces with our friends, not to mention the customs officers at the airport. They're always intrigued by the JD ones.

I personally cannot live without the wing sauce. :)

Sushi in Sydney

It's a bit on the expensive side for sushi, but Sushi-e on George Street serves some of the best sushi and sashimi in Sydney.

Jurin in Crows Nest is also very good, worth the trek across the bridge. :)

Port Douglas Food Recommendations?

Thanks! I've been getting the impression that this trip will be more about the setting than the cuisine anyway, which is absolutely fine with us. :)

Port Douglas Food Recommendations?

We're heading to Port Douglas on holiday in June. Any hidden gems up that way?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers! :)