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The Basics: How to Make Shrimp Pasta

Nice simple recipe; I'll try it soon. I like that it's taking a more casual, intuitive approach rather than the standard method of describing exacting procedures and measurements. In my novice opinion, getting away from the steps and understanding the underlying techniques and reason behind the recipe is key to relaxing in the kitchen and developing your skill set. As you learn more and more techniques through recipes, you move along the spectrum from cook to chef.

Dec 12, 2009
siddacious in Features

Petaluma: Real Doner (Gyro) is destination worthy ... amazing great

I had an similar experience, but I was stumbling back to the hostel after a night of grooving to tunes and weissbier at Tacheles. I fell in love with döners then and there.

Petaluma: Real Doner (Gyro) is destination worthy ... amazing great

Though it my be uncommon here, red cabbage was on every döner I had in Berlin. As a result of the distinct difference in quality and texture of the Berlin döner (kebap) from your average Kronos gyro over here, I strongly associate "döner" with "cabbage" (not to mention "delicious"). In my mind, it's one thing that separates a "doner" from a "gyro".

PS: Thanks (to Melanie) for your in-depth reporting on quality döner establishments. I've been looking for a good one (half heartedly) since getting back from Germany.

Any recent Suppenkuche experiences?

I was there last night +15 people this past Saturday and it was an excellent time. Reservations are definitely the way to go on busy nights, and large groups would surely be impossible otherwise.

The potato pancakes (Reibekuchen) were promptly finished by the people surrounding me ("just one more bite!"), though I was able to get most of one of three large patties. Something about how they were cooked rounded the edges and made them more aesthetically pleasing than your average bubby's latkes. Nice crispy outside and creamy inside. Best potato pancakes I've had yet.

My Jägerschnitzel was delicious as always. The spätzle was agreeable if not amazing, not upstaging the meat and gravy which were sumptuous.

My girlfriend's raviolis (Maultaschen in Pilzrahmsoße) were absolutely divine. I'm getting my own next time.

After pulling the birthday card, I was able to snag several meals worth of leftovers which rocked. The service was distinctly German; accommodating but terse. The atmosphere is energetic in a loud, crowded, inviting way.

525 Laguna St, San Francisco, CA 94102