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Paul Bakery Natick

It's across from the Met Burger Bar just inside the entrance which is near the PF Chang entrance.

Sources for Butterfish/Black Cod/Sablefish

I got sablefish at Captain Mardens in Wellesley a couple years ago. They are also an excellent source for scallops.

Paul Bakery Natick

I stopped by the Natick Mall and grabbed a prime parking spot right outside Paul Bakery. I ordered a plain croissant and coffee. They gave me the plated croissant and a number stand, then brought the coffee so I had to get up for cream (must be a better way). Croissant was light, flaky and buttery, especially with the butter I put on. Coffee was a nice rich blend as well. I should have tried a baguette.

Where can I buy Pheasant?

Wegmans Northboro had D'Atagnian pheasant today. No price on it.

ISO Tortellini to Cook at Home

The veal torteloni at Bazaar West in Framingham are amazingly good. Frozen, loose so you buy as much as you want.

Octopus dishes

I had a grilled octopus with boiled potatoes at Bocado in Wellesley that was quite good. The sea salt and EVOO really complemented the dish.

real sheppards pie

West in Ashland Stone's Public House has a lamb stew Sheps Pie with parsnips. Matt Murphy was the original chef under current ownership.

Want some pie in central CT? here you go!


West on Centre, a warning

My experience there was similar. Sysco truck pulls up, food is prepared with no soul and served. Not worth a repeat visit.

What type of coffee to use for dry rub for tritip?

I made it with a fine espresso grind french roast and it came out wonderful.

Nov 29, 2014
trufflehound in Home Cooking

Mystic on a Monday

What is good in town for dinner and lunch?
Any good gastropub, tapas, ethnic type places?
Is Bravo Bravo good?
Prefer to dine with the locals.

Where Can I Buy Good Gravy?

Outpost farm in Holliston sells turkey gravy by the quart and it's ok. I would assume Volante Farm in Needham does the same.

Rye bread?

I buy Widdoff's Rye when I'm in Worcester. As for how long it lasts? Just about the ride home.

Have You Heard of Any Boston Based Kickstarter Food Projects?

The Farmhouse in Needham had a kickstarter.
Medusa Brewing in Hudson is raising funds now.

Sazerac rye

Got the last bottle at Marty's today. Thanks all.
It's hard to get.

Sazerac rye

Out of stock.

Sazerac rye

Where can I get it? Preferably metrowest

Anyone want to buy a restaurant?

Two story narrows it down some.

Red Pepper; thoughts on Sichuan/Hunan restaurants in Boston

Earlier this year the building had a'Business for sale' sign. Is it still the same owners?

Sakura Bana

I don't believe so. The big round white sign is gone anyway.

New England Fish Chowdah Made by people from New England [moved from Boston board]

I sautee onions and red peppers, just a little flour and cook the potatoes in milk with a bay leaf, add the milk to the onion/flour mix and cook the fish until just done. Lets the ingredients shine through.

Oct 26, 2014
trufflehound in Home Cooking

September 2014 Openings and Closings

FP/Kennedy's also owns a couple Mick Morgans, Kenedy's in Norwood and Tommy Doyles in Newton, not Harvard Square.

Silly debate going on... What was the People's Republic in Cambridge called before...

It was Drumlins at least as far back as the early 80's.

Best foods of certain genres

I'll start with these which are all walkable.
Top Italian Seafood choices: Neptune Seafood and Daily Catch

Desserts/Baked goods: Is the place where the Boston Cream Pie was created worth it? I believe its called Porter House or something someone told me. Invented at the (Omni) Parker House Hotel. Unless you are staying there or have a business meeting, don't bother.

Burgers: This is my favorite type of food.

Pizza: Any that would catch my attention? I live in Chicago though. The ORIGINAL Reginas on Thatcher street.



Mexican: Eat it in Chicago.

Where to Buy Rennet?

Debra's Gourmet in West Concord has had it in the past.

the knack- Orleans Ma

I must go there with mmmy Sharona.

Onion ring rec

The Drinking Fountain.

Speakeasy - Boston

Wink n Nod in the South End has a speakeasy atmosphere as well.

Anybody know where to get headcheese in Greater Boston

Bazaar West in Framingham also. Tongue head cheese and well, just head cheese.

October 2014 Openings and Closings

Yeah, but Buzzy's was OPEN.