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Lamb spare ribs

Use them to line the pan when making stuffed grape leaves. They not only give a wonderful flavor to the grape leaves, they cook low and slow, carmelize a bit and the bones sort of soften and disintegrate like when eating sardines.

What's good in Milford?

Sandwiches at Gene's convenience store on water street and sandwiches at Oliva's Market on rt 16 at rt 85.
Brick oven pizza at Caffe Sorrento can be pretty good. There's a little Thai resto that we enjoyed but the name escapes me.
Sorry, I can't think of much else.

Place in the western 'burbs to sit and talk over dinner

Keep in mind that you are occupying real estate for 2-3 times the norm and I hope you compensate the server accordingly.

quiet lunch restaurant Framingham

Bocado tapas, Wellesley, Station Diner downtown Framingham, Stone's Public House Ashland, Red Pepper Framingham.

Dinner recommendations near Wellesley College

I recently went to Bocado Tapas in Wellesley. It's fairly new and seems to be the local hot spot so make a reservation or eat at the bar, even on a Tuesday. Tapas are good size and reasonable and probably the only place in Wellesley you'll find octopus and bone marrow. Great wine selection by the glass.

Dutch food in Boston

Not sure how much Dutch product they have.

Staying at Cambridgeside, restaurant suggestions

Thanks all. We did score a res at oleana.

Alps Sopressata?

MB also has Columbus brand. Less $$ than Wegmans.

Staying at Cambridgeside, restaurant suggestions

Oleana and Sarma are booked. Any great ideas? Casual is fine as well.

East African groceries

South End Food Emporium on Columbus Ave. is Ethiopean or Eritrean run and has some of their seasonings/breads. Not sure what else they may have.

Deluxe Depot Diner, Framingham

New Years Day and there was a decent crowd. Ana was great and fulfilled all our requests. Butter, juice, coffee, cream, check, etc
@ over medium-cooked perfect
Pumpernickel toast- dry, why no butter
sausage- patties, which belong on a sandwich, not links
home fries- seasoned, mostly garlic powder
tomato juice- who puts ice in breakfast juice? Ana took care of it promptly
Break the house/lumberjack special something to that effect
2 over easy-perfect
home fries- see above
bacon- very tasty
pancakes- very good, would have preferred on separate plate. And, real maple syrup.
sourdough toast- didn't come with plate, rye was delivered promptly but why not buttered?
coffee- fine
special to include coffee but was charged. Corrected promptly.
Ana made it 4 stars, otherwise 3-3.5 at best. Food quality was good, albeit a bit more expensive than the neighborhood warrants. A little fine tuning will make this place a destination. It's only open a few weeks now.
Great decor, full bar, standard diner classics meatloaf, fried chicken, pot roast and breakfast all day

JP Scores Another One! Centre Street Cafe

Wasn't the original where 10 tables is?

Just moved to Worcester, need recommendations for various meals/supplies...

Best Italian Sub- Palma's bakery. Good bread too.
Pho- Da Lat
Arabic- El Basha
Cigars-Owl Shop to buy, Michael's to smoke

Just moved to Worcester, need recommendations for various meals/supplies...

I'll help a littParkway diner and a place on Hamilton that serves Kibbee and eggs.
Chinese- Nancy Changs
Bread bakery-the Armsby Abbey's bakery (crust?), Widdoff's, Bay State for Syrian bread, ME groceries.
Steak- 111 Chop House
Italian-Rosalita's kitchen and Mac's Diner
Craft Beer bar- Armsbey Abbey and The Dive Bar hands down.
Pizza- Volturno
BBQ- Smokestack
Pastry- Not Wholly Cannoli. Tastes like rich's whipped topping.
Pastry- On the Rise bakery.

Paul Bakery Natick

It's across from the Met Burger Bar just inside the entrance which is near the PF Chang entrance.

Sources for Butterfish/Black Cod/Sablefish

I got sablefish at Captain Mardens in Wellesley a couple years ago. They are also an excellent source for scallops.

Paul Bakery Natick

I stopped by the Natick Mall and grabbed a prime parking spot right outside Paul Bakery. I ordered a plain croissant and coffee. They gave me the plated croissant and a number stand, then brought the coffee so I had to get up for cream (must be a better way). Croissant was light, flaky and buttery, especially with the butter I put on. Coffee was a nice rich blend as well. I should have tried a baguette.

Where can I buy Pheasant?

Wegmans Northboro had D'Atagnian pheasant today. No price on it.

ISO Tortellini to Cook at Home

The veal torteloni at Bazaar West in Framingham are amazingly good. Frozen, loose so you buy as much as you want.

Octopus dishes

I had a grilled octopus with boiled potatoes at Bocado in Wellesley that was quite good. The sea salt and EVOO really complemented the dish.

real sheppards pie

West in Ashland Stone's Public House has a lamb stew Sheps Pie with parsnips. Matt Murphy was the original chef under current ownership.

Want some pie in central CT? here you go!


West on Centre, a warning

My experience there was similar. Sysco truck pulls up, food is prepared with no soul and served. Not worth a repeat visit.

What type of coffee to use for dry rub for tritip?

I made it with a fine espresso grind french roast and it came out wonderful.

Nov 29, 2014
trufflehound in Home Cooking

Mystic on a Monday

What is good in town for dinner and lunch?
Any good gastropub, tapas, ethnic type places?
Is Bravo Bravo good?
Prefer to dine with the locals.

Where Can I Buy Good Gravy?

Outpost farm in Holliston sells turkey gravy by the quart and it's ok. I would assume Volante Farm in Needham does the same.

Rye bread?

I buy Widdoff's Rye when I'm in Worcester. As for how long it lasts? Just about the ride home.

Have You Heard of Any Boston Based Kickstarter Food Projects?

The Farmhouse in Needham had a kickstarter.
Medusa Brewing in Hudson is raising funds now.

Sazerac rye

Got the last bottle at Marty's today. Thanks all.
It's hard to get.

Sazerac rye

Out of stock.