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Boylan's Diet Black Cherry

Have you tried the "MASH"? It sounds liek it would be similar to Orengina?

Boylan's Diet Black Cherry

Wow- thanks so much- that is a start. I will try Super Fresh.

Boylan's Diet Black Cherry

LOVE-LOVE it! Ordered it at Craft Burger and now I am obsessed- I need to find a grocer that carries this product. Went on their website and emailed them but they have been a bit tardy in getting back to me.... Anyone know where can I buy this in the Brampton / Vaughan / Mississauga / Toronto Area?

Old Susar Location

Please remind me of the name of the restaurant that mved into Susar's old digs and what are the reviews?
looking for a "roving date night" tonight along King and would like to start at Spice Route for Cocktails, then move onto somewhere nice for dinner within walking distance..... any ideas?

Mother's Day Brunch in Brampton

Where is everyone going???

Sticky Toffee Pudding

This "Loblaw" version- is it found in the freshly prepared cakes and bagels department or the pre-packaged dessert section?

Sticky Toffee Pudding

I had breifly entertained the idea of making this favorite dessert of my husband's this weekend but once I looked up the reciepe and saw the words "Baking Soda", "Raw Vanilla" and "Double Boiler" I thought there must be another way... I do not like to bake- rather, Baking dislikes me.
Does anyone know any "Cheats" that I can use or any great places in the Brampton/Bolton/Woodbridge/Mississagua area that does take out for this dessert?