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Healthy Breakfast in the Heights - with great coffee!

Hi there,

I don't venture out for breakfast very often and am trying to find a good place to meet friends for breakfast in the Heights. We would prefer to have a healthy (or at least light) breakfast and good coffee.

Any suggestions? I'm finding a lot of greasy spoons but hope there's a great coffee shop or restaurant that would work for us (on a Saturday morning).


Jun 25, 2010
friednoodlesandbeans in Houston

Boston-Woodstock-Waitsfield Roadtrip

My husband and I will be taking a New England roadtrip in 2 weeks on our way to a wedding in Waitsfield, Vt. We are renting a car in Boston (we're only staying in the city one night) and then driving to Woodstock, VT (where we will be staying two nights) with a stop in Concord, MA, and then to Warren/Waitsfield, VT (where we will be staying two nights . . . but only need advice on daytime food/activities since we have the rehearsal dinner & wedding in the evenings).

We would love any recommendations for places to eat & explore in Woodstock & Waitsfield . . . but would especially love suggestions of places to stop on each leg of the roadtrip. We would really like to visit local, casual places. Maybe local cheese producers? Roadside farmstands? Great coffee shops? Restaurants we must visit? Anything that would help us to have a great Vermont experience.


fresh lobster for lobster rolls (HOU)


We are going to make lobster rolls this weekend and are looking for recommendations on where to buy fresh Maine lobster in Houston. I bought live lobsters from Central Market previously (and they cooked it for no fee) but wanted to see if there are any other options. Ideally, I would like to buy fresh lobster & have the store cook it. Fresh lobster tails would be even better. Somewhere near Rice, downtown, inside the loop is preferable.

Thanks so much!

Jul 22, 2009
friednoodlesandbeans in Houston

Fresh Pasta in Houston

Thanks so much for the suggestion. I may not be able to make it out to the Woodlands this time (I live near Rice/Med Center) but will definitely make a trip to Hubbell & Hudson sometime. Thanks again.

Apr 09, 2009
friednoodlesandbeans in Houston

Fresh Pasta in Houston

Can any of you recommend a place in Houston to buy fresh, handmade pasta? I am looking for an Italian market or other store that carries great pasta to take home and cook. I've got my hopes on making gorgonzola gnocchi this weekend! Thanks so much.

Apr 08, 2009
friednoodlesandbeans in Houston

Houston - good coffee place

Based on your NYC choices, I think you would like Tiny Boxwoods. It is actually part of Thompson & Hanson, a local landscape architecutre/nursery/home & design store. The cafe doesn't have a lot of cake/pastry options (but what I have had has been good - especially the chocolate chip cookies), but the coffee and atmosphere are just what you are looking for. There are a lot of tables inside and several outside if the weather is nice.

Tiny Boxwoods
3614 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77027

Mar 24, 2009
friednoodlesandbeans in Houston

Kansas hounds: Bierocks?

I second that. Hays is the place to go for Volga German food.
Schilleci’s Bakery makes good bierocks every day. Like all bierocks, they are best straight from the oven.

Schilleci’s Bakery
1103 E. 27th
Hays, KS 67601

Kansas hounds: Bierocks?

I lived in Hays as a kid and go back frequently to visit family.

I would recommend Gella's ( in downtown Hays. It is half restaurant/half brewery. All the food I have had has been great - a lot of the food is variations of the regional german food. The beer is fantastic. If you go, order the grebble to start - it is essentially fried bread - so simple but so good.

Cookie/Cupcake delivery near Novi, MI?

I am hoping to have cookies, cupcakes, or another sweet treat delivered to my sister as a get-well treat tomorrow (03.11.09). I am looking for a company (preferrably a locally-owned bakery) that will deliver to the Novi area and makes delicious goodies (no hard-as-a-rock decorated cookies from the chain cookie delivery places). I do not live in Michigan and am unfamiliar with the area . . . thanks for your help!