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Palm Beach County openings for 2013

I have great lunches there.. atmospher is really nice, comfortable, staff is super.. food is awesome!

Welch's chocolate covered fudge bar

No, they were not rum flavored. It was like a chocolate covered fudge bar.. real fudge (soft) inside the chocolate.

Oct 21, 2011
topmanwpb in General Topics

New England Hot Dog Rolls in South Florida

Does anyone know of any stores and/or restaurants in South Florida that serve and/or sell New England style Hot Dog rolls? They are the ones that stand up and are sliced on the 'top' of the bread, and the sides can be toasted or grilled. Thanks! I think my relatives are 'over' having to send me a few packages every Christmas time!

Nov 28, 2009
topmanwpb in Florida

Welch's chocolate covered fudge bar

I still have the taste in my mouth of Welch's Fudge bars... and yes, in the 60s you could find them at the Corner Variety store in North Adams, Massachusetts. I used to stop by at least once a week after school at St. Joseph's High School and nail one. Perhaps it was my original 'sugar fix' but it evokes a fond memory, and yes, it was a nickel in the 60s

Mar 10, 2009
topmanwpb in General Topics