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Where to buy rambutans?

So my mother has really enjoyed rambutans when vacationing in tropical places and I wanted to send her some for Mother's Day, but I can't seem to find any. There's none to be had at the Fairfax Farmer's Market and today I tried Hawaii Supermarket an Market 168 in Alhambra. Are they out of season now or does anyone know where else I should try.


Suggestions for a Romantic Dinner in Hermosa/Redondo Beach?

Normally I'd say that we'd prefer something Asian (usually Japanese) or Italian, but I'm going to guess on my own there's no passable Italian in South Bay so something Japanese or Pan Asian might be best.


Izakaya Birthday suggestions?

i thought izakaya yuzu closed. have you been recently? i really liked that place.

Good Japanese near Main St in Santa Monica?

I've been looking around, but haven't found one yet. Am I missing somewhere?

Favorite Soontofu in Koreatown?

I'm sure this will inspire quite a few friendly disagreements, but I'm looking for suggestions. One member of our party is a vegetarian so I'd need a place that has a veggie only version.


First Date Tapas Reccomendations?

thanks for all the suggestions. i think i'm gonna go w/ musha.

anyone been to celadon on 3rd st?

looks interesting, but these sort of places can be hit/miss.

First Date Tapas Reccomendations?

Our night at Yatai was great. It was the broken heart a little while later that sucked. I'd just feel weird going back there.

First Date Tapas Reccomendations?

Traditional Spanish is okay, but I think my date would rather go to a Japanese or Pan-Asian place. Preferably somewhere on the west side, but if there's a great place somewhere else, I'm open to that as well. I've been to Orris, which is okay, but I'd rather go somewhere else. I was thinking about Musha in Santa Monica. Someplace like Yatai would be great (it just can't be Yatai because of what happened the last time I took a first date there).


Girls' B'Day Dinner in Silver Lake/Los Feliz Area - Any Good Recs for a Monday Night?

jade is horrible. i hate to say something that sounds so unconstructive, but i don't know anyone, nor can i even imagine anyone who likes that place.

farfalla or san sui on hillhurst in los feliz would be good choices.

anyone been to roy's for a birthday meal?

when i've made reservations in the past, they always ask if it's for a special occassion. i need to make reservations for this weekend for a birthday dinner and don't know if i should tell them or not so i was wondering what they do for birthdays. in my mind, one of the strengths of roy's is the dessert menu, so if they just give you a generic cake, i'd see that as a negative and not a positive. on the other hand, if it's a free chocolate soufle, that's a different story. also, i wouldn't think they sing or make any sort of commotion, but i guess it doesn't hurt to ask if they do anything like that.


Anybody gone to "yatai asian tapas bar" in hollywood?

I ate there a couple weeks ago and it was very good. I'm usually hesitant to order raw dishes at places like that, but every fish dish we had was very fresh - the white fish carpaccio is particularly yummy. The veggie and tofu dishes were good too (especially their shishito). The only thing I would reccomened staying away from are the rolls. While the fish is good, the rice is un-vineagared and wrapped in a soft soy wrapper rather than seaweed.

All in all, it was quite a positive experience. The decor and atmosphere is excellent. The outside patio is really nice and gives not even the slightest hint that you're sitting on Sunset because it's so tranquil. The staff was friendly and the prices are very reasonable. With two people splitting 7 tapas style dishes and a cocktail each, our grand total including tip was $90. Definitely a place I'd go back and would reccomend without hesitation. If I wanted to be picky, I'd say the sake list could be a little better, but that's really a minor point of contention.

Where to gyo for gyoza?

cafe suehiro on 1st st in little tokyo has my favorite in town. you can get them as an appetizer or for just a couple dollars more, a meal complete w/ rice, miso and salad.

Suggestions for an Italian Market

Looking for a good Italian market to buy some cheeses, capers (salt packed, none of the brine) and other speciality items. Someone mentioned to me there was a store attached to Il Grano, but if there was one closer to Los Feliz, that would be better.


Embracing Burbank

i second the reccomendation for joy feast. when i was working in burbank, i had lunch there at least once a week. the steamed fish w/ ginger and scallion is very good as are several of the tofu dishes. they also have my favorite egg rolls in all of la.

chinese recommendations near alhambra for an ex-new yorker

i had got some good dim-sum reccomendations on here last week so i thought i'd try again for other styles of chinese food.

i'm not as knowledgeable w/ chinese food as i am w/ some other cuisines so i tend to not do a very good job at describing what i'm looking for. for any other new yorkers out there, my favorite places in the city were sweet n tart, dumpling man and the scallion pancake joint on katherine st. i'd give anything for some dumpling man veggie dumplings now.


Soy Cafe open later

i've been going to this place once a week since they extended the hours. it's quickly become one of my favorite places in la. in mt repeated visits, i've ordered close to half of the menu and with only one exception (the savory bean curb w/ dill and tumeric), everything else i've had has been varying degrees of excellent. all four sandwichs i've tried have been great (the tofu/basil and sardine/scallion being my favorites), but my absolute favorite item there is the bean curd in ginger sauce. perfect in texture and flavor. i've never seen anything like it anywhere else. the mint soy milk is really wonderful too.

Roy's Restaurant, Downtown Los Angeles w/ photos

i've been to three roy's in hawaii, one in new york and three in california and i have to say the downtown la location is the best of all the mainland locations. i love the food there. a couple of the most memorable dishes i've ever had were at locations in hawaii (pineapple/banana glazed mahi mahi with a macadamia nut crust and pineapple cheesecake specifically). i can't believe no one has mentioned the drinks, though. the hawaiian martini is one of the best cocktails i've ever had.

Best Pizza in Los Angeles (& surrounding)????!!

nicky d's on rowena is by fat the best i've had in la. they have a real wood-burning oven and an delicously zesty tomator sauce. they also don't overdo it with cheese like many places. it's the only place i've been that i could consider good instead of just acceptable (like hard times). even if i was still living in nyc, it's a place i would go.

chinese recommendations in the sgv? mission 261?

i haven't had much in the way of great chinese food since relocating from nyc. i was thinking of checking out mission 261 for dim sum on monday. anyone with any thoughts on this palce? or somewhere else in the alhambra/monterey park/san gabriel area that i should try. i tend to prefer hong kong style, but am open to anything good.