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Tap and Vine -- Lee Hwy in North Arlington

place is ok, Vero offers better food. Its a family joint, but wierdly. They have a decent beer selection, and the wine is hardly unique by a drinkers standards. Its nice to see it here though, so soon after Thirsty Bernie opened. With both these places in the area its looking good for foodies in Arlington. While i think Bernies has significantly better food and drink choices, the style of the cousine is notably different and they wont have to compete much, win win for the eaters

Thirsty Bernie's in Arlington -- anyone been??

wiehenstephaner, Aecht Shlenkerla, Orval, Leffe, Chimay, Staropromen, Ayinger, Franziskaner.

Thats a minor step above Miller and Bud? What planet are you from. There beer list must have 30 plus beers in the same league as the ones i mentioned.

Thirsty Bernie, Stachowski Is Out

Jamie is gone, and its too bad, but you can still get all his stuff at TB. They never added pizza as the article claimed. The place is still packed with the sophisticated N Arlington Crowd. The menu is almost identicle, only the salads have changed as far as i can tell. Also they added some more incredible sandwiches: rueban, turkey rueban are amazing.

Also, the service is infinately better than it used to be