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Best restaurant bars with a view of the kitchen? [San Francisco]

Chef's table at Nopa.

Please... looking for affordable restaurant recs for the Walnut Creek area....

A tad late but here are a couple:

Lulu's Kitchen (Concord) - Excellent Sichuan
Chopan - kabob
Yi Ping (San Ramon) - Sichuan
Moa (Pleasant Hill) - Korean
Los Toros (Concord) - Salvadoran
Nola Po'Boy And Gumbo Kitchen (Concord) - PoBoy and Chicken with superbly spiced waffle.
For Indian, Spice Grill in Concord used to be ok but they've now become Mother India (have not tried it).
Los Gallos (Concord) - Tacos

Moon Cakes are here !

I haven't been able to source any bakery that sells them at clearance price post lunar 15th. It's almost like all the moon cakes vaporizes after that date. Please share if you know one :).

Guanatos Ice Cream in Concord or Bay Point?

Guanatos has reopened its store inside Las Montanas at 2691 Monument Blvd. Havent had a chance to try it yet but everything looks delicious.

Any good bi bim bap in the Peninsula?

In Santa Clara, Cheon Joo Young-Yang Dolsot next to the Korean mart is excellent.

In San Bruno, i like the Dolsot at Todam Tofu House with its crispy rice and tender beef albeit on the small side.

Secret Menu at Zen Yai? [San Francisco]

That was the tom yum noodle. I got confused during ordering (was asking for Guay Tiew Yum) but got this one instead. Not spicy although the toppings are nice. BBQ chicken was alright but wfe didn't care for it.

Secret Menu at Zen Yai? [San Francisco]

We finally stopped by Zen Yai for the Guay Tiew Ruew. Portion is tiny but the blood broth is earthy delicious and intoxicating. Also tried the $3.50 tom yum version (with generous additions of pork liver) pretty good. Liked the wider flat noodles.

Best tamales in Concord

For Salvadorean style, try Restaurante El Salvador @ Todos Santos Plaza and Los Toros (Meadow Ln off Monument). I also kinda like the elote tamale at Las Montanas.

Seeking grocery store with huge variety of cheap produce in Santa Clara Valley

Felipe's Market in Sunnyvale has good prices and selection for fruits.

Japanese dinner mid-peninsula, kid friendly?

Mutsu in San Mateo serves good sushi and authentic tempura, karaage, chawan-mushi etc but no yakitori if memory serves. No reservation needed. For izakaya, i like Ginji more than Izakaya Mai but not sure about its kid-friendliness.

Looking for a good first date brunch spot in Danville (or nearby)

Amber Bistro is decent (have not tried lunch but happy hour was good). Or maybe La Boulange?

Best Japanese Noodles in S.F.

Suzu has pretty good ramen perfectly combed. For good udon/soba, there is Maki upstairs @ a price premium.

Favorite SF Korean?

+1 on Cheon Joo Young-Yang Dolsot. It's one of our favorite places for good budget korean food. Delicious pancakes and casserole.

Would also add Beng Nyun Son Nim for their chicken stew/soup specialty. They have the unique black garlic samgaetang which i have not had a chance to sample.

Favorite SF Korean?

Not impressed with Jang Su Jang any more. Seemed to have suffered a quality drop since they opened.

In general, i think the banchan in the south bay are better than Oakland's (Sura etc) ignoring number of plates but have not sampled every single Oakland joints for banchan but Oakland has very good main dishes (Sam Gye Tang @ Sura and that pork neck dish at Sahn Maru, tofu soup @ Pyung Chang Tofu for instance).

Otak otak in SF?

I would not recommend the otak-otak at Bay Leaf (rubbery when i tried it). Their Ayam Penyet (esp the super spicy sauce) was fabulous otoh.

Singapore - incredibly overdue thanks

Old Airport Rd FC is wonderful and convenient by MRT. I like the bao stall (if it's still around) there and the Teow Chew Kueh stall at the rear in addition to the famous Char Kway Teow, Hokkien Noodle, Satay etc etc.

@ Chinatown Complex, i like ice-kachang (in all kind of combinations), Heng Ji Chicken Rice (look for the line) and the famed Outram Park Roast Meat (bbq pork and roast duck) and many others.

Also worth a visit during lunch with two floors of food: Amoy Street Food Centre (Tanjong Pagar MRT) behind Shenton Way. The rice dumpling stall always sells out for some reason.

And Albert Centre Food Centre behind Bugis is pretty good as well (Guan Kee Fried Carrot Cake and Singapore Rojak, Bean Curd come to mind).

Food Highlights of Walkable Mid-Peninsula Neighborhoods

The Tonkatsu @ Kobeya a few shops away from Noodle Shop is superb but not the curry.

Good Chinese Eats near Palo Alto

This i have to agree. The late night menu is a plus :).

Good Chinese Eats near Palo Alto

I find the dim sum at Fu Lam Mum uncompelling. Haven't had a chance to try its live seafood due to its higher price (vis a vis Kirin etc).

Fu Lam Mum
155 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041

looking for fun (see link for definition) restaurant in sf

Can't think of anything like this in SF. Farallon or maybe Loló for its quirky interior/food and colors?

3234 22nd St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Good Chinese Eats near Palo Alto

In PA, R&B Seafood Restaurant (Cantonese) and Su Hong (Shanghai).

In MV, Hong Kong Restaurant (for live seafood) near San Antonio and Chef Xiu ( Dongbei).

Looking for good cheap eats on the peninsula.

In Redwood City:

La Casita Chilanga for torta.

Higuma for lunch ramen specials.

Hand-made tacos on Middlefield.

Estampas Peruanas for Peruvian fried fish/chicken, chicha morada and that greenish superhot dip.

David's Hawaiian Drive Inn (divey) for Hawaiian bbq chicken.

Mangia Mangia in Albany/Berkeley?

The pasta were delicious when we tried it. That chocolate souffle was overhyped though (dry).

What's the deal with restaurants in Palo Alto?

Is Grandma back permanently at Shiok? I haven't been there in a while. The food was pretty good when she was there in San Carlos.

Scratch in downtown Mountain View

Went for happy hour today. Food was still decent but service poor (bartender neglected to order our Pizza) and it was really tough trying to catch his attention. Noticed other hiccups around us as well.

Izakaya Ginji in San Mateo anyone?

Answering my own query: We tried a few plates at Izakaya Ginji last night and were pleasantly surprised by the food. Chicken items on the robata grill were $2 a stick (beef $3, vegetables $1.75-$2ish). Our Negima was grilled to perfection, juicy, tender, well-portioned and tightly-packed on the stick (we like it with shio) but took a while to arrive (they have one tiny grill). Unforgettable for me was Buta Kakuni (slow cooked pork belly) with fat that melted so convincingly in the mouth. Aji Fry was on the small side but nicely crisp and came with two kind of dips. Drinks include beer, sake and chuhai. Complimentary edamame. Taking a break from food photos so i did not take any snapshots.

Izakaya Ginji
301 E 4th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401

Gilroy restaurants

+1 on Carnitas Michoacan and Lizarran.

San Jose ramen place open all day?

Maybe Santouka?

675 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129

Upscale dinner recs?

Which Taco Bell gets 5 stars?

Pasion on Irving?

Has anyone tried the recently opened Pasion (Peruvian) on Irving next to Art's Cafe?