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Cassis Bistro - Calgary

Anyone been here for lunch/brunch?

Sushi Club - Calgary

Unfortunately they are closed on Tuesdays.

The best day to go is on Wednesdays and Thursdays. They receive their import fish on Wednesday and their domestic fish on Thursdays. A lot these fish will be sold out by the weekend.

Dim Sum Calgary and Edmonton?

Yes, you can xiao long boas in Calgary at MBA. They are not bad if you are not very picky.

GOOD Onion Rings in Calgary?

The best onion rings I have had in Calgary was at the Vintage Steakhouse. The steaks were ok, but man, the onion rings were what the guys and I remembered that night. Of course, most people won't go there just for the onion rings

Internationa Avenue, Calgary

The time I went to La Dona was excellent.

Let see, what else is good.

La Casa Latino is pretty good. They serve Latin America cuisine, so it is more then just Mexican food.

Mimo is very good, but their prices seems high for the location. They serve Portuguese food.

For Vietnamese, I have a preference for Sunrise (4710 17 AVE SE).

And I'll echo those who recommended Fassil. IMHO, they are better the Blue Nile and Marathon. I like the bread-like thing (no idea what it is called) over the other two restaurant. It taste a lot less like vinegar. I asked the waitress, and she told me it is because of the grain they use is supposedly more authentic then Marathon and Blue Nile.

I have heard good reviews for IBEX, but I have never been there.

New places in Cgy

I think Gerry is become a place called Hudson Pub (or something like that). I think they are related the to the Hudson Pub up in Edmonton. Their logo looks the same.

best indian food calgary

Personally speaking, Surya is very bland for my taste. This opinion is shared with a few East Indian I went with

Calgary Sushi

I was recently at Misai and they had an order of the rare Blue Fin Tuna on the sushi list. The Blue Fin was good, but since it was the first time I had it, I have no other Blue Fin Tuna experience to compare it to

Calgary Sushi

I find Towa's sushi is very average. However, I go there for the rolls. Their rolls are a great bang for the buck.

Calgary Sushi

I'm not a big fan of Sushi Kawa. I find their sushi very very average but they charge a huge markup. There's far better sushi restaurant at the price Kawa charges.

Best Vietnamese/Pho Place(s) in Calgary?

My personal favorite is Sunrise in Forest Lawn (4710 17 Ave SW). It is beside the Giant Tiger. I find they have the best favour.

Calgary Sushi

Hey Stuke,

IMHO, the best sushi in Calgary is Sushi Club. Wa is pretty good. Globefish is decent (but you are paying for the atmosphere). Shibuya is average at best (but they are open late, assuming you can find parking).

What I like most about Sushi Club is that you'll have a chance to hit some exotic fish that you will normally not find at most other sushi restaurant. However, here's the catch, they get their imported fish on Wednesday and their domestic fish on Thursday. So if you go on a Friday (or the weekend), the best fish are usually gone. There are two dishes that I feel is an absolute treat at Sushi Club. The first one (assuming they have the sauce) is their Tuna Tataki. Amazing. The second one, is what I called a horizontal tasting of salmon. Most sushi restaurant serves only Atlantic Salmon. At sushi club, you can sample Coho, Sockeye, and Atlantic. Its amazing the difference in taste.

Chinese Wedding Banquet Restaurant Recommendations for Calgary

Hi Tony,

It really depends on how many people you want at the wedding. If it is over 300, unfortunately, Regency is the only place you can go. I think the food at Regency is ok, but definitely not the best. However, Regency is probably the most experience restaurant in Calgary when dealing with a huge banquet.

Personally, I have a strong dislike for Harbour City as a place to host banquet. Simply put, they are not that professional. I have been to a wedding where wedding banquet took up all but 2 or 3 tables in the main room. So what did the restaurant do? They let a company use those 2 tables as their company events.

I like Central Grand and Silver Dragon. Central Grand and Silver Dragon can host upwards of 200ish people. Although Silver Dragon is more tailor towards a western crowd, their chinese food can be very good if they are aware of the audience. Furthermore, in my opinion, the service at Silver Dragon is the best. Central Grand has great food. My beef with Central Grand if you were to host a banquet there is that potentially, you'll have a bunch of your guest siting in the "other room".

Coming Soon to Calgary: loungeburger?

I read a little while ago that tangerine had this Kobe Beef Burger there that they were charging about 50 bucks for. Can't confirm it anymore as there is no menu (or anything for that matter) on their site.

On a personal note, I think Kobe Beef Burgers (not Kobe Beef) are bit overrated. When the been is grounded or chopped up, I think the taste difference between good beef and kobe beef are minimal.

Best quality sushi in Calgary- Blowfish, Globefish, Sukiyaki House or somewhere else?

Sushi Club in my opinion is the best sushi place in Calgary. The only downside with Sushi Club is that they don't much option other then sushi.

A quick suggestion. If you are into more exotic fishes, go on either Wednesday or Thursday. Sushi Club has their import fish come in on Wednesday and their domestic fish come in on Thursday. Depending on how busy they are, it is not unheard of for them to sell out their import fish by Thursday night.

Best quality sushi in Calgary- Blowfish, Globefish, Sukiyaki House or somewhere else?

I use to like Sushi Hiro a lot. Sushi Hiro use to be the best sushi place in Calgary, but it just seem like they just haven't evolved in the last 10 years. Places like Globefish and Sushi Club has moved the average quality of sushi to a different level.

Southern Style Fried Chicken in Calgary

Although I have nothing to really compare it to, but I thought Palamino on 7th Ave is not bad. The meat is moist and juicy.

However, Big T's have really gone down hill from when it first opened.

Southern Style Fried Chicken in Calgary

Yeah, I'm curious about the Chicken Cottage too. I did a quick google, and it seems like it is every where in Europe.

I think I'll drop in this week some time

calgary's best kept secrets

Another best kept secret is Mi Terra for Mexican food. The reason why they are one of the best kept secrets, cause if you didn't know they existed, you would almost never find it. (


They recently renovated the place to make it into a full restaurant.

Southern Style Fried Chicken in Calgary

Dear Chowhounds,

Do I have a challenge for you!

So recently I was reading a foodie book, and the author spoke about the fried chicken he had in the Southern USA.

So my question is, where is the best fried chicken in Calgary?

Dim Sum in Calgary

The issue I have with Regency Palace is that their quality has gone down here. I find their dim sum to be a little on the rough side. It isn't as refined as some of the other places. However, the best part about the Regency Palace is their frying station. The rice crepe from that station is still best. :-)

Dim Sum in Calgary

The quality of dim sum in Chinatown has not kept up with the new restaurant in the suburbs.

Silver Dragon is not bad, and their service is usually decent, but they are push carts.

If you don't mind traveling a little bit outside of Chinatown, Central Grand is pretty decent. However, they also don't meet you requirements of ordering off a menu.

Personally speaking, I like push carts style. It is more a relaxed atmosphere and allow me to chat with who ever I am with that day. I find at a very efficient restaurant, I can be in and out of there is 30 minutes on the menu ordering system, which defeats the intent of dim sum. :-)

Calgary - Petite....

Wow, that was a bitter letter.

My girlfriend and I was there on Saturday, and I have to say I have to disagree with most of that letter.

The service was good and the food was excellent, especially at the price point.

We had the charcuterie board. Again, it was excellent. Maybe because we were sitting at the bar and had the opportunity to interact with their head chef, he was able to spend a minute walking us through the board.

I had the free range chicken and my girlfriend had the pork tenderloin. Both excellent. Nothing fancy and the price wasn't bumped up with exotic ingredients either.

If I really have to find a fault, the peach tatin was ok. The pecan tart was amazing. I normally don't like tarts, and let alone pecan tarts, but it was superb.

I would definitely go back there as a great alternative to the boring restaurant (with cute girls I'll admit) like Earls and Joey Tomatoes.

Goobye "TEN: Calgary. Hello Robbie Stewarts Sports Pub

I am curious at the positive reviews so far for this place. So my friends and I was there last thursday and it was absolutely brutal.

First off, the service was just plain slow. I can live with that, as slow service is my expectations these days at pubs. However, the waitress was very forgetful. Also, we ordered very basic food that took forever to come out. I ordered the Pari Pari Chicken. My two friends ordered chicken fingers and Pari Pari Chicken Salad. You'll figure all three dishes should come at roughly the same time, especially the Pari Pari Chicken and my friend's Pari Pari Chicken Salad. Some how, my dish took another 10 - 15 minutes longer.

The more disconcerting part is the quality of food. It was absolutely brutal. Most noticeable is my chicken. It tasted like frozen pre-made chicken. The only favor came from the sauce they used to drown the chicken. They manage to screw up mashed potatoes and gravies as well. Both seems like they been sitting around for ages.

Finally, and I am hoping that it was just my bad luck, all their cooks were brand new and had never worked that menu before. This was the explanation that was given to us by the waitress. Based on the quality of food and speed that it came out of the kitchen, I wonder how qualified their cooks are at the moment.

I was wondering if any one had a different recent experience then me

New Mex on 17th SW? (Cgy)


Do anyone know if this place opened yet? Reviews?

Heidelberg Haus Restaurant calgary

I have only been here once for lunch. The buffet was very very average. However, they do have a german menu, which may worth me exploring the next time I go back.

Dinner With Kids in Radium

This is probably a little late.

My girlfriend and I tried two restaurants, and they were both decent. We did the Old Salzburg and the Black Forest in Inveremere. If I was your kids, I think they may like Black Forest. It is a bit on the cheesy theme side, but the food wasn't bad.

Where oh where has it gone - Pimento's/Pizzaiola's in Calgary

Actually I have. Their pizza is not bad. Thin crust. Their prices are not bad either. I think I had the marina pizza and I added an extra ingredient, prosciutto crudo (just because I wanted some meat on the pizza). Its worth a try.

Where to eat in or near Radium, BC

Hey Chowhounds,

I need some help. Any suggestions of a good place to eat in Radium?


Buchanan's ... disappointing.

I was at Buchanan's bout a couple of months back. The steak was pretty good. I will admit that I find their appetizers a bit of a hit and miss.