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Clearjel & Thermflo

Clearjel is a modified starch with applications in canned foods.
Thermflo is another modified starch with applications with canned preparations. Thermflo also works well in frozen food applications.

In other words thickeners that maintain suspensions (sauces) after heat or clod treatment and you don't get a watery mess.

Anyone know where to buy these products in Montreal??

Shopping in Grand Rapids

Hello former Toronto from current Laval.
This isn't a local source but there is a special on shipping right now. Clear jel and lots of other stuff.

Feb 06, 2013
Chez Paul in Great Lakes

end updates

I want to stop receiving updates of a particular topic how to I un +++subscribe to a thread?

Dec 22, 2011
Chez Paul in Site Talk

oxygen absorbers

I thinking of adding these little packets to herb and spice bottles. I find them online but the shipping cost, ouch.

Anyone know a source for these things in Montreal?

coffee percolators

Anyone know of a Montreal area retailer who sells the Presto brand coffee percolators? The other option is the Faberware coffee percolators.

Online? Well US based retailers like, for example, present me with a cornucopia of options, a lavish selection to lure even the most closely guarded credit card.
Online canadian far..a dull thud.

Where can I find Kamut and Buckwheat in Montreal?

Bulk barn

Cast Iron Seasoning Woes

goto this site and follow the directions for cleaning and seasoning, you will not be disappointed.

Someone forgot one of my Wagner pans on a hot stove the entire center burnt black. I only knew when the smoke alarm went off. I followed the instructions exactly and after two applications of oven cleaner and some scrubbing i got this result.

Dec 24, 2010
Chez Paul in Cookware

Cure 64 [split from Quebec board]

Hi I,m new to this forum and new to home curing meat.
I was down to BSA yesterday and purchased some of the Cure 64.
I am comparing their proportions for "immersion" with a recipe given in
Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman.
Ruhlman states 48g "pink salt" to 4 l. water.
If my math is correct Bsa states for Cure 64 to use 6g/l which works out to be 24g/4l.
This is half the amount of Cure 64 compared to pink salt (in this example) So anyone have experience with this BSA product?

[Note: This thread was split from the Quebec board at -- The Chowhound Team]

Nov 02, 2010
Chez Paul in Home Cooking