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Looking for 1 day butcher(?) classes for bachelor party

They don't seem to be doing this anymore. I had seen it in the past but the last calendar of events on the website is from June. Also when I have been in the Charles St location in the past the staff in the back have been very...aloof.

Looking for 1 day butcher(?) classes for bachelor party

I'm not familiar with this one, and their website is pretty weak as far as any information. I will try and follow up with phone call. The aesthetic of the place looks fun.

Looking for 1 day butcher(?) classes for bachelor party

Thank you for the idea! I would like to try and find something IN Boston so Andover may be a bit much. The BCAE would be a great place to start but I would love to find something in more of an actual shop or restaurant if possible. Feels less educational for the type of day we are looking at. :)

Looking for 1 day butcher(?) classes for bachelor party

I am looking for some sort of a one day class to do with a bachelor party during the day before the rest of the events get started. Does anyone have and experience or suggestions for this? Boston area preferred.

North End Reasturants that will accomidate 1 Vegan in a group

So girlfriend's family is coming in town and they want to experience the North End. We are up for anything just keeping in mind that my girlfriend is vegan* Any suggestion?

*Full truth is she is not "true" vegan. Pasta and such is fine(eggs etc.) but cheese is basically a no go. Most cheeses, especially Italian cheeses are made with animal rennet. Meaning most of those vegetarian options that have cheese still have animal rennet in the cheese that is used.

Another note: we used to go to Monica's(both locations) before this was explained to her. God my life was so much easier then....

Suggestions for late lunch/ early dinner in Salem this weekend.

Hi all,

I am looking for recommendations for places to go in Salem this Sunday. Pretty much open to anything from bar food to fine dinning. One limitation is my girlfriend is veggie/almost vegan. On the other hand I am a bone marrow kind of guy. I know...welcome to my predicament every night of the week!

Thanks for any help!

Looking for Cajun/Creole specials for tonight....

I know of a few events going on tonight but seeing what else is out there. Upstairs on the Square is doing something and I think even South Street Diner also. Any more suggestions?