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Scott's BBQ - Hemingway, SC - Need days/hours of operation

"R F S"?? Pardon my lingo deficiency, but what does that mean?

Charleston to Nashville - Roadfood suggestions needed

Thanks for the tips. I'm definitely interested in great BBQ. Maybe even obsessed. I can't say I'd be disappointed if I ate nothing but pork the entire trip.

Charleston to Nashville - Roadfood suggestions needed

The wife and I will be driving from Charleston to Nashville this August and I'd appreciate some local expertise. We're staying off of the interstate and plan to take our time getting from point A to point B. I think I've gathered enough info on our start and finish points (though I won't turn down a good suggestion) but we need particular help on the in-between.

Thanks in advance!

BBQ King - Woodland Hills

Had a terrible lunch here about a month ago. Decor was unchanged from Gorikee (which doesn't really scream "BBQ Joint") and the waiter was a hold-over, as well. You do smell smoke as soon as you walk in, which seemed like a good sign for BBQ. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there. The pork and tri tip were dry and flavorless and the pork ribs were rubbery like they had been par-boiled. Sauce was gloopy, sweet and over applied but might not be too bad if used judiciously on properly cooked BBQ. There's no reason to pay any tribute to this self-proclaimed "King."

Jun 29, 2009
Stupendo in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Best Pizza in Burbank

Tony's Bella Vista ( is the best 'za I've had in L.A. It's the closest to the East Coast pies that I grew up with (not NY-style).

After you're done, walk across the street to Monte Carlo Deli/Pinocchio Restaurant for some gelato. I guess that corner is Burbank's Little Italy.

Jan 24, 2007
Stupendo in Los Angeles Area

Afghanistan food?

Azeen's is great ( -- in fact, I'm going back tonight. It's a little more cosmopolitan than the old Afghan House that used to be in Northridge (I'm still mourning the loss of their mantu) but it's wonderful food. Morigi's is my next stop!

Aug 19, 2006
Stupendo in Los Angeles Area