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Kosher vegetarian Italian sausage and other deli items

We desperately wanted a good Kosher vegetarian Italian sausage. We were very happy to have found Trader Joes' Kosher vegetarian Italian sausage. Surprising taste of real Italian sausage.

I have been on a search for acceptable Kosher substitutes for deli and deli-like meats. I would like to hear your recommendations.

Some of my faves:

New York style franks -Zogolos
Schnitzel - Zogolos

Bacon - Morningstar
Breakfast sausage -Morningstar
Breakfast links - Morningstar
Buffalo nuggets - Morningstar
Chicken cutlets - Morningstar
Parmesan chicken Cutlets - Morningstar
Meatballs - Morningstar

Burgers - Gardenburger Original - Finally, it is Kosher

Italian Sausage - Trader Joes - one of the best kosher substitutes

Shrimp, lobster, crab scallions- Dynasea (The scallops have the
taste, texture, the "feel" of the real thing - amazing)

Gardein - several are good

Jan 27, 2015
johnfogelman in Kosher

Boneless Ribeyes and New York Strips

An excellent kosher steak is a "Delmonico," which is a ribeye steak. (The distributor informed me that the cut is ribeye.) Very tasty even though it is lean. It is not available on a daily basis. Our butcher gets it from Solomons, a kosher meat distributer. The hechsher satisfies ultra Orthodox shoppers in the supermarkets in the Monsey Wesley Hills neighborhoods.


Jan 27, 2015
johnfogelman in Kosher

decent bagels in lower hudson valley?

Being a Bronx boy growing up quite a few decades ago a few blocks away from the bagel bakery in a downstairs shop on Jerome Avenue, I am used to bagels being only plain or salted. Not rolls. Not large. Not soft. Not green. They were smaller, crusty with a delicious chewy center. We have tried bagels everywhere in Rockland, and so far the best have been at Bagels D'LOx on Route 59 in Monsey. They are kosher so they are closed Friday afternoon and Saturday. Worth the trip.

Breakfast in Saratoga Springs, NY

My family especially enjoys breakfasts in Saratoga.

One favorite has been Country Corner Cafe. Very accomodating to a family of eight. Many choices on the menu, all prepared well. Good eating and they keep the coffee cups filled. Highly recommended.

Our other favorite was Beverley's, now closed. No more delicious vegetarian hash.

Over several days in Saratoga, we would like a choice in breakfast places in Saratoga or nearby that treat breakfast seriously as the above two cafes have done. Any recommendations?

Where do you eat at the Palisades Mall?

We live in the community and rarely ever eat at the mall. By chance on a recent night, after a very late movie, we reluctantly went to the Cheesecake Factory because it was the only alternative to a diner. (June 2012 )We were astonished with their veggie burgers, which we try out everywhere. It may have been the BEST VEGGIE BURGER we have had. When we have an unrelenting need for a veggie burger, the Cheesecake Factory is definitely our destination.

Where do you eat at the Palisades Mall?

Legal Seafood drowned long ago. Gone for several years.


My wife and I have been going to Saratoga Springs for at least one weekend a year, having discovered it as a rundown town almost 25 years ago before it became the chi chi upstate version of SoHo or the meatpacking district. It now must be near the top of the list for restaurants per capita as any other destination. My birthday present every year is a weekend with the ballet at SPAC. We are often with our adult kids and younger grandchildren so it may be seating for eight.

In those early years Scallions was a take-out deli and appetizing spot with great salads and pastries, and its fine food was a lot less expensive than it is now in its new location. The food is still very good, with a nice vegetarian selection.

Wheatfields became a family tradition. It has gone from a small spot with pasta making machines in the window into an expansive restaurant. Food may not be great, but it is always good. They are very accommodating to families. Again, maybe not great, but always good with everyone satisfied. For years they had an "appetizer" called The Sampler, which was three heaps of three different pastas and sauces. It was fun to be presented with an “appetizer” that was a meal fit to feed two or three. It's off the menu. Bring it back.

Breakfast at Beverley's, where they made a vegetarian hash, was as fine a breakfast place as one might dream about, even though it was cramped and noisy. Sadly it is now closed. Still present is Country Corner Cafe which offers very excellent breakfasts with interesting and varied choices. They keep the coffee cups filled, and are very accommodating. I would like to find an alternative to Beverley’s so there is variety for a great breakfast.

Karavalli is a fine Indian restaurant, on a par with some of the best Indian food we had in London.

Mrs. London’s is still like the coffee house, bakery and pastry shop that it was in its old location. Excellent. As grand as can be. Uncommon Grounds is a Greenwich Village step-down version of Mrs. London’s. Good coffee.

As an alternative to a restaurant, consider picnicking in Congress Park with sandwiches and salads from Putnam Market. Wine also, from Putnam Wine next door.

Excuse my running on but dining in Saratoga Springs is a grand experience.

best veggie franks

What are the best kosher veggie franks? Has anyone compared Zogolos, Tivall, Smart Dogs?

Jun 13, 2012
johnfogelman in Kosher

Would you eat baconaise? (It is OU certified)

Trader Joe's pareve sausage-less Italian sausage is very good. They have the taste right, and the texture is almost there. Highly recommended.

May 13, 2012
johnfogelman in Kosher

pareve creme fraiche

Is there a recipe for pareve creme fraiche?

Jan 10, 2012
johnfogelman in Kosher

Manna Catering

They did our son Seth's wedding in Brooklyn. Outstanding. Tasty. They can do much more than the usual menu. Happened to be a vegetarian menu. They passed muster after being checked out by yeshvish guests who confirmed the high level of kosher supervision

Mar 08, 2009
johnfogelman in Kosher