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Maldive Fish in Seattle?

Hey equinoise, did you ever find Maldive fish in Seattle? I'm looking to make some Sri Lankan food, and am wondering if I can find it, or must substitute dried prawns or bonito. I'm not a fan of most of the dried prawns around here, but am open to your ever-helpful suggestions.


Oct 04, 2013
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

Foie Gras and Bananas Foster on the same menu

El Gaucho has bananas foster, and they certainly make a production of it! The ingredients are added at your table, and it's narrated by your waiter as the drama unfolds. While I'd say the restaurant overall is overpriced, a ladies' night out event there for dessert would be fun!

Aug 22, 2011
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

Where can I find really good, fresh tempeh?

Just returned from a trip to Indonesia, where I was able to partake of DELICIOUS tempeh. Fresh, incubated in banana leaves, then made a zillion different tasty ways. Would love to find some fresh stuff if available (otherwise I'll have to make it myself). Anyone seen any around?

Thanks, Chowhounders!

Apr 08, 2010
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

Best restaurants in Medford, Oregon?

I have to disagree with censoring negative posts. I read these boards to understand what food people find both good and bad. If I want to eat out, I'd like to know where to eat and where to avoid. Very useful when driving into town and your first and maybe second choices are closed for some reason.

Also, if someone is being whiny, doesn't that show their character enough to let you decide to ignore their information?

Dried Pigeon Peas in Seattle?

I purchased a large bag of them at the Halal market on the corner of 24th and Union in the Central District (sorry, can't remember the name of the store). I'd check Indian markets near you, as well as some of the small African markets sprinkled all over the CD. Good luck!

Feb 04, 2010
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

Best Fish and Chips in Victoria , Vancouver and Seattle

Apparently, PSFF can be hit-or-miss. Tried it, and had one of the greasiest, limpest pieces of fish I've ever had on my plate. That, and the club-level noise of the music made it an unappetizing experience. I'll try to go back, but the first time around wasn't exactly promising.

Feb 03, 2010
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

Spice Room (SEA)

Thanks equinoise, for posting this! I've been looking for a place like this.

Jan 28, 2010
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

Where to find Bitters (SEA)

Try DeLaurenti in Pike Place - they've been suggested before for bitters-hunters.

Jan 12, 2010
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

Cubano Lechon Asada for X-mas. SEA

Have you tried the Mangalitsa folks down in Auburn? They're the ones at the U-District Farmer's market every Saturday (just missed them!)

They also have a page ( for all the Mangalitsa producers in the US.

Good luck!

Dec 21, 2009
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

SEA Whole Duck?

I've gotten mine at Viet Wah (12th and Jackson in the I-District). They're cheap, raised cheap, but always there. If you're in a rush and want an already-finished duck, the BBQ shop on 12th around the corner is almost the same price as the uncooked duck itself.

Dec 08, 2009
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

Any recommendations for Ocean Shores eateries?

On our way to Ocean Shores this evening - the Gray's Harbor Chamber of Commerce says Gabelli's closed about two months ago. The previous owner doesn't live there any more. :(

So, El Toro it shall be (, unless there's anywhere else really compelling between Seattle and Ocean Shores!

Walleye? Wherefore art thou, Walleye - in the Great PNW?

I'm glad you were able to find your fish!

I'd like to stick my neck out and ask you - what is walleye like? I've never had it. Are Pacific Northwesterners missing out by not having it on menus all over the city?

Hunting for a few things in Seattle...

For Vietnamese ingredients, and a wide diversity of SE Asian pickles, sauces, and frozen goods, try Viet Wah (1032 S Jackson St). It's fairly large, and anything that overlaps with what Uwajimaya sells tends to be less expensive. The meat/fish, however, is far lower in quality - you can't beat Uwajimaya for freshness of their seafood!

Also, there's a small market next to Viet Wah, hidden behind the strip mall, next to Tamarind Tree - much smaller, and less expensive than even Viet Wah for veggies.

Some Thai ingredients I've been able to find only at Mekong Grocery (3400 Rainier Ave S) - a bit further south from Uwajimaya, but well worth the trip for things like dried Thai chiles.

Oct 26, 2009
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

Fresh Yacon Root in Seattle?

Do you still grow oca? I've been dying to get my hands on some more. Do you have one variety or a couple to choose from?

I found it once as a decoration in the local grocery store chain in NC - the grocer looked at me oddly when I asked if it was for sale, and gave it to me. Came home, stuck it in a pot and it exploded into a large plant almost overnight - beautiful, really. Sadly, I forgot about it one fall and lost it in a frost.

Oct 14, 2009
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

Anyone been to Huiyona yet?

One of the Urban Eats locations in Seattle is Huiyona, at the north end of Capitol Hill. Their regular menu looks Filipino. Was trying to decide if I should try their happy hour, or go out for an Urban Eats dinner. Thoughts?

Thanks, Chowhounders!

Oct 06, 2009
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

Urban Eats Oct 1-29, 2009, 3 courses $30

Big vote for Taberna del Alabardero. Haven't been for their UE menu yet, but most of the food I had there for dinner a couple weeks ago was spot-on.

Food for a party - but not a caterer

Seattle Deli, in the ID/Central District, has lots of great Vietnamese food that might easily lend itself to heavy apps (spring rolls, bahn mi that could be cut for small sandwiches, noodle salads that could go into cupcake cups, etc.). They might even do party trays, although I've never asked about them there.

Good luck, and please report back if you find any places with terrific (or terrible) trays!

Looking for the best Seattle (fried) calamari

I finally was able to try the calamari at Taberna del Alabardero - SPECTACULAR recommendation, aprildoodles! These guys have calamari *down*. Not exactly the same as my old NC haunt because of the thickness - thickest calamari I've ever had, but equal to Niko's in extreme tenderness (not even the faintest hint of chewiness), and perfection in cooking. We speculated at the table that they must have fried them while still frozen - there'd be no other way to get them so crispy on the outside without going chewy inside.

The tapas portion was larger than I expected, even. Great aioli to go with it. Going to frequent here more often - virtually all the food was died-and-gone-to-heaven delicious!

(Tried Pike St. Fish Fry previously, on Barry Foy's rec - PSFF suffers from apparently well-known variability - we must have had a *very* off night. Heavy, greasy, icky seafood.)

Sep 27, 2009
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

dried sorrel or hibiscus in syrup in Seattle

It seems 'dried sorrel' is the same as jamaica, which is the same as dried hibiscus. (fwiw, the name is shortened from 'Rosa de Jamaica', or 'Rose of Jamaica', because hibiscus flowers looked like roses, found in Jamaica by conquistadors).

How's your food trip around the world going, btw?

Sep 22, 2009
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle


I'll second the chicken not being worth it, and the pork being hit-or-miss. Brisket is good.

Also, if you're looking for good BBQ and could get outside of Seattle, Teddy Bear BBQ in Monroe is dern tasty.

Sep 22, 2009
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

Cascade Loop Highway suggestions from Seattle

Haven't been to Toby's yet, but in Coupeville you can't go wrong with the Oystercatcher. Topnotch food, the mussels are excellent. Pricier atmosphere than Toby's Tavern, but every bite DH and I had there was spot-on, including the wine recs.

La Tarasca in Centralia. What to order there?

I was very excited to visit this place - missed it on the last couple road trips, but finally made it on the last one.

The tortillas were totally worth the stop. I tried to get some information about them from the proprietress' daughter, not realizing the process was a secret. The only thing she did tell me was that her mother had grown up in a family that owned a mill in Mexico, so she knows the process inside and out. And, the corn is ground at La Tarasca, fresh.

DH and I ordered the mole and carnitas, as per suggestions. Liked the mole quite a bit, didn't love the carnitas (they were dry, though the flavor was nice and porky). Not spiced at all but for a ton of salt. They might be Michoacan-style, but I would call them 'carnes' instead of 'carnitas' (very large chunks), and not my favorite. Will certainly try the pozole next time I'm there... and lots of tortillas.

Very fresh corn tortillas - help please!

Are you willing to drive 1.5 hours instead? La Tarasca in Centralia has the best tortillas I've had in the USA. Talked with the daughter of the owner when we visited last week - her mother makes them in-house, grinding her own corn! Apparently, she grew up on a mill in Mexico, so has a lifetime of experience. You won't be disappointed by the tortillas!

DH and I liked the food a lot, but not as much as some reviewers - the tortillas are worth it, though!

Yakima Valley...really so bad???

Just visited Prosser hoping to use same recommendations you listed, pusherman. Our winner: a little taco truck, El Taco Caliente (The Hot Taco). Very well-made adobada, the cabeza was awesome, the asada a little on the stringy side (but I'm being picky), and a surprisingly caring hand with the veggies on top - just enough lettuce, onion, and cilantro, with a small slice of very tasty radish, piled lovingly on top (not just slapped on). We were totally impressed, and will visit this little truck every time we pass by.

For the record, Picazo was closed, and we weren't in the mood for pizza. The, we tried to eat at Whitstrand Brewery, but the apparent owner/manager was there as the only waiter. He hurried by our table maybe 12 times, pulling new orders and beers for seemingly the whole restaurant without taking our order (even with verbal reminders of 'excuse me'). After 15 minutes, we left, disappointed. :( But, the taco truck was smiling, friendly, extremely tasty, and our choice from here on out!

203 sovereign states

Ooooh, you have World Spice in on this?? Very exciting. I look forward to hearing about any successful acquisitions through them that you found difficult elsewhere.


203 sovereign states

Awesome idea, Violet Strychnine!!! I've been trying to collect most of this kind of information myself over the last 2 years, and have selfishly kept it to myself thus far.... and still want to learn more. I'm excited to see what you come up with.

My (veeeery limited) understanding of Afghani cuisine is that it falls under the umbrella of 'greater Persian' cuisine, and anyplace with Persian ingredients will have most of what you need for Afghan food, too. Please weigh in with corrections to this, though!

Here's my thoughts on locations for Persian (probably mostly or all Iranian, but will include Afghan?) groceries:
Pars Market, in Bellevue - 2331 140th Ave NE # B - have lavash bread, tons of pickles and syrups, and even fresh dates when they're in season! Also have the newly published "New Food of Life" book on Persian cuisine, although I think it's all Iranian food

Neda Persian Grocery, in Bellevue - never been there.

Persian Mini Grocery & Deli, in Bellevue - also never been there

Pacific Market, in Lake City - 12332 Lake City Way NE - Persian importer and small attached restaurant

The Souk, in Pike Place Market - my emergency stop for Persian food (in case you need barberries RIGHT NOW). Although they specialize more in Northern African Arabic stuff, there is some overlap here with Persian ingredients in case you can't get up to Lake City or over to Bellevue.

Good luck! Have fun eating at Kabul!

Tour of Mexico through Seattle area restaurants?

Your comments are 100% appreciated, thank you sambamaster. I made the list from a place of pure ignorance & internet research (hardly a good combination), and had to guess about some of the states with which I've not had much contact. If there are other faulty breakdowns, I really would love to hear them! Michoacan, I have heard, has some diversity in food from the coast to the interior, so it is listed twice. Would you say this is accurate?

I agree that most Mexican food in this country is aimed at the gringo, generally in order to stay in business. Many people love this food, and that's great for them. I just thought it was interesting that there have been many 'authentic Mexican' threads here, but no discourse on the specific regional specialties. Food can't originate from 'pan-Mexico' (unless it's copied from other places in the U.S.), so anything truly authentic must have been made by a person from a particular region of Mexico.

I personally feel that there is value in seeking out the regional specialties, and supporting businesses that bring something unique to the conversation. I may not be able to find food from each of these regions - but perhaps in asking, I might discover a richer country than 'pan-Mexico'.

Aug 04, 2009
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle

challenging guest coming. Help! (SEA)

How about Zayda Buddy's, in Ballard? I'm not a connoisseur of American food, but they were publicized (Splendid Table?) as a great comfort-food spot.

Best Cheap Eats and Happy Hours? In town for 2 days.

I've always enjoyed bringing out-of-towners to Chinook's, on Fisherman's terminal. They consistently have good seafood if it is plainly cooked. You really must try our Dungeness crabs, there or elsewhere - you may never look at a lobster the same again.

You will have to drive there if having dinner, though - the bus service there is not frequent, especially at night. (have you been warned about our (lack of) public transportation?) They also have a window off the side of the restaurant where you can get inexpensive lunch versions of the same thing inside. (salmon tacos.... mmmmm)

Also, I often recommend Tilth, in Wallingford - local, usually organic, produce in all the food, well-composed dishes. Not cheap, but very Seattle.

Good luck!

Tour of Mexico through Seattle area restaurants?

Thank you for your observations and questions, equinoise. I will move Huarachito's to DF.

Although I love Agua Verde for what it is, I don't consider it authentic (frequented it ever since it first opened). If someone out there has experienced this food in Baja, let me know! Otherwise, I'll keep it in the 'Americanized but tasty' category.

Full disclosure: I have never been to most of these restaurants. Spent a little while combing the CHOW PNW boards for 'authentic Mexican', and came up with these locations (I'm a 2-year returning-transplant). Plus, I am looking forward to spending Christmas in Mexico, and would love to do a food/cooking tour. Have to visit all these restaurants before I can figure out where to travel!

Taquieria Maestro is a taco truck (never been there). It may move from Burien (on Pac. Hwy. S. just north of 518) to Kent (23646 Pacific Hwy S, south of 516). The comment I found on CHOW was, "Totally dumpy surroundings but very clean truck and (outdoor) dining area. They have GOAT on the regular menu!! This place rocks and is the least gringo TT in the Sea. area." I saw only one reference to Michoacan in Ballard (also never been), which did not go into detail except that it was tasty and not "L.A.".

Sadly, the glorious La Tarasca carnitas have not made it into my mouth yet. Soon.

On another out-of-town note, if anyone is looking for seriously excellent Mexican food in/around Spokane, go to De Leon Foods, the bigger one on the north end of town. Some of the best mole AND carnitas I've had! (chile relleno was a pass, though)

Aug 03, 2009
evergreengirl in Greater Seattle