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Any good Ham dinner?

I'll second Clifton's. Best thing on the menu.

Jun 01, 2009
PaulyD in Los Angeles Area

Where can I find some Frozen Custard?

Growing up in the midwest a weekly trip to Leon's Frozen Custard was the ultimate treat. Now I only indulge when I make my annual trip back home. First stop from the airport is Leon's. Are there any frozen custard stands anywhere in So Cal worth driving to.

May 30, 2009
PaulyD in Los Angeles Area

Baby Blues BBQ Burger and Shrimp Po Boy

I haven't been to the new westside location but I do know that the BB in Venice does more grilling than smoking and it's on a natural gas broiler. They always leave a weird flavor on the meat. The only rib joints to the best of my knowledge that use an all wood smoker are Phillips in Inglewood, J n J in LA and Woodys on Slauson. I read recently that Robin's in Pasadena just built a smokehouse behind the place with a large wood burning smoker. BB does a great business and has a large legion of diehard fans but true pure smoked BBQ it isn't. I'll try them again at the LA Barbeque Festival coming up in May and will check out the new digs on the westside soon.

Apr 04, 2009
PaulyD in Los Angeles Area

Best Cornbread or Dinner Rolls in LA?

I used to love Brotherton's Farm House in Pasadena because of its steaming hot fresh baked bisquits and corn bread. Unfortunately they closed 25 yrs ago and it seem like bread is an after thought. The cheese bread at Clearmans in Covina is good when it hasn't been sitting in a warmer for an hour and the pop-ups at Donohoo's Fried Chicken in Pomona is great when they are served fresh from the oven with the pat of butter melting into the texture.

Who is doing it right?

Where can I find a great cornbread that's not as hard as a hockey puck, that has some flavor and that's served warm?

To me the bread is as important as the entree. I live in Covina but travel anywhere for a great meal.

Mar 13, 2009
PaulyD in Los Angeles Area