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McGugan's - Scottish pub at Gerrard and Jones

@shelovesfood Well, I'm not sure where exactly your hood is, but I know that there are many streets near my area of Ashdale/Little India where the average household income makes McGugan's a "special occasion" (like payday in a 4 person, $45K income household) place rather than a regular hang-out for Friday night dinner or weekend I said. The food is good, I never disputed that, in fact I commented very favorably on one of their house specialty items. My main issue is the prices for the area....and I'm not the only one who's made the observation.

McGugan's - Scottish pub at Gerrard and Jones

Visited this new local pub for dinner last evening. The ambiance, service and food were great...but the prices were a bit of a shocker. While this may be "elevated" pub food, the prices are way, way too elevated for the neighborhood. I am very happy to see that such welcome new businesses are moving into the area, but I fear that the prices at McGugans will not encourage the locals to become regulars. For those sandwich prices, you should not have to pay an extra $3 for the fries or $4 for salad. $15 for Fish & Chips, $16 for Bangers and Mash? $8 for a glass of Canadian cider? I wish them great success, I hope that they can make it work...but with these prices, it will be more of a "special occasion" place rather than a regular go-to for quick, tasty pub grub for me and my friends.

I should mention that their signature sandwich (which is not on the menu on their website for some reason) of roast beef in a large Yorkshire pudding served with horseradish cream is absolutely stellar. The beef in gravy was tender, perfectly cooked and delicious, the Yorkshire pud was lovely and crispy on the outside and pillowy on the inside. Neither myself nor my dining partner are fans of horseradish, but we couldn't get enough of the cream and were fighting over the last drops!