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Balkan grilled burger

You can also try Cafe Adria a bit further up 6568 St Laurent. They definitely have cevapi on the menu.

Jan 27, 2010
Sidz in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Good Dessert Places

I went to POP about a year ago for desserts only, and it wasnt a problem. Though I remember it wasnt a friday or saturday night.

Sep 28, 2009
Sidz in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Jean Talon Market Guide

After searching the boards, I was wondering if people could help me out. Ive started going to JTM on a weekly/bi- weekly basis and cant seem to orientate myself. I love to know the best places to purchase everything! (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, nuts, etc ) I know i can search individually, but I thought it would cool to have it all in one place. I am student, which means I'm on somewhat on a budget, but i wouldn't hesitate to splurge on something in season or special.

Jul 06, 2009
Sidz in Quebec (inc. Montreal)


Ive been many times to drink and/or eat. More often than not, the service was terrible. Waiting 40 minutes for drinks, overcooked burgers etc. Its sad because I thought it had so much potential.

May 06, 2009
Sidz in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

West Island Restaurants

I had similar experiences at mundo. One night , for some strange reason there was a stand up comic trying to make jokes in english and french. The regulars seemed to enjoy it, but I just became irate eating my average meal.
I second Bombay Choupati at the end of sources. Besides that the WI is dead to me.

Apr 06, 2009
Sidz in Quebec (inc. Montreal)