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A bar downtown/gastown/yaletown to meet an old friend?

I'm looking for a comfortable place to go for drinks downtown. I have a old friend staying in Vancouver for a couple of nights, and I'd like to suggest somewhere to meet where we can lounge, drink a little, snack well, and catch up for a few cozy hours.

Not too expensive, not too cheap....just comfortable.

I'd love any favorite hang-out you all might have.


Buying fresh shrimp in Steveston, eggs attached?

We bought some shrimp in Steveston this weekend, and we were suprised to find lots with eggs attached.

I've never seen this before. Anyone know anything about it? I assume the shrimp are safe to eat, but I was also surprised they could be harvested during what seems to be a breeding season.

Decent pizza in Vancouver

We've given up on decent pizza here. We moved here from New Haven and we miss our pizzas terribly.
I've gotten reasonably good at making my own, but it is just not the same.

The guy behind the counter at Nat's said they have to use lower fat cheese (by popular demand) so the greasiness is mitigated. Flavor too, IMHO

ISO Sushi near Vancouver aquarium

We're looking for a Sunday sushi spot for after our visit to the aquarium. No the irony does not escape us. (;

Anything nearby for Vancouver visitors?

Quickish dinner near St Andrews church downtown vancouver?

I'm going to a reading there this week with a friend, and we thought we might try to get a light dinner as well. Is there anything nearby that would be a nice place for two gals to grab a nice bite to eat?


SEA-TAC hotel, no car, easy dinner

Thanks. We ended up at Sharps. It was close, easy, good, and great to the kids.
And my beer was delicious.

May 03, 2009
clipfish in Pacific Northwest

SEA-TAC hotel, no car, easy dinner

We're meeting friends at Sea-Tac for dinner. Is there anywhere within walking distance to the Doubletree that would be interesting. Price range$10-$15 entree. And OK for well-behaved kids.

Our focus is on being able to hang out comfortably.

May 02, 2009
clipfish in Pacific Northwest

Kumquats in Vancouver?

I've seen them at Top Ten on 10th and Sassamat (by UBC) and Young brothers on Broadway in the last week.