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New York's famous Cheyenne diner literally moving to Birmingham, AL

Great news! We moved down from MD last year. While we love Southern cuisine, actually grew up on it, but we have really missed diners that we had come to love in the northeast! There's something about real diners that set them apart from most restuarants! We look frward to having one within reasonable driving distance!

Eastern NC Barbecue - Blackbeards

Thanks for the report,I will try this on my next trip back to Little Washington to visit my mom. When I was there a few weeks back, I ate at Pete Jones' and thought it to be the best NC 'cue I had ever had! I actually had it for the first time last year even though I grew up there. That was certainly my loss!

BTW, interesting name in "Blackbeards" as I believe there still is "Blackbeards" tavern/restaurant in Washington. It opened back in the 60's. Guess ol' Edward Teech's influence abounds in that part of the world!

Sep 06, 2009
RetiredPowerGuy in Southeast

Bham Burgers

I must be missing something......what's Milo's got to do with Hamburger Heaven?

Bham Burgers

One other that I didn't see in the other thread is Hamburger Heaven on east side just off I-20 (don't have address, but it's been there seems like forever, so should be an easy find from GPS or yellowpages). It's my favorite in BHM! Great taste, messy with great "special sauce"! Everything a great hamburger should be!!

Restaurants in Morehead City, NC Area

I have't been down there in a couple years, but we always enjoyed the Sanitary Fish Market on the waterfront in Morehead City. I 'm not sure where they get their seafood these days, but can't imagine it not still being local!

My Huntsville, Alabama Chow Log

We have tried a couple German restaurants in Huntsville and the best was Hildegards (2357 Whitesburg Dr S). It's authentic when outstanding food and service! Definitely worth a try.......!

May 31, 2009
RetiredPowerGuy in Central South

10 Best Southern Hotdogs?

Totally agree about Bill's in "Little Washington". First ate them in the 60's as I grew up there and always try to have a few when I return to visit my mom. They haven't changed a bit, but the price has risen from 15 cents to just under a dollar as of a couple months ago.....and worth every penny! Darn I feel a road trip coming on!!

May 29, 2009
RetiredPowerGuy in Southeast


If you want a great hamburger in Knoxville, try Litton's Market and Resturant just north of I640 on Essary. I was using GPS and don't recall the exit #. They use fresh ground beef and make their own buns as well. I was going to order the fries because they appeared to be fresh cut but the server said the onion rings were to die for. They actually were outstanding! They don't offer half and half, or I would have tried both. I tried it a week ago after reading about it in another Hound's post. There's a rib place in Chattanooga, Sugar's, I believe, that I've heard is good. It's just off I-24, sits up on a hill. Just haven't as yet stopped to try, but it's on the hit list!

Bham area - Let's talk barbecue

Noticed this thread started back in early 08 but thought I would mention another option we visited. I lived in BHM back in mid 80's and really enjoyed BBQ there. I left but recently moved back to AL in the HSV area. We drive down to BHM to shop occassionally and a few weeks ago we ate at Costa's which was my favorite back in the 80's. They closed their original location but we found them in Trussville area (Trussville Crossings). The ribs were stil lvery good as were the sides. The new place also has a sports bar. The owner said they had planned to close the original location as they couldn't expand it. Needless to say we miss the original, but it's really about the BBQ. We'll be back!!

Also, we tried Bob Syke's in Bessemer and it was as good as I remembered as well.

Not BBQ, but we stopped at the Superior on 280 just south of 459 because the outside looked interesting. Turned out to be Mexican and outstanding Mexican at that!! Not bad for a change of pace!!

Mar 08, 2009
RetiredPowerGuy in Central South

Atlanta Recommendations Please

We just happen to have had fried chicken last weekend at what the owner told us was the 2nd oldest restaurant in Atlanta. It was the Colonade in Buckhead area. It's the real deal for Southern/Soul food. When the owner found out we were first timers there, she brought us a tray of 4 sides they were noted for that we didn't order (all Southern/Soul). The meal was one of the best we've had in a restaurant lately. We were there on Sat night and had about a 45 min wait. She said they had a very large regular group of patrons. Don't think you'll be dissapointed. (note: they don't take credit cards)

what to eat in greenville NC

My mother still lives in Washington, so I get back there several times a year. Parker's isn't quite what it used to be, but for someone who doesn't get that style barbecue often, it'll do. While I haven't yet tried the Ayden resturants, I've heard they're both very good. I like Hog Heaven on 264W in Washington. I've been to the Dixie Queen(seafood) with my mother as she really likes it and it's been very busy every time we've been. It was very good! It's southeast of Greenville toward Ayden/Grifton I believe. There's one called the Mayflower in Greenville that my mother and her neighbors swear by as well!!

Eastern NC cheese biscuits

Grew up in Washington, NC and still return occassionally and am familiar with these cheese biscuits.My grandmother used to make them. I've traveled quite a bit but never encountered them fixed quite like these. I've had them from King Chicken and Mom's Grill there, both outstanding........!

Mar 06, 2009
RetiredPowerGuy in Southeast