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Aging Dogfish 120

I've heard that the refrigerator cold might slow any age-related changes but don't know how significant that is. Still, better the refrigerator than too warm or humid.

I'd try a couple years for the dogfish 120, see if you can get a fresh one then to compare - although at 18% hopefully you will have someone to share the experience with.

Dec 01, 2014
nfnebwiri in Beer

Berkshire Best- 3 Dinners/lunches with old colleagues from Europe/Canada/US

I wouldn't recommend bothering with seafood or Italian around here. Salmon Run is perfectly fine but if I had 3 days here I wouldn't use up a meal on it. There are several Italian places that are acceptable but nothing special.

If I was picking 3 dinners, similar to Lenox637 I would go with Old Inn on the Green, Rouge, and Nudel. The only reason I replaced Mezze is that somehow I've never been there, but I've heard good things about it.

From your list, Chez Nous and Cafe Adam are good. You could also consider John Andrews in Egremont, Stagecoach Tavern in Sheffield, Prairie Whale in Great Barrington, Brava in Lenox.

I cannot improve upon Lenox637's lunch suggestions. But realize the Bistro Box is a roadside stand with outdoor tables only.

GATEWAYS INN LENOX: anyone eaten there?

Thanks for the report, never been and have wondered if this is a legitimate option.

Olde Heritage Tavern in Lenox...just right!

I agree with Old Forge I think the best pub food in the Berkshires.

Along the same lines we've also been enjoying the Brick House Tavern in Housatonic. A year or 2 ago new management seems to have taken over, and since then the food has been quite good, nothing inventive but high quality (I think much better than OHT), rotating selection of interesting craft beers, and friendly service.

I agree too in general about downtown Lenox, but have also found Brava to be pretty good.

Affordable Bershires Dinner Recs to Satisfy a Somewhat Jaded Brooklyn Family plus other Recs for Food Stops in the Berkshires?

Just to throw out a few more choices -

Mission Bar and Tapas in Pittsfield.

Chez Nous in Lee now allows you to order 1/2 entrees for 1/2 the price.

Xicohtencatl in Great Barrington.

Personally though I agree with the people who suggested Rouge and ordering from the bar/sandwich menu.

Quick Lunch near Barrington Stage?

I like the Lantern just fine but Old Forge is way better if you make it out there.

If you go to Guido's cafe report what you think! Go there all the time but never think to eat lunch there. The one in G. Barrington has a setup from the Marketplace Cafe in Sheffield which also now has a location on North St. in Pittsfield, but I think the Pittsfield Guido's cafe is different.

Quick Lunch near Barrington Stage?

Yes, I didn't mention spice Dragon since it doesn't open until dinner. Jae's is now in Lenox by the Chocolate Springs Cafe. But I think Spice Dragon is a little better.

I believe Baba Louies does have lunch though.

Quick Lunch near Barrington Stage?

Flavours of Malaysia can be good. The Marketplace Cafe (now with a location on North St. in Pittsfield) has pretty good sandwiches. If in Lenox Patisserie Lenox might be worth a try.

BERKSHIRE eats ( staying near Hancock Ma)

For light/small plates, try Brava in Lenox, or Mission in Pittsfield which also usually has music. Spice Dragon in Pittsfield is also not bad, Vietnamese-based pan Asian with sushi too, but if you are coming from somewhere that has great Asian food I probably wouldn't bother.

For lunch I highly agree with whoever mentioned the Old Forge in Lanesboro, above average pub standards, the best chicken wings you will get anywhere (esp. the "Buff Orpington") and a world class craft beer list.

Chez Nous in Lee is good, as was Alta in Lenox although haven't been there in a while.

If you want something unique to the Berkshires, you could consider the Dream Away lodge in Becket. The food is good not great but it's a really unique atmosphere and they usually have live music.

Brunch I've got nothing. Haven I agree is pretty good but a little expensive for what it is. I'm not as up on North County as some of the other posters. How far are you willing to go? I'm leaving out anything south of Lee but if you are going to make it to the G. Barrington area I could have some more recs.

Marios - Great Barrington

Thanks for the report. Been skeptical of it for no real good reason, but will have to give it a try at least.

Restaurant recs for Dennisport, Yarmouth & Harwich?

To be honest of the places you listed I would go with the Skipper. If you stick to the basics the food is reasonable, and view is nice with beach/playground right across the street along with the ice cream window, a good setup for kids if you finish dinner a little early.

Yarmouth House has an extensive menu but none of it is that great, you can get a decent lobster but nothing special.

We went to 4 Seasons last year and it was good, you can definitely bring kids. That would be too bad if it has gone downhill.

Bistro Box, Cafe Adam, Marios...Great Barrington

Agree about Bistro Box thought it was excellent. Will see if it lasts.

Cafe Adam I have always thought was very good but haven't been in a while so hope it's not declined. But I don't think I've ever put it on the same level as John Andrews, Old Inn, etc.

Have not been to Marios but maybe in the next few weeks so will report if we go. To be honest I am not expecting much, hope I'm wrong.

Most popular take-out food in NYC, by borough, according to Seamless

True, they don't make it clear, my assumption would be based on percentage of takeout orders, but who knows. I doubt they delved into the level of chicken detail you are talking about.

My guess on Staten Island is that there are relatively fewer choices overall, so pizza snags a larger percentage of total orders.

May 26, 2014
nfnebwiri in Food Media & News

Most popular take-out food in NYC, by borough, according to Seamless

I thought maybe you knew that, but pretty sure the OP didn't. But what makes you think the results aren't valid? (not saying you're wrong just curious what foods you'd pick)

I think this sort of ranking it's easy to get very different results depending on parameters (see below) but hard to say which result is more valid than another. But we may be getting too nerdy for a food forum here.


May 24, 2014
nfnebwiri in Food Media & News

Most popular take-out food in NYC, by borough, according to Seamless

I don't think you guys read it right. It's not a list of the most-ordered items. If it was I'm sure pizza would be number one for all of them. It's a list for each borough ranked by uniqueness.

So they're not saying an egg sandwhich is the #1 ordered food in Queens, it's #1 in being uniquely ordered in Queens compared to the other boroughs.

May 23, 2014
nfnebwiri in Food Media & News

Pig roast recommendations near NY/Mass. border?

Agree with Meat Market.

Also in Great Barrington you could look into Route 7 Grill which advertises catered pig roasts.

Wine selection, western MA.

I agree that Spirited/Nejaime is great but kind of high end. For a good selection of $10-20 bottles Domaney's in G. Barrington is good.

BT What's wrong with Finger Lakes Rieslings? Probably the best outside of Germany.

Great Barrington: The 528 open! also, ANOTHER new restaurant in GB, and The Gypsy Joynt is opening a night club?

Did try the 528 restaurant for lunch. The inside was pretty nice, it's always hard to disguise a former Friendly's but on the inside at least you wouldn't know it had been one.

The menu is nothing exciting, standard sandwiches, burgers, etc. I don't think they are open for dinner. I had a maple-squash soup that was quite good, and a chicken sandwich that was fine, and potato salad was good too.

Staff mostly seemed very friendly and helpful although my particular waitress was a bit grumpy. But the food came quickly and accurately so I didn't really care.

First impression is that you wouldn't make a special trip there but if you are in town and need a low-key lunch you could do worse. No info on the other places you mentioned.

Fiori closed, Bell & Anchor changed names, and awaiting the opening of The 528

As best I can tell Fiori does seem to be closed but I can't be completely sure, possible they are just closed for the season?

Bell and Anchor/Prarie Whale I think the food is really really good. Not sure what would be considered "NYC" about it. The new name is questionable at best, but I agree that sign is terrible. Looks dirty and like it belongs at a Pizza Hut. I hope it is just temporary and they have ordered a better one or something. You can't even tell it's a restaurant, I wouldn't stop there driving through if I didn't already know about it.

528 restaurant appears to be the slowest moving project in town. I have doubts it will ever open, if they couldn't get it ready by the end of the summer. The parking lot alone seemed to take 6 months.

20 Railroad Street-Great Barrington

Really, I think our problem is not so much that we disagree that screaming kids while eating out are annoying, it's just that somehow trashing an entire generation (with capital letters for some reason) really makes your original point get lost. Next thing you'll be explaining how back in your day you had to walk uphill both ways through the snow to get to restaurants.

But, you're right it's probably time we all shut up before we get banished for non-food related bickering.

Dalton Mass

Not sure what you mean about unfriendly management at Nudel. Have been there several times without an unfriendly moment and the food is quite good. It's a limited menu and a small space but that's pretty clear ahead of time. Where is this bad press coming from?

We are fans of Brava. Have only been there on slower nights, but very friendly service, interesting wines and beers, and food while not spectacular is very good and just different enough from the usual stuff to be worth checking out. Firefly, haven't been yet somehow.

20 Railroad Street-Great Barrington

I doubt this is a generational point of view. I suspect since the days of cave men the elders complained about the entitled self-centered young adults spoiling their children. Anyway hope no one gets too upset at 20 Railroad which I think is quite pleasant usually, children are a part of life and unless I'm at a suit and tie kind of place I don't let them bother me.

Looking for breakfast, south of Tanglewood (Lenox, MA) area

I've found the GB location (so far) to be far inferior to Lenox. Menu much less interesting, lame atmosphere, somewhat odd service. Have always liked the Lenox location and if it weren't for the name wouldn't think they were related at all. Hopefully it's just due to being new, but just wasn't right and in GB would recommend Bizalion's instead.

Four Seasons Trattoria South Yarmouth Mass. Reviews please

Normally we don't think of going for italian food while on the cape. But, we found ourselves here and was really quite good. Nothing inventive really, classic italian-american dishes like veal marsala, etc. Everything was quite flavorful and well made. Recommend if you need a break from seafood.

Walkable restaurants near South St. Providence

Respect Frank T's opinions on food, but I'm not sure why he's always acting like Providence is Mogadishu or something. Just use common sense like any other city, I've never felt particularly uncomfortable.

And I would assume the place in Tiverton you went to was Evelyn's?


Dalton Mass

Well, you can still get an "Awful Awful" but you will have to head to Newport Creamery in RI.

Agree with Cafe Reva for breakfast, and Guido's for fish. Berkshire Mountain Bakery is great for breads, it's in Housatonic, a bit of a drive from Dalton but they often sell at various farmer's markets as well.

The only seafood-centric place that comes to mind is Salmon Run in Lee, and while it is acceptable it's not comparable to places on the coast. For casual food (they do have an outdoor deck) I would recommend Old Forge in Lanesboro especially if anyone is into craft beer.

The Meat Market, Great Barrington

Unfortunately I agree to a certain extent. The meats are good, but not really better than Guido's which while not cheap either is much less expensive.

I had a pulled pork sandwich which was not great. Kind of greasy, with no smoke flavor, topped with bland cole slaw and served with a side of room temperature couscous (?).

The problem with the "local" food movement is it's just not going to catch on enough to really change anything until the prices are in line with what you pay for "non-local" food. Otherwise it will remain a niche product for people with money.

Staying in Lenox, ISO special spot for parents 50th w/family

I've eated at Cranwell several times, main dining room and the tavern, and found the food highly unmemorable, not to mention limited menu options. But, it may be the atmosphere the OP is looking for and could handle a large party.

It has been I think over a year since been at Alta so I hope it hasn't declined. I consider myself a big eater and don't remember any problems with the portion size.

Thanks for report on Table Six, that's too bad.

Staying in Lenox, ISO special spot for parents 50th w/family

Hm, might be hard to find what you are looking for without traveling a bit. Cafe Adam I agree is very good although distance not all that different from John Andrews or Old in on the Green (maybe 15 minutes difference). If you head south Stagecoach Tavern is also pretty good.

Within the area you mentioned Chez Nous is good, as is Alta in Lenox, Rouge in West Stockbridge. Also Nudel or Brava in Lenox, Once Upon a Table in Stockbridge. The last 3 are very small though so a large group would be hard.

Also once you step down from Wheatleigh/Blantyre really none of the restaurants in the area are "dress up." I don't think Chez Nous is more or less casual than any of the other ones mentioned. Not a big fan of most of the other places right in Lenox. Cafe Lucia is ok at best. Used to not like Church St. Cafe although I think they have new owners now and haven't been since then.

Going north from Lenox there really isn't anything along those lines until you hit Williamstown.

Moving to the Berkshires- ISO Best Farmers Market and more

Guido's I agree the produce is sometimes not that different from what you would get at the supermarket. But, the meat dept. is very good and they tend to have what you need if looking for a more obscure ingredient.

Taft farm market in Great Barrington may also be worth checking out, they sell produce some of their own or form other local places, and also have pies, sandwiches, etc.

Also nearby for bread is Berkshire Mountain Bakery in Housatonic.