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restaurants near Avalon nightclub Santa Clara


I will be at the Avalon for a concert on 1/21. Just wondering if there were some good places very close by. I know there's a shopping center across the street. Open to different foods - bar & grill, Mexican, Asian, or something else are all possibilities. Not necessarily vegetarian, entrees around 10-15 bucks, casual but not fast food. A certain amount of pleasant ambience would be nice. Ideas? Thanks much!


Places near Yoshi's SF?


My friend and I will be attending a show at Yoshi's SF (1330 Fillmore @ Eddy) later this month on a Saturday night. We're looking for suggestions in the area (say, within 4 or 5 blocks.) Entrees should be in the 10-20 dollar range. My friend's a veggie but I'm not. We need to be back at Yoshi's by 9:00 so a place with decent service would be good. We're open to different cuisines as long as there are good veggie options. Oh, and a bar would be nice, too. Thanks much.