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" Roselle's Dessert, King/Parliament " - French pastries worth my drive downtown?

I found their crepe cake to be delicious (although I haven't tried any other crepe cakes before)! I especially liked it because it wasn't crazy sweet. I have a sweet tooth, but tend to like desserts on the less sweet side. I heard this cake is only available on weekend.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

There's organic ground beef and organic whole chickens at the Markham East location. But thats about it.

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

I bought a jug the week before Christmas at the Markham East location.

BBQ Joint near Collingwood?

Thanks for the suggestion. My husband just got moved onto another project so he will be passing by Barrie on the way up to Sudbury much less now. But will definitely let him know about Mad Michaels if he does need to go up to Sudbury again.

BBQ Joint near Collingwood?

When did it close? My husband was there a few months ago, and brought back some takeout. He will be sad to hear about this.

BBQ Joint near Collingwood?

Could it be Big Chris BBQ? My husband likes to stop by there.

Honey farm in mississauga or near mississauga ?

2 weeks ago I was up north near north bay and visited Boards Honey farm. The woman we spoke to (think she owns the place) said they don't sell in the GTA but you can do phone orders. Not sure how much shipping is though. They definitely have honey combs for sale, they offered it to us to try.

Chip Trucks, Bake Shops & Foodie Stops - Hwy 7. to Hwy 35 to Dorset, then Muskoka down to T.O.

I did buy an apple fritter but unfortunately wasn't able to have it fresh (day of) so texture wise, it felt a little oilier than i would like. I did get to try their cinnamon twist as soon as i got home. But i found it to be a little too bready. I prefer yeast based donuts to be a little lighter. But of course thats all personal preference. :) But definitely better than the stuff from Timmies.

Chip Trucks, Bake Shops & Foodie Stops - Hwy 7. to Hwy 35 to Dorset, then Muskoka down to T.O.

Gravenhurst has my favourite butter tarts! I made sure to stop by there on the way to and from camping in North Bay this past weekend. The name of the butter tart place is The Bakery.

Ice Cream, 2014

Kekou Gelato on Baldwin St was pretty good when I last went. They make asian flavour inspired gelatos, for example, red bean, taro, green tea, vietnamese coffee, and my favourite, DURIAN! Smelled and tasted like real durian, with little bits of real durian. i know it's an acquired taste. But definitely worth going if you are a fan of durian.

First Time Visit to Chicago June 1-6

It was a great trip thanks to all the wonderful recommendations from all you chow hounders. There are still quite a few places i wanted to try but didn't get a chance to. Guess will have to wait for next time I come back to Chicago. Seems like I came too early, there seems to be a lot of summer events now.

Jun 24, 2014
PrincessStress in Chicago Area

First Time Visit to Chicago June 1-6

I just came back from Chicago a few days ago and just wanted to summarize where I ended up going to eat for the next chowhounders that have the same questions I had.

Day 1:
Brunch - GT Fish & Oyster
Ordered the Oyster Po'Boy, Biscuit & Lobster Gravy (huge chunks of lobster), and Crab Benedict (mounds of crab, not crab cake as I thought


Dinner - Lou Malnati's Gold Coast
Ordered the Malnati Chicago Classic (well done) and Chicken BBQ Club Salad

Dessert - Ghirardellis
Ordered single scoop sundae with a warm chocolate chip cookie

Day 2:
Breakfast - Eataly
Hazelnut croissant, and butter croissant with regular coffee and latte

Lunch - French Market
Lillies-Q - Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pastoral Le Canard (wanted the BLTA, but they ran out of the bacon
)Raw - Beet Juice and Ginger Beer

Dinner - Little Goat
Los Drowned, Soft shelled crab taco special, crisp shrimp cocktail, and hot crab dip. We didn't order the hot crab dip, but they brought it out, and we told them we didn't order it, they gave it to us for free.

Day 3:
Breakfast - Jam
Half order of the malted french toast (very rich, not sure how someone can eat the full order and be comfortable), and Tuesday tasting menu. We were told that every Tuesday they offer a breakfast tasting menu. There was a lemon pancake, a quinoa carbonara, savoury waffle with shrimp confit and creme brûlée. All for $25!

Lunch - Hot Dougs
Alligator dog, Foie gras dog and the chicago style dog

Dinner - Moto
We had the lab experience. it was so much fun! Loved the food there!

Day 4:
Breakfast - Kristoffers Cafe & Bakery
Huevos rancheros, breakfast burrito, coffee and cortado. Also got a slice of caramel tres leches cake to go.

Lunch - Mr Beef on Orleans
Split a beef sandwich with the hubby since we had an early dinner reservation

Dinner - Alinea
Dinner was a lot of fun. I ended up getting tickets by posting on Alinea's fb page. In the end shared a table of 4 with another couple. What a great way to meet someone new! I know this is a 3 Michelin starred restaurant, but I think i preferred the ambiance and food at Moto more.

Day 5:
Breakfast - Toni Patisserie
Soft boiled eggs & ham and cheese croissant. Coffee is free when you order breakfast. All their macarons are only $1 as well!

Lunch - didn't have lunch, went outlet mall shopping at Rosemount.

Snack - Stans Donuts
I forgot the name of the donut that we ordered, but the inside had a filling similar to Spekeloos & sliced banana.

Dinner - Big Star
Ordered the al pastor, de panza, de pescado, de pollo, walking taco, ensalada de big star and a horchata. Very good tacos! I only wish i saw the take out window. I could have ordered there and eaten at the picnic tables they had right next to our table on the patio.

Day 6:
Flying back home stopped off at Tortas Fronterra in Terminal 3 of O-Hare
Ordered a Egg & Bacon breakfast torta. Comes with a delicious cilantro flavoured chill sauce/salsa?

Jun 09, 2014
PrincessStress in Chicago Area

First Time Visit to Chicago June 1-6

Gonzo you are right! I totally looked at the wrong menu on their website. I clicked on Next instead of Alinea....i was wondering why the prices were so low for a 3 michelin starred restaurant!

So far i'm in the talks with someone on FB for 2 tickets to Alinea. Fingers crossed that I actually get them!

May 27, 2014
PrincessStress in Chicago Area

First Time Visit to Chicago June 1-6

We are getting closer to having the hotel situation finalized. From June 2-June 5 we will be staying at the Hyatt McCormick. it is farther away, but the price was too good, 89/night. They didn't have Sunday availability, so we have temporarily booked the Congress for June 1. This last min trip planning is really stressing me out! And because of the hotel situation, i haven't researched restaurants quite yet. Thats for tonight to do.

So far we have booked Moto for the Tuesday night. And currently in the talks with someone on FB for Alinea tickets for Wednesday night.

May 27, 2014
PrincessStress in Chicago Area

First Time Visit to Chicago June 1-6

Thank you jaded and Gonzo! Will add that to my list too!

May 23, 2014
PrincessStress in Chicago Area

First Time Visit to Chicago June 1-6

Thank you all for the very detailed suggestions. Greatly appreciated! I will have to take some time tonight to go through each of the suggested restaurants websites to look through the menus and add to my spreadsheet of restaurants to visit. So excited!

nsxtasy - I didn't put where we are staying because we haven't quite booked a hotel/apt to stay at yet. I know it's very last minute, this usually isn't my travel style, but i really dint' have the same amount of time to plan for a trip as i normally do. And i love mexican food, and there isn't much of good mexican in Toronto. So that is a great idea!

lbs - I guess that explains why the hotels are so expensive! I'm currently in discussion with someone about renting their apartment instead of doing a hotel. This way I get a fridge to put stuff in if i buy any fresh fruits and yogurts etc.

I also love visiting farmer's markets and those sorts of places. Any particular that are worth looking into?

May 22, 2014
PrincessStress in Chicago Area

First Time Visit to Chicago June 1-6

This will be the first time i'm visiting Chicago, second for my husband. The first time for him was for work, so he didn't really get to see much of it, let alone go out adventuring for food. I think he said his coworkers took him out to the local chains.

Usually i'm very good with planning my eating itinerary, but this is somewhat of a last minute trip due to the school term being extended. So I need lots of help! My trips are usually based on food and where to eat, and I will plan the touristy things around which restaurants I will be going to. It's a bit backwards but works for me :). That being said, we eat ALOT and often when we travel. So please provide lots of options. We haven't booked our hotel/apt yet. But I will travel for food!

When we arrive on the Sunday, it will be early morning, and we will be hungry from having to be at the airport early, so i'm looking for a heavier brunchy type meal. The rest of the days, breakfasts i'm hoping to be lighter, maybe find some nice cafes for some pastries and breads. My husband is big on coffee.

Since it's so last minute, I'm unable to get a reservation at Alinea. i'm keeping an eye on their FB page to see if anyone can't go and will give up their ticket.

I also plan on going for deep dish pizza at Lou Malnati's. And get a hotdog at Hot Dougs before they close down for good. I read about Sandwich Me In and how they produce zero waste so I wanted to see how that is as well.

Any other suggestions for where you locals think is a must visit? I think we will try and stay away from Asian food. There's plenty of good asian food in Toronto and surrounding area already. And yes if i can get into Alinea, that is an exception since their current menu is Asian based. My husband is a very adventurous eater, i'm ok i would think, but definitely not as adventurous as him. Price points, any suggestions are welcome from low to high. We are definitely ok with a fancier restaurant since we would be celebrating our 4th anniversary that week.

Thank you!

May 21, 2014
PrincessStress in Chicago Area

Best Scones in Toronto

I haven't had many scones around the city, mainly just from Cobbs, and not that often. I did try the biscuit/scone plate from Mildred's Temple Kitchen once, i really liked them.

This BBQ pork bun almost made me cry!!!

Ooops sorrie, didn't see that it was mentioned. I guess it doesn't help that I don't know the name of the restaurant either.

This BBQ pork bun almost made me cry!!!

My parents like the pineapple bbq pork bun from a Chinese Restaurant in the south east corner of Victoria Park and McNicoll. I'm not a fan of BBQ pork buns in general so I can't comment personally. But whenever my parents go for dim sum, they order a few plates so they have extras to take home as well.

Brisket Questions

This is the recipe I played around with and used and it turned out well.

Buying brisket from Chinese supermarkets is definitely cheaper. I bought mine from Foodymart when it was on sale for less then $3/lb. I also bought a piece of grained, antibiotic/hormone free beef from one of the meat vendors at the Steamwhistle Winter Farmer's Market, and it was either $5 or $6/lb.

Looking For Pineapple Custard Buns with Crushed Pineapple Pieces

I went to Hong Kong Island Bakery this past Saturday to see if they have the pineapple buns i'm looking for. Unfortunately they don't. I did pickup a few buns there just to try. They were pretty tasty.

The search continues....

Looking For Pineapple Custard Buns with Crushed Pineapple Pieces

Thanks TorontoJo, I don't know why I didn't think of them. They're actually much more convenient for me to get to as well. I'll update as soon as I get a chance to check them out.

Looking For Pineapple Custard Buns with Crushed Pineapple Pieces

Thanks food face! I'll make a trip on Saturday after class to see what they have to offer in terms of pineapple buns.

I should have also mentioned that my search is not just limited to Chinatown. I'm willing to drive around town to any bakery that has the buns i'm looking for :)

Looking For Pineapple Custard Buns with Crushed Pineapple Pieces

Growing up, when there weren't so many Chinese supermarkets and bakeries outside of Chinatown, I remember having to go downtown to the Broadview and Gerrard area with my parents every weekend for weekly grocery shopping. And every week my mom would go to Phoenix Bakery to pick up some pineapple buns filled with custard. This custard also had crushed pineapple pieces mixed in.

The last few months, I have been craving these exact pineapple buns. Just this last weekend, I made a trip to the Phoenix bakery on Gerrard, to see if its the same Phoenix and if they sold these pineapple buns that i'm craving. The buns didn't look the same as I remember, and they certainly didn't taste the same either. And worst of all, no crushed pineapple in the filling.

Does anyone know where I can find pineapple buns that are filled with crushed pineapple custard?

"Don't you dare leave Toronto without tasting....." a.k.a. Please help your neighbor to the south plan the perfect food-focused looong weekend.

Soma has a location at King and Spadina. That might be a little bit closer.

Food Vacation in NYC Dec 27-Jan1

Ziggy41, I definitely will look into your recommendations! I'm so glad i posted here! My only worry is having to pick and choose where to go, and how my stomach will hold all this food.

Dec 17, 2012
PrincessStress in Manhattan

Food Vacation in NYC Dec 27-Jan1

Thanks so much for the recommendations Kathryn!

Yes the gelato place i got the name wrong. There's actually a gelato place named Il Gelataire here in Toronto. I guess my mind was still a bit fuzzy. When i posted, it was right after my last final exam for the term.

At Shake Shack, we tried both the Shack Burger and the regular burger. While both good, I dont' think we'll be visiting again. Need to make room for other places. Friend is insisting Burger joint is really good still. So i think we'll end up making the trek there.

For BBQ, i'm not too sure what kinds there are out there. Here in Toronto, there's not much variety. ANd usually it's bad. My friends and I do like Dinosaure BBQ.

I'll definitely take some time to go through the rest of the restaurants you recommended! Is Laudree the same as the one in Paris?

For the food trucks/carts, are they still out and about during the xmas season? Because when I was visiting in July 2011, i didn't see many food trucks because it was a holiday.

Dec 17, 2012
PrincessStress in Manhattan

Food Vacation in NYC Dec 27-Jan1

Hi all,

I need some delicious food recommendations for my upcoming trip to NYC (Dec 27-Jan1). The last time i visited, i got some good recommendations from fellow chowhounders, but unfortunately was unable to visit all the places, so i pick and chose some to try out. I was in a food coma for those 4 days that i visited! And then i totally forgot to report back.

So here's a mini report of where i visited:
BonChon Chicken - hubby loved it and will prob make a trip there again this time around.
Katz - Was very good, if you got the fatty version. Lean version not so good.
Il Gelataire - Fell in love with the basil gelato!
Donut Plant - Best donuts i've had in my life! I tried the creme brulee donut which is smaller than the rest, but perfect size i think.
Shake Shack - Love the mushroom stuffed with cheese. We have a burger place in Toronto that has something similar (The Burger Priest
)Spotted Pig - The fanciest restaurant we visited on that trip. After all the heavy food, i had to get something light. I think i got a mozerella, mashed peas and something salad. Delicious.
Magnolia - As the other chowhounders mentioned, cupcakes thumbs down, but the banana pudding OMG. I almost ate the entire thing myself.
Luke's Lobster - Love it! So fresh.
Dinosaur BBQ - We didnt' go to the brooklyn location, we went to the one in Syracuse on the way home. Love the wings.

So this time around, my friends (they love their foods and are adventurous) and i would love to try some new places. From my previous post, i've picked out ones that have been suggested, but I haven't tried yet. I will be staying around Union Square.

Two Little Red Hens - For their cupcakes
RUB BBQ - For bbq, which i'm sure the hubby would love
Caracas Arepa Bar - Maybe for a snack?
Ippudo - Ramen. Tried Momofuku ramen in Toronto and it was SO BAD! And all my friends keep saying ippudo is much better.
Keste Pizza & Vino - For their pizza
Momofuku Milk Bar - I didn't get a chance to try their crack pie. Hopefully i get a chance this time around.
Peter Lugers - Friend has kept bugging me to go, so will make the stop to try.
Burger Joint - Friend said burgers are awesome here and it's behind a curtain at a hotel?
Tehuitzingo Deli Grocery - I wanted to try this place last time too, but didn't get a chance. Mexican food is not the best in Toronto.

I definitely want to try some food trucks as Toronto is still lacking in those. But i'm just wondering because it's holiday season, if the food trucks will be out at all.

Any suggestions will be awesome!

Dec 15, 2012
PrincessStress in Manhattan

What's your take on Thai Basil rest. in Richmond Hill?

I wasn't aware there were 2 versions of pad thai there. Since it was lunch time, i just ordered off the lunch menu. But thats usually the one my friends order too since Thai Basil is usually their office gathering lunch outing.