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Taco Trucks Midway Area? [MSP]

Here's the thread on that taco truck:

The closest they come to twitter is my tweet here:

And this tweet:

MSP - Burger Jones opens today

I liked the veggie burger becuase it had a lot of interesting texture, it wasn't too dry nor too sloppy and I liked that I could get it with whatever toppings I wanted. By interesting texture, I noticed that it had some sort of nuts (cashews perhaps?) that gave the burger a nice crunch and nutty flavor. While the veggie burger was larger than the bun and the burger that was outside of the bun fell apart, most of the burger held up pretty well. Not that this burger is similar to the 'spicy black bean burger' pre-made thing, but for a homemade version it stayed together pretty well.

The veggie burger or the "Birkenstoker" comes with avacodo and pepper jack cheese. However, being that I have to avoid high fatty toppings, I got it with salsa, jalepenos, lettuce and tomato and it was a nice complement to the nutty, mushroomy flavor of the veggie burger. One thing to note, if you don't want to avocado and pepperjack cheese, you need to make sure to ask them to take it off. I thought if you ordered the burger with the extra toppings that's what you would get, but actually you need to tell them no avocado, no cheese. I ended up just picking the fatty stuff off but learned how to order in the future.

I also had the wedge salad which was nothing remarkable.

As Danny mentioned, the ice cream sandwich was fantastic. Then again, how can you go wrong with two chocolate chip cookes and frozen custard? You can't.

Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza: MSP

I'm TCL. Married to "Danny" and eat with him a lot, but he does the posting.

Anyone know where I can find Guava Marmalade in MSP?

Success! We found Iberia brand Guava Marmalade at El Burrito Mercado. I tried it and it's pretty close to the stuff we got in Ecuador. The differences I noticed is that the consistency is a bit thinner and it comes in a can instead of a glass jar. Although the consistency is a bit thinner, it's still pretty tasty.

Anyone know where I can find Guava Marmalade in MSP?

No the paste in the link you provided is a bit too thick. This marmelade comes in a glass jar like any other jelly, jam whatever. However, the consistency is much thicker than your typical grape jelly. It's probably best described as a fruit butter if that helps.

Anyone know where I can find Guava Marmalade in MSP?

I recently spent some time in South America and found out that I *love* Guava Marmalade. Does anyone know where I can find some locally? My husband and I have tried a few Mexican Supermarkets, but no luck yet. Has anyone seen it around or have any suggestions? Thanks!

Great French Cafe - St. Paul, MN

Danny and I went to Kallyste on Saturday. Oh my, this place is lovely! As other posters have said, Bruno is gracious and super nice. We had the cheese fondue and I loved it. I found the fondue interesting because it was so complex. It seemed like after every bite, I discovered a new flavor in the fondue. For example, first I noticed the cheese blend, then the wine, the garlic the parsley. I loved how it seemed to challenge me in that I wasn't quite sure what other flavors I would discover next. yummy.

I had the cheese sandwich. This was great too! It wasn't your ordinary cheese sandwich! It was filled with several kinds of cheese, garlic and I think it had some balsamic vinegar too.

Danny had the May sandwich of the month. I only tried a bite, but it was tasty too. It was a croissant with chicken, cheese, chocolate sauce and a bunch of other good stuff..

My only have two bad things to say about this place, 1) it's not in my neighborhood and 2) why didn't I go there sooner?????

[MSP] Crystal Bistro (Afghani) chowdown report, Crystal, MN

I really enjoyed the Aushak. I find it interesting how it seems that every culture has their own take on a dumpling. I guess this is the Afghani dumpling and I found it quite lovely. I liked the blend of spinach with the tangy tomato/yogurt sauce. yummy..

[MSP] Aebleskiver for Mother’s Day and beyond

Aebleskiver pans are probably about the same size but the indentations are probably 2 inches in diameter. The aebleskivers were as good as I remember them; light, fluffy and perfectly round.

Good Day Cafe Mpls/Golden Vly

I really wanted Good Day Cafe to be great since it's in my neighborhood. However, Danny and I have been there a few times and the consensus is it's ok. The best thing was the light, airy Souffle Omlette. The State Fair Pancakes held promise, but really they really didn't taste any different than ordinary pancakes. I can't say that things are bad, just not great. Since there are better brunch options in the Twin Cities, I do not see any reason to go back to Good Day Cafe.

Chinese Buffet suggestions - MSP

There is the Crazy Buffet in Crystal off of Bass Lake Road. It has a little bit of everything, your standard Chinese Buffet fare along with some sushi and a Mongolian Grill.

MSP: Where to eat for my 40th Birthday?

It's good enough. Baked Alaska is a rarity in MSP so you have to take what you can get. We had a waiter once call our Baked Alaska as a "Fake Bake" which is probably accurate. The reason it's called a "Fake Bake" is because instead of putting the Baked Alaska in the oven to brown the meringue, they just pour booze over it to "bake" it. I know a lot of place put booze over the Baked Alaska (mostly for the show), but the desert is usually browned in the oven first.

But really, how bad can it be when you have cake, ice cream, meringue, and booze? I don't think there is much that can be bad about that combination!

MSP 112 Eatery (long)

I'm surprised to hear that the tres leches cake was dry. Everytime I have had it, it has been very moist. I wonder if it has changed. I'll have to try it again to see if it has changed. I hope it hasn't changed and you just got them on an off day..

"Go to" restaurant when too hungry 2 think

The other problem with the book is that it doesn't really tell you where to go when super hungry - it just gives you ideas. When we're too hungry, we don't even want to think, thus Punch becomes the old standby because we know where it is, it has good parking and it's quick.

Best Pancakes MSP

Oh I forgot to mention that I also had the Town Talk Diner pancakes again a few weeks ago. I remember why I didn't like them. This time, the cakes were not completely done in places! Not that it made much difference because they were so huge that I just ate around the uncooked areas. I know I could have sent them back, but I didn't bother because like I said, they were so big I knew I couldn't possibly eat them all. They were good, but disappointing again.

Best Pancakes MSP

I finally have time to update my pancake thread - yay! I have had pancakes at quite a few places recently so here's my rundown on the Twin Cities Pancake Scene - if there is one :)

Colossal Cafe - I had the plain cakes and I found them to be quite good. Probably not my favorite in the twin cities, but very good. I enjoyed the slightly tangy taste - maybe from the yeast? Whatever it was, they were great - fluffy and not with that fried outside that seems to happen at a lot of places. yummy..

Al's: Wow! I finally tried Al's this morning. This place is killer! How is it that I had not been there before? The coffee was so strong I thought I mistakenly ordered espresso - well not quite but wow. That coffee will wake you up - no problem. Since I like espresso a lot, I love strong coffee and this was perfection! It was strong but not burnt or overpowering. Fantastic. As for the pancakes - I had the blueberry cakes. These were great! In fact, are my new best-in-the-twin cities cakes. The berries were sweet and juicy. My guess is that they were canned or frozen, and even so, they were much better than some of the blueberries I have had in pancakes in MSP. The cakes themselves were hot, fluffy and full of blueberries. I was pleased that the cakes had a nice proportion of berries to cake. I want to try the other cake varieties at Al's again.

My mom had the summer egg special - she said it tasted like Caprese salad with eggs and was quite pleased with it.

I now understand why this place consistently wins best breakfast in the Twin Cities - the atmosphere is fascinating and the food is awesome. I only wish I was a student at the U.

French Meadow - I had the buttermilk pancakes. Wow these are huge! I found them to be good because they were fluffy and again they didn't have that I-was-fried-in-the-guy's-bacon-grease-before-you greasy-ness. If I remember correctly, these also had a bit of the tangy-ness similar to Colossal Cafe. The only downside to French Meadow's cakes was that it was a bit hectic to line up and then wait for a table to open up.

I went back to turtle bread and was not as impressed with their basic buttermilk pancakes this time. Perhaps it was all the cake eating and comparing I have been doing recently. This time I found them a little too flat. They still tasted good, but the texture has changed. I also had their multigrain and blueberry cakes recently and those were better. The mulitgrain batter was interesting - it was unlike any other cake I have had before so that was a pleasant surprise. On top of the cakes they added a handful of blueberries and granola. Yum - they almost tasted healthy.

[MSP] Chowdown report: Midtown Global Market II

Ah! Thanks Teamkitty for clarifying the difference between spinach pie and spanokopita. I guess I didn't realize there was a difference because at Athens Cafe they seem to use the terms interchangeably - and their spinach pie/spanokopita is always with phyllo.

Sioux Falls Overview Fall 2006 (from a local)

I'm reviving this thread again because I had another Sioux Falls visit last week. For this visit, we went to Zandbroz Soda Falls for lunch and Cafe 334 for breakfast.

At Zandbroz I went there with my mom and my boyfriend. While there, we talked to the woman working and she said that Saturday afternoons, they prepare 5 "homemade" dishes for the day. When I was there, they had a cheese quiche, pasties, broccoli cheese soup, pizza, and a salad. I choose the cheese Quiche and broccoli cheese soup. I found both to be excellent! The quiche had the perfect blend of egg to cheese and the crust was light and flaky. The broccoli cheese soup was lovely too. It had just the right amount of cheese to not be just cheese soup and nice pieces of broccoli.

My boyfriend had the pasties. Apparently pasties are something common in Upper Peninsula Michigan. He described the pastie as fine, but tasted pre-made. While good, it would not be a reason to go there. Try the other options, they were quite good.

For desert, we split a banana split. Wow! This was the highlight! they use three scoops of ice cream, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate. Then they add the strawberry, chocolate and butterscotch toppings. On top of that they add the banana, whip cream and of course, the cherries! yummmmmy! Go for the banana split if nothing else but make sure to bring friends as it is HUGE!

At Cafe 334 I had the pumpkin pancakes and these were delightful! They had a hint of pumpkin spices, but were still clearly pancakes -- light and fluffy. As an added bonus, the pancakes come with cinnamon butter! wow. Thanks chows for recommending Cafe 334 it was soooooooo much better than Perkins in every way! I have found my new breakfast spot when in Sioux Falls!

I wanted to try Red Rossa, but we didn't get a chance to go there. Has anyone ever been there? Can somoene tell me more about it?



[MSP] Chowdown report: Midtown Global Market II

I would have to agree that the Veggie Platter from Holy Land was by far the weakest dish of the evening -- and it was my pick! I thought the spinach pie was terrible. The crust was not phyllo dough which I thought was odd when I got it, but I was being optimistic at first. Then I tried it. Not only was the dough bad, but so was the filling. To me, the spinach tasted burned or maybe just over done. Either way it was not good. It also seemed to be missing feta. However, I did like the falafel and hummus. They were not the best in the Twin Cities, but compared to the spinach pie, they were outstanding!

My favorites of the evening were the veggies from Safari Express, the lefse and all the deserts! I was soooo happy to have lefse, it reminded me the lefse my grandma used to bring for Christmas. The junk you can buy in the grocery stores in the TC is just appalling. Usually it is bland and too salty. This lefse was made with care by someone that actually knows how to make appropriate lefse. The only problem with this lefse is the way it was prepared. Since it was pre-rolled and then wrapped in plastic wrap, the ends got a little dry.

The Safari vegetables were great! They had a nice spice to them that made them just lovely.

The deserts yummmmy! I liked them all so I really can't pick my favorite. But I think my top two were the pineapple upside down cake and the baklava.

Best Pancakes MSP

I tried the blueberry pancakes this morning. I was a bit disappointed because they were a little dry. Also, the blueberries seemed to be more of the candied variety. I wasn't expecting great blueberries. After all, it is December in Minnesota. However, I think that a decent bag of frozen blueberries or even canned would have been better than the berries in the cakes. Overall, the blueberry cakes are average. On the other hand, the atmosphere is great. It feels like the cafe should be in Small Town, MN rather than the Twin Cities and I love that!

[MSP] Chowdown Report, Mai Village Dim Sum (St. Paul, MN)

Mai Village does get atmosphere points. I would have to agree that Mai Village is not as good as Jun Bo or Mandarin Kitchen. I think with a bit more selection, it could be better. It just didn't have the unique items like Jun Bo serves. I really like the surprise factor at Jun Bo, you just never know what will be on the next cart!

I liked the Chinese broccoli because it wasn't in such big pieces as at other places and if for no other reason, it was easier to manage.

I also enjoyed the pineapple buns. The pineapple filling was interesting because unlike other pineapple buns I have had, it had chunks of pineapple. At other places that I have had the buns, they tended to not be quite as pineapple-y and I couldn't really distinguish the filling as pineapple. Rather it just was a sweet bun. I have read that traditionally they are not supposed to be pineapple flavored necessarily (they get the name from the look) but I really like them to look and taste like pineapple. Overall, the hot Jun Bo pineapple buns still win. There's not much in this world that is better than a hot Pineapple Bun!

turning someone into a chowhound (MSP)

take the guy to 112 so at least he can get the cheeseburger and you can have one of their other lovely dishes.

If it's sportsbar type atmosphere that he is looking for, go to Gabes. Its not the best food, but its pretty good for a sports bar. I like the create your own pizza's. I have heard that the Buffalo chicken sandwich is pretty good.

Re: the free Appelbee's visit that Danny and I had, it was also disconcerting to notice the amount of weight watchers and "celebrity" inspired dishes. who wants to think about their diet when eating out? I felt so ripped off even though it was free. Never Again!

Best Pancakes MSP

It sounds like I really need to try Al's. That's one of those places that I always mean to try but never make it. I think Al's has just been moved up to spot #1 on the "places to try" list. Thanks for the suggestions!

Best Pancakes MSP

Bonnie's has good cakes if I remember right. My memory on this place is kinda sketchy because I have not been there in well over a year. I think I remember that they had good blueberry cakes. I'll have to add this to my list of places I need to try again.

Sioux Falls Overview Fall 2006 (from a local)

I was in Sioux Falls over the weekend and ate at LaLaibela. As a comparison to the Ethiopian I have had in the Twin Cities, I would have to say it is very close. The main difference I have found is that my dishes were on the mild side. Usually, when I have Ethiopian in Minneapolis, it has a nice spicy kick to it. LaLaibella did not have much of a kick to it. Next time, I think I will try and ask for it spicy and see if that makes any difference.

I tried to order the lentils with berbere sauce. I saw that the lentils with berbere sauce was offered on the veggie combo, but I did not want the veggie combo, I just wanted the lentils. However, there seemed to have been a bit of a language barrier with the man serving us. He didn't quite understand what I meant. When the food came out, I ended up getting the veggie combo dish. Even though this was not what I originally intended to order, I was glad I got this instead. The combo had the lentils of course, some other bean dish, a potato stew, collard greens (I think that's what they were), and a salad. Besides the lentils I really enjoyed the collard greens and the potatoes. Both were nicely seasoned, albeit a bit mild for me. If there was a bit more heat, it would have been perfect.

The other interesting thing I had at LaLaibella was the Honey Wine. Wow. This was strong wine! I had never had honey wine before so I had no idea what to expect. It was slightly sweet, but with a kick! My friend bought a bottle of it from the owner after our meal and we found it has 12% alcohol, so I guess that explains the kick I got from the wine!

I was impressed at how cheap wine was at the restaurant. 3 dollars for a glass of wine??? That's unheard of! Sioux Falls has a great thing going if you can get a decent wine for 3 bucks!

I wanted to go to Food n Fermentation but they were having some sort of private party the night we wanted to go so alas, the macaroni and cheese will have to wait for another time.

Best Pancakes MSP

I love pancakes, blueberry, plain, corn, mango, strawberry, lemon really any kind -- I love them all. I love them so much so that was wondering what other pancake gems might be in the area that I have yet to try. Here's my rundown of best cakes in the twin cities.

Best Plain cakes: Turtle Bread. They are thick, fluffy, and come super warm. And, they get bonus points for not putting the butter directly on the cakes before they arrive. I don't like butter on my cakes, but I always forget to ask for no butter.

Best Unique Cakes: Maria's. HUGE cakes! Maria's has 10 different flavors of cakes (Ripe Plantain, Raisin & Walnut, Blueberry, mango, banana, raspberry, pineapple, strawberry and Corn Pancakes) I have had the plantain, raisin and walnut, blueberry and the corn pancakes. The best of the ones that I have tried are the plantain. The corn cakes are not quite as good as at Victors, but still very good. It has been a while since I have had Maria's corn cakes, so it may be time for me to do a comparison of the two again.

Best Corn cakes: Victors 1959 Cafe
yummy. It sort of reminded me of cornbread but not mealy like corn bread. It had the nice corn-y sweetness without being over powering. perfect.

Best miscellaneous cakes: I'm not really sure how to categorize the lemon ricotta cakes at Hells Kitchen ( so they are my misc cakes. They are not really fruit cakes, but they are clearly not plain either. The lemon ricotta cakes are light with a hint of lemon zest which makes these cakes just bright. They are a perfect pick me up on a Saturday morning.
Who has the best blueberry cakes in the Twin Cities? I have yet to find blueberry cakes that are outstanding. Where would be a good place to try? Maria’s and Victors blueberry cakes are good, but not the best I have ever had. (that award would go to the Blueberry cakes at the Wynn in Las Vegas).

I also have a list of cake places that I really want to be good, but I am always disappointed too. For example, at the Town Talk Diner, the cakes are fine. But that's about all I can say about them. They are just that, fine. While they are better than Aunt Jamima mix, I make better cakes at home than at TTD. When I go out I want my cakes to be better than I can make (and I'm not so skilled in the kitchen either).

The other place that always disappoints me is at the Bandbox. I really want them to be good because it is a super cool space. However, I have found the cakes to be thin, and fried on the outside from all the grease on the griddle. yuck! I prefer my cakes soft on the outside. A little crunch is ok, but with these cakes they may as well just have dropped them in the deep-fat fryer. It would have been the same effect.

Waldorf Salads in Minneapolis?

I had a Waldorf Salad at the Oceanaire about a year ago. However when I was there for my Dad's birthday last week, it was not on the menu.

Twin Cities: Looking for real good American food

It's true.. My Grandma did like the Triple Rock. I just thought it would be fun to take Grandma there because she can have some funny comments about places she doesn't like. I thought the Triple Rock would be an instant classic Grandma-ism but besides the coffee, she really enjoyed it. Who knew?

Danny's not kidding about the GARLIC mashed potatoes. I had one bite of them and whoa! These were no wimpy well-we-do-use-garlic-powder kind of mashed potatoes. I could smell the garlic on Danny for hours after dinner. Really quite bizarre.

I had the veggie burger. I would not order the veggie burger from the Triple Rock again. It was kinda dry, kinda bland. I can't really describe it other than bland. I have had much better.

I have had the macaroni and cheese on other visits and it is very good. The mac and cheese is creamy with a dusting of bread crumbs on the top. yum.

Minneapolis itinerary--suggestions?

We had also had an 8:30 reservation and didn't leave until after 11. It is a long evening but it's ohh so romantic. Your wife will love the romance of the place.

We found it much easier to use the valet instead of trying to find a parking spot on the street. They just added the valet on to our bill at the end so that was convenient.

You can do a wine pairing with each course. We saw some other tables doing that and it looked like a lot of fun. We just thought it was a bit too expensive (I think it was an additional $50 a person for the wine pairing). We figured we could get a reasonable wine for a third of the price so we did that. Maybe next time...

Sioux Falls Overview Fall 2006 (from a local)

Oh! the BFR of course I know about the BFR!! That was my post-bar staple in college! The last time I was in Sioux Falls I HAD to have a BFR. It's funny that BFR has become synonymous with the Fryn Pan roll.

We'll have to try sushi masa again the next time I am in Sioux Falls. It has been several years since I have been there, so it will be nice to experience it again.

Thanks to everyone for posting on Sioux Falls. My hometown gets soo overlooked on the chowhound. It's great hearing what's good in Sioux Falls so I don't get too discouraged. :)