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Solo meals in Portland

I am embarking on a solo weekend to Portland from LA. Was supposed to go with a bf, but we broke up and I still want to go see the city and try some of the amazing restaurants i've been hearing about! But what I dont want is to find restaurants where i feel conspicuously alone!

So. What restaurants/coffeeshops can you recommend that have a great bar where I can order food at a bar or without having to sit at a waiter service table? Or any other fun ideas?

I'm staying at the Ace and will have a car. Thank you! :)

Aug 08, 2012
aquaeyes4 in Metro Portland

los angeles cooking school?

thank you so much for the replies! i'm still debating between the pro chef 1 program at epicurean and pro chef 1 at new school of cooking. i've heard mixed reviews at both, but the person who answered the phone at epicurean was so rude that unless i hear a rave about that program, my votes has been swayed. really, i want to learn as much as possible. if i had time, id go to cordon bleu, but i just cant with my job... so that said, i want the most professional program i can find. i'm open to any other suggestions... but i also dont want to pay 80bucks a pop on individual themed classes...

Jul 02, 2009
aquaeyes4 in Los Angeles Area


i'm hearing a lot about saam, but i cant seem to find any info about it... are the menu items served there the same as at bazaar? do they take reservations? i have an upcoming res at bazaar and am totally excited to check it out, but i want to get the full experience.


Jun 18, 2009
aquaeyes4 in Los Angeles Area

los angeles cooking school?

can anyone recommend a good cooking school in LA? I can't go to Le Cordon Bleu because I work full time and wouldn't be able to attend their classes. I looked into Epicurean but it seemed like they didn't really have their sh*t together, though their sunday chef pro classes look most promising to me... just wondering if i've missed anything or if anyone has any other info about epicurean? i'm a non-pro chef, though im very interested in the pro programs... thanks so much!

Jun 12, 2009
aquaeyes4 in Los Angeles Area

bar/restaurant with private room?

can anyone recommend a bar or restaurant with a private room? it would need to have a tv.

I feel like i've called everywhere in los angeles, but then again, i'm new, i'm sure i've missed a place or two...

food would be great, doesnt have to be too fancy.

Mar 27, 2009
aquaeyes4 in Los Angeles Area

scones from jack's coffee shop

i recently moved from the wonderful city that is new york, to the not so wonderful city that is los angeles and i am in seriously in withdrawl from jack's coffee and most of all their SCONES! does anyone know where they are from or where i might be able to find a similar recipe? they are vegan (and organic, though i gather it probably wouldnt effect the tast much if it wasnt) and they are in flavors like cherry almond and apple walnut with raw sugar on top. (if you havent had them, you should, they're awesome!)

anyone have any ideas???

Mar 05, 2009
aquaeyes4 in Manhattan