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Chinese New year in Baltimore?

Zhongshan Shan Restaurant
323 Park Ave
410 223 1881
They have a New Year menu.

Dim Sum Park Ave Baltimore

Thanks, I will have to see if they have improved in the past several months.

Dim Sum Park Ave Baltimore

I read recently a restaurant opened on Park Ave.
Anyone with any comments?

48 hours in... Zurich, Switzerland

Try Petermann's Kunststuben Seestrasse 160 8700 Kusnacht
It's a cab ride out of the downtown area, but well worth it.

Salt Tavern or Jack's Bistro in B-more?

Try Saute!

Sliced Potato Encrusted Fish

Thanks to all for the input. I happen to check on the internet and found this topic was previously discussed on chowhound between May 26 and May 31, 2007. Looks like I can now see what works...thanks again.

Mar 07, 2008
jaykramer in Home Cooking

Sliced Potato Encrusted Fish

Thanks...what is not clear is how to get the potatoes to stick to the fish. I guess I will have to watch the show.

Mar 04, 2008
jaykramer in Home Cooking

Sliced Potato Encrusted Fish

Looking for a recipe to create a main dish with Halibut or similar fish encrusted with sliced potatoes. The potatoes are placed on the fish to appear as "scales"

Mar 04, 2008
jaykramer in Home Cooking

Double (or Triple) fried potato slices

Who has the technique (and temperatures) to fry potatoes so that after the second or third frying they puff up?

Dec 23, 2006
jaykramer in Home Cooking

New Restaurant

Anyone know the name of the new Japanese/Spanish restaurant that opened in South Baltimore near the Wine Market? Anyone been there?