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Dishes that feature Salmon Skin?

They have a salmon skin salad and a salmon skin roll at Umi Sake House in the Belltown neighborhood:)

Umi Sake House
2230 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

Aug 29, 2011
seabee in Greater Seattle

Palm Springs Resto Recs


I am going to be in Palm Springs for a bachelorette party late September. I would love some recommendations on some delicious eateries in town. We will be staying at the Viceroy and the Ace Hotels and would love a couple of options for "cant miss" places or "gems" of the desert.
I am open to anywhere from dive places to 5 star places, just as long as there is awesome food, or scenery, or quintessential Palm Springs attitude. We will be in town Thursday-Sunday so all meals are on the table (breakfast, brunch, lunch, ect.)
Also it would great to know some fun bars in town too...

Thanks in advance!

Aug 29, 2011
seabee in California

Birthday brunch recs please :)

I second the Corson Building!
If you want total variety and the whole "Brunch Experience" Portage Bay Cafe is very popular and there is always a long line.
Boat Street Cafe (great French shabby chic atmosphere) as well.

Portage Bay Cafe
4130 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

Boat Street Cafe
909 NE Boat St, Seattle, WA

The Corson Building
5609 Corson Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108

Jun 10, 2011
seabee in Greater Seattle

Where to eat

I would recommend
#1: Go to Canlis. Every person should experience the service, view, and the food here. You will spend...and have fabulous memories.
#2: going to Walrus for drinks and oysters before Staple and Fancy! Kill two (delicious) birds with one stone. (they are in the same building in Ballard)
#3 going to Sitka and Spruce, which is located in Melrose Market. You can grab a drink at Bar Fer'dnand and people watch while you wait for your table.

Canlis Restaurant
2576 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Jun 10, 2011
seabee in Greater Seattle

Goat's Milk Butter in Seattle?

Does anyone know where I can find this in Seattle?
Making goat's milk caramels a la Martha….

Feb 12, 2010
seabee in Greater Seattle


This is not a "food" gift….but the company is from Seattle and local.
These are fabulous gifts and come in every color of the rainbow. Super classy for the dinner table and you will find them on the tables of a number of well known restaurants in the area.

Nov 12, 2009
seabee in Greater Seattle

Best Taco Truck in Wenatchee

There is an abundance of Mexican food in Wenatchee…..I am looking for some tried and true taco trucks and authentic mexican food eateries.

Thank You!!

Nov 07, 2009
seabee in Pacific Northwest

Need Gooseberries in Seattle

I am looking to make a gooseberry pie TODAY!
I have called/visited the following places with no luck already;
Whole Foods
Pike Place Market
Madison Market
Trader Joes
Schuh Farms
Grouse Mountain Farms

Does anyone know if they will be at the Bellevue Farmers Market today? or any other place in the Seattle area?

Thank You!

Jul 30, 2009
seabee in Greater Seattle

Where can I go (specifically) to forage for chanterelles?

I am in the Seattle area and would love to start collecting my own mushrooms. Since i am not an experienced forager, i decided that it would be best to stick with chanterelles because they are not easily mistaken for toxic varietals.
If anyone knows any specific trials or hikes or forests that i can go to.. that would be great.

Thanks in advance for viewing.

May 31, 2009
seabee in Pacific Northwest

Wild Boar in SEA?

Thank you VanillaG!
I actually found it at this distributor in Sodo:

Corfini Gourmet
1730 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA

Mar 20, 2009
seabee in Pacific Northwest

Wild Boar in SEA?

I am looking for wild boar shoulder in Seattle. Negative from B&E Meats in Burien, Whole Foods, and University Fish & Poulty only has tenderloin, possibly a roast. ....can I use a roast for WBRagu?

Mar 20, 2009
seabee in Pacific Northwest

Best Seattle Sushi?

"Sushi in Joy" in Bellevue (located in a strip mall :) next to QFC. Excellent quality, price, and great green tea with some sort of brown rice floating in it to give it a nutty taste.
"Saito's Japanese Cafe" in Belltown

Mar 04, 2009
seabee in Pacific Northwest