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Mexican Coca-Cola or Throwback/Natural Pepsi in Pinellas County?

The Publix near me has started to carry Mexican Coke for $1.40/bottle. Should be able to easily get other Publix to special order it for you.

Jan 01, 2010
Lucky Sven in Florida

Winter Park- Deland-- Tampa- St. Pete

Okay well I had a small writeup of restaurants and it has Ill try this again.
Comparing DeLand to Winter Park isn't very fair. DeLand is in no way a culinary destination however there are some restaurants which are better than others in town. That said I do end up traveling to restaurants outside of DeLand more often than not. Please note that the restaurants I list aren't necessarily "fun."

Main Street Grill--plain American food. Always busy.

Karlings on 17 North of DeLand-- Decent German food.

Belinis-- really cheap Italian food. Always busy, only takes cash.

Odum Thai & Sushi--Stetson students really like this place. Been about two years since I've been there but budget about 2 hours for lunch.

Pitmaster BBQ- cheap, decent BBQ.

Boston Coffee also serves light sandwiches and salads. It is an interesting little place.

Dec 29, 2009
Lucky Sven in Florida

Omni Orlando at ChampionsGate?

I've eaten at the Chinese restaurant a few times and it's fine, though the last time I was there the sushi wasn't good. I can't speak for the other restaurants in the hotel.

As for nearby? There is a generic Chinese restaurant and an Italian restaurant that I haven't eaten at in while in the Publix shopping plaza. Stay away from the Chilis right by I-4, the one and only time I've eaten there I waited way too long for food that came out wrong. I've also had friends/family experience similiar issues.

The Reunion resort is a 1-2 miles down the road, they recently opened up the restaurants in the resort but I am not sure how good they are.

Nov 24, 2009
Lucky Sven in Florida

Mexican Coca-Cola or Throwback/Natural Pepsi in Pinellas County?

Do you have a Fresh Market near you? I know the one in Orlando/Altamonte Springs stocks Mexican Coke.

Oct 17, 2009
Lucky Sven in Florida

Mexican restaurant near Disney World, Orlando

You maybe talking about Vallarta Mexican Grill. It is on Apopka Vineland, a mile or two north of the 535/Disney Entrance. It is in a shopping plaza with Steak & Shake and Fedex Kinkos.

Sep 05, 2009
Lucky Sven in Florida

Orlando Dining Month in September

Hah, yah I posted the samething over on SA. Except there I didn't leave out any words.

Aug 27, 2009
Lucky Sven in Florida

Orlando Dining Month in September

It's that time of the year for the Orlando Magical Dining Month. Select restaurants have either a $20 or $30 three course meals.

Alot of restaurants are repeats from last year, eg the near Universal Studios. However there are some new restraunts on the list like The Ravenous Pig

Aug 24, 2009
Lucky Sven in Florida

Ruth Chris adding Bistro Menu

Ruth Chris is adding a Bistro Menu to certain restaurants.

Here is the menu from the Lake Mary, FL restaurant:

Jun 29, 2009
Lucky Sven in Chains

NY Foodie heading to Disney needing opinions on the below:

Went to Le Cellier for lunch today and it was as good as I remember. I want to reiterate what another poster mentioned earlier, you need to make sure that you make this reservation as soon as possible.

Don't quote me on it but I think you can make your reservations starting 90 days from the start of your trip.

As an FYI: You can usually purchase a small cup of the chedder cheese soup at the Canada food & wine pavilion(or you could in the previous years)

Jun 23, 2009
Lucky Sven in Florida

NY Foodie heading to Disney needing opinions on the below:

Tokyo Dining is okay. It's B/C grade sushi that is okay priced. You mentioned that you were from NYC, I'd imagine that you have much better sushi place in your neck of the woods. The main entrees are okay, if slightly over-priced for lunch even for Disney's standards(lunch menu is the same as dinner).

As another poster mentioned, Morocco is very good, almost a hidden gem because you can even get into this restaurant on busy days. Also this restaurant is owned by the same operating participant as the new Paradiso 37(which subsequently owns some restaurants off disney property as well).

Recently I've had some good dinners at Yachtman's Steakhouse at the Yacht Club. Then afterwards you can always wander to Jellyrolls(piano bar) or the Atlantic City Dance Hall at the Boardwalk(i've always seen jellyrolls to be more popular than the dance hall).

California Grill has a very nice view that cant be missed but the last time I was there(October 2008), I didn't enjoy the meal, and the service kind of sucked. You can always grab a drink at the bar, just remember you can only get to the restaurant/bar by the 2nd floor.

The Wave(Contemporary) is also a less popular but still good restaurant. I've gone a handful of times and it's gotten much better than when it first opened.

You didn't mention any "fun" restaurants, and I'm not sure on your "disneyness" but I wouldn't skip 50's primetime diner at Hollywood Studios(not for the food, but for the snarky and fun servers).

I find Mickey's not so scary halloween party to be pretty fun, it's been a family tradition for the last few years. The parade is cool, and the fireworks are neat(they use some of the perimeter firing stations). You also get "free" candy, and they have characters who you never see out during the rest of the year(Snow White & The Seven Dwarves, the ugly step-sisters from Cinderella, white rabbit, mad hatter, queen of hearts)

The biggest issue is, we always go during the first few weeks, the week leading up to halloween, especially on Halloween is packed and becomes unfun. One year we went on the last day that it was going on, it was pretty empty and we walked home with about 10 full bags(supermarket bags) of candy, that included check-out counter packages of Hershey Kissables(they no longer give out full size candies).

Jun 22, 2009
Lucky Sven in Florida

Amira's in Altamonte Springs closing

According to the sentinel, they are retiring because of the economy. The sentinel also mentions that one of their sons' is looking to open a kosher deli in lake county

May 27, 2009
Lucky Sven in Florida

Jewish deli?

It appears Amira's restaurant is now closed.

Tried to go there for lunch today and there is a sign on the door of the restaurant saying the restaurant is permanently closed.

May 24, 2009
Lucky Sven in Florida

Orlando Restaurant Week

It appears that the Orlando Weekly just announced their restaurants for this year's restaurant week.

Appears to be the usual stuff you see on these restaurant deals, most of the places are located in south Orlando in the tourist area.

Apr 30, 2009
Lucky Sven in Florida

Daytona Beach for Birthday

I personally haven't eaten here but my parents have enjoyed there meals at The Cellar Restaurant(

Mar 04, 2009
Lucky Sven in Florida

Dining near John Knox Village, Orange City--Suggestions please!

Debary & Deltona have very few restaurants and nothing I would recommend.
DeLand has a few restaurants & the following have a quiet setting.
Norville Barnes (
-Eaten here once for lunch, burger was fresh, but they added some onion and the bread was kind of stale. I would probably go back. Serves beer & wine.

)-It was good but small portions and high prices
-I don't think they have a liquor

Main Street Grill (
)-It's okay, but it does have liquor.
-In the basement of an old bank building

Brickhouse (
)-Havn't eaten here for a while, but it does have cheap liquor

Within a 1/2 an hour you can make it to Sanford/Heathrow/Lake Mary(about 10 miles on I-4) where there are more options that aren't chains:
In Sanford you have:
Route 46(
)-A few options here, Monroe's is the upscale restaurant, ate here once when it first opened, was pretty good.

Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe (
)-Good simple german food (basically have schnitzel and some other things)
-Can get loud especially on the weekend, they have a german group
-Not sure about liquor.

Fishbones (http://www.talkofthetownrestaurants.c...
)-My dad loves it, always takes his clients there
-Does have liquor

Amura (
)-"Premium" Sushi, but some of the best in the Orlando area

Vineyard Wine Co. (
)-Food served tappas style during the evening, lunch portion was good but there was more bread than chicken on the chicken sandwich
-large wine list, can get busy at night

That was the area in a nutshell, let me know if you have any other questions or want to find out about more restaurants.

Mar 04, 2009
Lucky Sven in Florida