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Rt 1 - Bangor to Fort Kent

Plan on laying a flower at Helen's on the way. Any one have any suggestions? Leaving from Winterport. Jordan's in Ellsworth will be lunch stop #1. After that I am kinda foggy.

Belfast Maine - Delvino's Grill & Pasta House

Enjoyed a wonderful trip to Belfast today for Easter Brunch.

The buffet set up was small but nicely varied. Shrimp cocktail and smoked salmon with some very good locally sourced cheeses & crackers was my first coarse.....wonderful start with my rusty nail.

Next hit the breakfast fare. Sausage link & stuffed french toast & roasted potatoes. All very nice. They were doing eggs to order but not omelets.

They had a crock pot of clam chowder that was spot on. Cream & no roux if I were to guess. Rich & flavorful with out any paste.

For the dinner portion carved ham, prosciutto wrapped asparagus and cheese tortellini. The prosciutto wrapped asparagus was done very well with almost a nutty-salty-smokey flavor.

The cheese tortellini really blew me away though (if that was it was). It looked to be hand made "beggars pouches" of cheese in a brown butter & cheese b├ęchamel. Rich beyond being healthy. Pasta was definitely hand made and cooked a little beyond al dente so it really melted in with the sauce and filling. yum. A nice piece of ham & the tortellini dipped in the cheese

Nice plates of Easter treats & cakes ended the meal perfect.

All and all you could tell all the dishes were prepared by cooks & staff who cared about quality and took pride in being there.

This was our first visit...but looking at the menu won't be our last. If you chow-hounds look at the menu check the salad called the wasabi lady....that looks amazing.

Chow on chow-hounds! Check this place out!

Rangeley Fine Dining?


These guys do a pretty good job. it's in ocuossic..just up the road from Rangley.

I would call to make sure it's open.

They used to feed the deer out back so get a window seat!

Wo's BBQ Verona Island Maine

Well it's tuff for me to write a bad post about a local establishment. But got to get the word out to the hounds...because thats we we do.

Stoped by Wo's BBQ on Rt' 1 Verona Island few days ago. Ordered a pulled chix and pulled pork sandwiche baskets for dinner.

First inpresstion was the meat of both was white.....when I think of a pulled any thing sandwich I think of a nice smokey pink meat cooked with a sweet rub an slathered with some kind of sauce. Well the meat of both was white...not dry but had no flavor besides the meat it self.

Got one with a Garlic sauce and one with a chipotle sauce. Unfortunatly there really was not enough sauce on ethier to complement the flavorless meat. Bun were good is about all I can say.

Bake beans were the high light of the baskets and you could tase the garlic "Wo's" sauce in the bean and was good. Cole slaw also had a hind of garlic which was ok but the slaw was reallt not creamy enough for my taste. Acctually put the bean on the last of the sandwiches to try and capture some of the garlic BBQ sauce flavor.

Maybe the ribs are better & I hope so.

Any one else tried the place and got a better impression please post back.....want to know if I was just having an off day.....and I do understand BBQ is regional taste and I like mine sweet spicey smoked and maybe Wo's for from and region style....I'd like to know if that the case too.....

Dinner in Rangeley, Maine this Saturday

The ginger bread house is nice....don;t know what you mean about a sporting camp....really you have the down town pub/pizza fair.

The menu at the gingerbread house looks "hoity toidy" but it really not.

Had a good steak there.....quality was good but not exceptional. But I would think about the best food you would find in the area.

Bagaduce Lunch Brooksville Maine

yea was kinda hot so went for the shade....but a #2 lobster roll is on my list......really had a good steak and cheese down the road at want to see how they compare. read in a couple posts they through some spice in therer there lobster the lobster rolls will come b4 the steak and cheese.......but some times the contrast of a smoken loaded stake and cheese on the maine coast is just too much to

Kittery to Camden, Maine: Who has thick, creamy style of clam chowder and the best of other seafood items?

beg to differ....LL Bean puts a little flour in their recipe....milk with clam/crab/lobster sucks...get a clue northers...if you skip the flour then all milk and the potatoes will add the starch.,,,,,milkey chower ....yuk ooooo...the damn taste is weak

Bagaduce Lunch Brooksville Maine

Well after reading lots of good about Bagaduce lunch in Brooksville Maine I finally made it there for lunch.

I orderd the FIsh Burger and onion rings. Fish Burger was $6.50 order of rings and a beverage came to about $12.00.

Well the fish burger was all it was cracked up to be. Huge protion. There was more fish out side the bun then unfer it....and it was not a tiny hamberger bun. Fish was damn near fried perfect. Extreemly moist. Just a light but very taasty crunchy breading that really let the tase of the haddock shine thourgh. Had mine with tartar sause....did not know what to expect from the condiment but definately home made...I think had a touch of curry in it as it had a very pretty yellow green tint to it....finley diced vegies that stood there own while still having a good tartar sauce flavor. Plus a slice of american and cheese....yum.

Thin cut onion rind where sweet and tastey in not greesey....the perfect thing to much as you try to at least get the the bun of the sandwich pulling off beutiful scallop sized chunks of haddock.

Here's the kicker.....working just about 15 minutes down the road......gonna sample the lobster rolls and steak and cheese sub's in short order....I'll let you know.

Kittery to Camden, Maine: Who has thick, creamy style of clam chowder and the best of other seafood items?

Don't know where the "western" came from. Authentic "thin" turns out to be a pile a fresh seafood in warm milk with a butter float.

I like my chowder cooked....many restaurants in maine advertise made to order chowder and you get a warm milk seafood cereal.....yuk.

Cook the damn stuff.

Kittery to Camden, Maine: Who has thick, creamy style of clam chowder and the best of other seafood items?

Darbey's in Belfast.....little up the coast. But the owner always advertised "no filler" chowder and he named flour & corn starch.

Just whole milk cream....not sure if it's the same owner now but worth a try.

We had to interview a local for a job and I picked Darbey's....first thing out of the guys mouth was...."sooooo who from around here?".....he order the cowder as an entree.

Sorry to say we did not hire him.....but we all had a good dinner!

I always enjoyed the chicken chashew chilli to.

Longshot---any place to get a good Italian beef in Portland/Southern Maine area

lol just had to follow up you can find many beef "italians".....but you try to define an italian on chow hound and you will really get a responce LOL.

Longshot---any place to get a good Italian beef in Portland/Southern Maine area

I think the closest thing you find to an italian beef in Maine is called a french dip.

Roast beef on a sub roll ( crunchy if you can find one) and Aujus.....but the beef wont really come out of the ajus like the Italian beef I know.

Any news on where the President and first family ate on MDI?

woot woot havana!

our next dinner there will not be the same!

Best Breakfast in or near Portsmouth, NH?

yea I agree....was a smoken diner south of portsmouth on the right Betty's kitchen.

They always did a band up breakfast......weekends could be crouded too though.

Check out the Huevo rancheros on the specials menu on the link OMG...yum!

Lunch between Portland and Bar Harbor

If you are traveling up 95 and make it to Winslow try Big G's for a sandwich Get the hole and you will truley be amazed. It's aout 10 15 minutes off 95 and you should get a map...but just few turns needed.

Belfast route I would suggest Darbeys in down town Belfast.

Big G's
581 Benton Ave, Winslow, ME

Best Breakfast in or near Portsmouth, NH?

Friendly Toast...downtown portsmouth....parking can be tuff......but great breakfast dishes.

LOBSTER ROLL - will travel

I lived in Grrenville for a few years. Best eats when I was around was the Rod and Reel. don't think they had lobster rolls but made an excellent fried scallop roll. Very good haddock chowder too. would be my #2 with lobster bisque that was good. I would stay away from the Black Frog except for cocktails.

For a nice day drive (in the woods dirt road) up the west side of Moose head go and visit Pittstion Farm for lunch. Very nice drive though the north Maine will need to pay a small toll go get in the woods roads. Should be ok for cars that time of year & you can ask at the gate.....may a 45 minute to an hour drive....nice river's all around the farm for pictures and such.

Thats really about it....there is not much "around" Greenville thats why you go to Greenville.

Black Frog
Pritham Ave, Greenville, ME 04441

MDI recs?

Cleonice in Ellsworth if my favorite...and I hear they just opened a new restaurant in Blue Hill called Table....can't wai to try it. Havana in Bar Harbor has a smoken wine list and interesting "Latin Fusion" or Cuban fare depending on who you talk to.

They all have web sites....check them out...and hope you enjoy your stay.

112 Main St, Ellsworth, ME 04605

Cheap lobster in Rockport, Camden, or Rockland?

cook your own lobster if going around $4.50 at the road side vendors....just an FYI

Moe's Italian Sandwiches, NH

I worked in Portsmouth a few years back and I enjoyed the Moe's Italian. We used to order out in our office a few time's a month. Best part when you open one up in the office the whole place got stunk up by the onions & salami. I always got mine with mayo.....yum. Soft bread was also good and a selling point for me. Plus on good days I would get a pick nic table at Rye maybe the atmosphere played a role too.

Stand a lone it is a good and unique sandwich......I think they have franchised the business so don;t know if quality has been sacrificed.

Try Big G's in waterville maine for another great sandwich shop.....yum.

Big G's
581 Benton Ave, Winslow, ME

New Coffee Pot - Bangor

mmmm second for Big G's!...Mystery meat is yummy...egg salad and liverwurst.....onion on white.

Bar Harbor Winter Dining?

We tried to have breakfast at Cafe this Way in December and it was closed. Looked like it was closed for the season. We ended up at the Side Street cafe. Very limited breakfast menu but good quality.

They made their own tea bags for tea and it was quite tasty.

I had baked eggs and salmon.....small portions but was good. Mother and sister had breakfast panini that were good sized.

Not really a breakfast place though.

Corn Beef Hash

Hello fellow chow Hounders,

For all of you north of Augusta I found some very good corn beef hash at a Very Small spot in Winterport Maine.

Old standby breakffast spot under new owner ship. Rise and shine Cafe on Rt 1 Winterport.

Menu is very basic eggs, pancakes and coffee spot. Years ago the made an awsome (although artery clogging) breakfat meat entree called the "sampler". I remember it fondley after a hard Friday night on the town you could settle you stomach with coffee and grease. Eggs, bacon, homefies,sausage, cornbeef hash grilled biscut (quartered)....and if you wanted the full effect baked beans on the side.

Sad to say the new place did not have the sampler on the menu....but with prices the way they are these days it would probably be $15 not the $6 i remember. I never did understand how they put up that breakfast so cheap.

So I opted for the cornbeef hash hash and over easy eggs as the hash was on the menu as homemade.

I was very happy with the choice. Hash was very similar the the famous spot up the road a bit Dysarts (my previous favoirite hash). My first bite I was sure they had Dysarts recipie.....and they very well may have....but did a little bit better job. Had a nice flalvor and was very moist on the interior with a wonderful on the grill crust. Got a grilled biscut too that could have been a little lighter...but was certaily acceptable. Mother got the blueberry pancakes and they came out with a good amount of fruit in them and she was happy.

Coffee was better than average.

Its small but comfortable.

Go for the hash.

Empire Bar Portland Maine

deffinately...with the focus on "ate". Morning after got a coffee at starbucks and a stuffed breakfast burrito @ wild burritos.

Burrito was good...way stuffed with moist egg, sausage, onion, chees and salsa. service was quick and very friendly.

Pop'd a spot on one of the street side benches and watched Portland wake up 2 another day.....great stay.....will do again soon.

Empire Bar Portland Maine

Recently spent a couple days in Portlands Old Port just eating and drinking.

Stayed at Eastpark...needs new captets and the rooms can be laid out a two room suite for $172 with four closets & one happend to be bathroom....I acctually walked it twice to find the was nice and Top of the East for cocktails is worth any rate.

One night had dinner at 555.....very nice.

But my shout out to Maine Chow hounds has to be the Open Face Pulled Pork sandwich at the Empire bar just up the street. Empire is a "bar" and probably not for children.. Staff are friendly and the PBR's are only $2....draft or 16os can.

I saw a happy couple devoring a plat of fork ready food and was curious as to what it was so I asked for a menu to see if I could idendify the reason the plate was cleaned so handily.

Menu was pub fare but the Open face pulled prok was obviously the dish they scraped up clean.

Four squares of New England stye corn bread topped (loaded like stuffed with ice cream scoops) with house made pulled pork, cole slaw, wet white rice and cooked black beans. The pork was topped off with a bbq sauce not seen north of Tennesee....vinigar based.

I can't decide if the rice and beans or the bbq sauce kicked me to the floor...but put them together...OMG....they did a great job with just a drissle bbq sause so the pork held is own but you got a bit of vinigar sweetness in you with corn may be a little rice & pork.......beans and corn brean with a little scoop of cole slaw....or slaw and pork.....

Seriously chow hounds.......this plate is one you should see on Food Network coming out of a 10 x 10 white cinder block shack in Buloxi Mississipee.....on a dead end street next to the junk's that good.

Did I mention the PBR's are $2! I'll still be visiting Fore street, The Grill Romm, Hugo's, 555....I had a few of those PBR's and walked out of there cheap & amased and full.

Chears....umm Tod? LOL PBR's

Flo's Hot Dogs - huge dissapointment!

dog is a dog when u want 1.....Wassas are the Whie Casle of dogs...kicks a steamed beef dog 2 ......bit's

Flo's Hot Dogs - huge dissapointment!

steamed dog are steamed dogs...sauce or not...lived in Kittery for a bit...never went.

My vote for a dog?

Wassues in Belfast....cooked on the grill swimming in peanut oil and chopped onions.......slice of bacon......yum.

If i get the inkling....some of that cheese wiz......stuff just melts the syeamed bun...grrr

Bar Harbor/Acadia Area Steak?

Agree Carole....Cod cakes were salty had dinner at Havana over the 4th of July. Great atmosphere and un hurried. Wine list was huge but I stuck to the mohito's.

Tuna way expertly prepared...corn biscue was very good.

Near Greenville, ME

LOL Mainegal....we hit Greenville dead on!

I lived their for a bit you?

We must have been typing the same time....look at our post times.....thats too funny.

Near Greenville, ME

Bar harbor...I just had dinner @ Havana...up scale...excellent service...smoken reviews For pub fair Geddy's is my fav. Huge menu for a pub....quality food....not a place to relax though. Breakfast

BUT!!!! If you can talk your way to a dinner off the island I'll put this place against anything north of Boston. Unbeilevable food. Tapas menu is a oure joy to paroose. Entrees are varied and preparation is top shelf....I KNOW...I KNOW..ITS NOT ON THE OCEAN!. Check out the web site & tapas menu.....down town Ellowsworth on US route 1....your gonna drive right by it. You will thank your self.

Greenville don't worry thier is nothing fancy....say beside the Blair Hill Inn....and they have limited hours. Rod and Reel was always my favorite spot, Loved there scallop roll always fresh. Guy running it always also took pride in his pasrami sandwich. Good chowder too. small place. Second favorite wouuld be Kelly's landing in Greenvill Junction. Good seafood chowder & nice salad bar (only one in town I knew of. For a fun little trip up the west side of moose head go to Pittston Farm Nice drive on a true maine "loggin road" you nay have to pay a north wood toll...but it's only a few buck and helps maintain the road. The trip might take you half hour 45 minutes. Never ate at the farm but they were a customer of mine when I work in Greenville for a few years. Owner are high quality and I'm sure the food is to...beautifull rock bed rivers around the farm for you and groom to get some pictures and fun walk.
I would stay away from the Black Frog except for drinks.....same with Leasure Life resort

All links have menus......enjoy & post back your trip!