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Potato and Bacon Breakfast Casserole

This looks delicious.

Sep 09, 2014

La Nouvelle Maison Boca

Hot and Soul-Fort Lauderdale

CF, is this Hot and Soul, the New Orleans place? Looks and sounds different-

Best Burger Miami-Ft. Lauderdale

Yeah. I couldn't stand Smashburger, that's why I put it last. It just plain stunk on ALL levels. I guess, in my previous post I prefaced my sentence wrong, so it appeared as if I had placed it on a "Top" or "Best" list.

Shake Shake is just fine. Not impressed, but very flat about it all, the place, the menu, the burger, the taste.

Burger Fi had me at onion rings. They were so crispy crunchy. I couldn't get enough. It elevated the whole burger meal for me.

Five Guys. I don't know what it is, but I really love it. I will say, that I always feel like it has way more calories than the rest. Maybe it's the monster-sized fries I always finish. Maybe the grease.

As for Charm City (the BEST bun, delicious sauce, juicy meat and perfect sized patty) and MEAT (almost artisinal in feel and flavor, great condiments and ROCKIN crispy onions) being in a different category- I suppose I understand your point CF. Both are WAY, WAY more superior as far as flavor of burger, bun, condiments, etc. but it's the same general style restaurant experience for me w/ similar price points, so I put them on the same list.

I didn't really get into it in my previous post, but now that I'm writing about this again, IMO Charm City has seriously awful service in a gross, darkly-lit space, that "felt" dirty and sticky. I sat at the counter and in the time span there eating my meal, they messed up 4 different customers orders, and not just temperature of the burger! Whole orders were blown. Things were left off, odd items were put on. Forgotten sides. We were actually laughing as we thought maybe they had all smoked pot or something in the kitchen. I was also thinking that next time I wanted Charm City, I would just eat it in my car and forgo eating inside altogether.

I eat this meal a lot, as it is one of my favorites. That said, for the money, the space that serves the burger meal, to some degree, can influence my decision as to whether or not I will go to one or the other places, even if I think the burger somewhere else is better.

La Nouvelle Maison Boca

I think this is the article. http://www.southflorida.com/restauran...

Best Burger Miami-Ft. Lauderdale

My favorite fast-casual burger joints- in order of preference (Burger w/ ketchup and/or special sauce, LT & raw O):
Charm City; M-E-A-T, Five Guys; Burger Fi, Shake Shack; Smash Burger
For the Onion Rings:
M-E-A-T (the crisps); Burger Fi; Charm City
Looking forward to Zin Burger

Anyone Been to Meat Eatery in Boca?

I've been and it is very good. I had a special of pork belly sandwich with homemade slaw (superb) and a kimchi aoli. The aoli threw me a little. My husband had a simple burger with onion crisps, and said it was the best he has had in all of Boca. I concur on the crispy onions. They were insanely good. I wish I had chosen my second choice- the blt. They prepare their own bacon and I think that I might have liked that even more.
The restaurant doesn't really feel like you are eating in a "restaurant". It shares a space in an office plaza- which technically shouldn't bother me, but somehow, it makes the experience of eating there suffer a bit. If you are looking for an atmosphere to go with your food, M-E-A-T doesn't really deliver.
The staff is very committed to the menu and are super helpful. The drinks menu (mostly beer and some wine) was excellent. Plenty of unique items to choose from.
The bill- two sandwiches and two beers ran us about $42 tax and tip.
I will return.

Crayfish anyone?

I saw frozen crawfish at IKEA the other day, but forgot to check if they were in the shell or not. I did notice that they were from China.

December Holiday Party in Palm Beach County: need suggestions for locale

You could look into Chops Lobster Bar in Boca Raton. They offer steaks, seafood as well as other options. They have a lovely private room in otherwise upscale steakhouse space. After looking at their "Large party 1", they are asking $65pp, however, on their "regular menu" they offer a $49 3-course option, so I would think for a private event, you might be able to finagle your menu to suit your budget, especially if cocktails are not included. (They fix a good drink, btw). Ask for Monroe, the Maitr d'


Route 9 (Coral Gables) - incredible food, relaxed atmosphere, and CHEAP

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll give it a try. I felt the same way about Sweetwater in Boynton. http://www.sweetwater33.com/

I've eaten here and it was good! (I'll go first) Sweetwater (Boynton)

Sometimes I'd just like to look at this board and see a running list of worthy places to go and a short description of why it was good.

Cool atmosphere, great cocktails, interesting menu. Maybe the best brussels sprouts I've ever eaten. $10 all you can drink punch (with a punch)

Restaurant checking your belongings

I've never heard of any restaurant doing such a thing. I wonder if they have a sign on the door alerting customers to their procedure?

Kapow! Noodle Bar in Boca's Mizner Park

I see you went a while ago to Kapow, I love ramen and finally got the chance to give it a try. We sat at the bar. It was hot, sticky and for an out of season Saturday night, hopping.
I wanted the roast pork ramen, but they were out of roast pork at 7pm, so i had the chicken ramen. it was ok. ramen, slightly overcooked, a little too much fish sauce and the chicken was somewhat dry and bland, but acceptable. We also had an order of shrimp tempura (very good) and tuna poke. We each had 2 beers. $75 incl tax & tip. Happy hour $4 app's sounds like a good deal.

You seem in the know....Any rec's for another ramen/dumpling place in PBC?

Trattoria Romana in Boca

I've only had great experiences here, in season and out. I've never waited more than a few minutes for my table. My servers have always been more than attentive, without rushing us. The food was not rushed. Yes, it is expensive. Figure drink, app, main (most hover in the $32 range) and a espresso- pp. 80+. It is undoubtedly loud. It's a happening spot, young and old. If you go after 8:30, you will get a young crowd that drinks, laughs, eats and sometimes table hops. But the food is delicious. I've had pasta, fish, veal and seafood. All perfectly cooked.

I'm curious what Italian restaurant(s) you think are better. I'm always looking for new ideas. I'm down with a red-check style place, as well as a more upscale place like this. The food prices, EVERYWHERE are insane.

Desperately Seeking Indian Food In PBC

I've dined at Sapphire. It's been so long that I've had Indian that I couldn't contain myself and wait until the soft opening was done.

It was delicious and everything was super fresh. We were told that they make everything fresh daily and it showed.

We started with the pappadam (3 to an order- NOT gratis as many Indian places sometimes have), which while fragrant, might have been a tad soggy from the weather, but the condiments were delicious. We especially enjoyed green one.

We then had a shrimp appetizer which was perfectly cooked. The sauce was not the bright green color as I would have imagined it would be, but was tasty and a bit spicy nonetheless. Our dishes ordered were Chicken Tikka Masala (moist chicken, nicely creamed sauce), Lamb Shashlik perfectly cooked with crisp vegetables and a delicious tiny side of herb condiment, Raita (especially delicious with flecks of pomegranate) basmati rice and spinach without the cheese. Of course, we had bread-- onion Kulcha. It was pillowy and sweet from the onion. I loved it. We had 3 KingFisher's and one Vodka.

AJ, the manager/owner sent over "drunken donuts" gratis. I've never tasted them before and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the cardamom infused syrup, albeit that it was super-sweet.

Next time I would try the lamb with the poppy seeds and/or the lamb shanks, both of which were recommended to me as "specialities of the house" several times. I just chose dishes that I always have as a benchmark first impression.

Portion sizes were reasonable. I was full and had leftovers to take home.

Service was excellent, but just know that I went on a Monday at 630, and there were only 2 tables occupied.

The restaurant features plenty of liquors for reasonable prices. They give you a 2 ounce pour. There is a mixologist there who in the past was associated with Sweetwaters in Boynton. He knows his stuff.

Dinner, tax and tip: $115.
I will return for seconds.
Pictures are from a previous meal my husband had while I was away on vacation.

Slow Food Florida- Great ingredient resource

I guess in my stress over my move down south, I forgot about my favorite resource to source food for myself and clients.... Slow Food! Here is our south Florida chapter... http://localfoodsouthflorida.org/inde...
See you there!

Duck King in Boca Raton

CF, I agree. This place is strange. The decor, the menu, the way the dishes come out.
We went there last night, and ordered from the American menu. After reading this thread, I felt armed and ready to tackle the menu. Other than the shrimp w/ lobster sauce and the Chow Fun (I called it Ho Fun, but was corrected by the waiter), the dishes were tasty but not what we had expected. I tried to order the spicy chicken that everyone raved about, but they said they had no idea what we were talking about.
When we asked where our appetizer of dumplings were- our mains had come out already, sporadically- the waitress told us that typically, Chinese meals come out as the dishes are prepared in the back- and that as an American, we are unfamiliar with this custom. They have only limited woks and that's why dishes sometimes take a long time. I get that- but maybe they should write that message on their menu and give the patron a heads up.
Beers were super cheap (3.5 for most). Tea was lukewarm. Conclusion: Fair. 1 beer, 1 soup, 1 dumpling, 1 shrimp w/lobster sauce, chow fun, chix with chili sauce (not good) and a General Tso chix was $88 plus tip. Maybe that's reasonable, but we didn't feel satisfied in the end. Will probably not return, not because the food or the service was not good, but rather because it was a difficult overall experience.

Restaurant was 75% full, mostly Chinese customers w/ kids loving their food.

I'm going out on a limb to say, rather proudly no less that I love American-style Chinese food (chips on the table, ribs, eggrolls, etc.) and would welcome a recommendation for that.

Trader Joe's?!?

I drive what you would probably consider a flashy car... but wasting is wasting. I could feed an army 5 star food with what they throw away. I love Florida, have met great people and have eaten some delicious food, that I would gladly pay for if it was worth it.

Trader Joe's?!?

I am in the food business, and write about groceries and grocery stores, so I am hyper aware of what things cost throughout a supermarket. Publix is a good 10-15% higher priced than what I am accustomed to up North. That being said, it kind of is what it is, and you get numb to it (even though it truly annoys me). Another thing that aggravates me is that they openly throw away bruised produce, or anything that is PERFECT to buy and use that day. Up North, there is always a place or a rack in the back of the produce dept. that sells "use today" items... which was a real bargain, and in my opinion, a win-win for the store as well as the consumer. I've asked, and they don't even donate the stuff. What a waste!

Madisons New York Bar & Grill in Boca

Next time try the artichoke. It was fantastic. I've had a couple killer cocktails there too.

Boca rec needed for something different

If you go to Tucci's first, on your bill you will receive a coupon for 13% off 13 American Grill. They make great drinks. I've eaten at both 12 AG and Rebel House. My bill at Rebel House is always a good deal more.... maybe I eat more there? Fork and Knife is delicious- not as good atmosphere as the above mentioned. More of a diner atmosphere.

Boca area Steakhouses: Chops/Cut432/Abe & Louie's/New York Prime?

I was actually fine with it, but it might not good for people who can't take noise.

Boca area Steakhouses: Chops/Cut432/Abe & Louie's/New York Prime?

We went to both Cut 432 and NY Prime, both VERY loud, so ask for "quieter" tables, they each have area's that are better acoustically. Cut 432 was delicious. They serve biscuits as bread. They were flaky and warm. Had shrimp cocktail, it was awesome. Worth the $7/shrimp. Lamb chops ordered came 6 to the rack and came with a fab. potato/cheese gratin. Cream spinach, asparagus, tater tots- were all very good. Friends shared steak for 2. It was perfectly beefy. Very enjoyable. Cocktails were perfect.
NY Prime- Cocktails were large but filled with too much ice. Reasonably priced, but I guess that was good since 2 Gin and tonics didn't even give me a hint of a buzz (unusual). Steak ordered was ribeye on the bone, served med. rare (hot). Well charred, perfectly cooked. Delicious. Husbands filet was fantastic. Bacon app was fantastic, especially the steak sauce that came with it. The shrimp cocktail was very good, but didn't hold a candle to Cut 432. Apples and oranges. I didn't like the breading on the onion rings, but rest of party did. If I didn't feel so full from dinner the night before, I'd have gotten the onion straws and the baked shrimp. The table next to us had those dishes and I was hankering to try some. Creamed spinach was equally as good as Cut 432. Hash browns were well done, buttery and really good. Cheese cake was from the Carnegie Deli in NY and was dense and addicting, better than the same dessert at Cut 432. People were dancing in the bar area. If you are not seated in the room off the bar, I'm not so sure how you will be able to hear your party-- it is THAT noisy. BUT.... it was delicious and I would definitely recommend going. I've been to Abe & Louie's and it is good too- but to me, a step down from NY Prime, albeit, still worthy. I've eaten prime rib there, and the other restaurants mentioned here do not serve that dish. It's definitely a quieter (but still lively) experience.

Brisket- 1st & 2nd cut- marbled. Where to get?

The Brisket from Glicks was fantastic... no joke. Seriously great. I actually saw a whole cryovak brisket at Josephs, but had already purchased mine.

Brisket- 1st & 2nd cut- marbled. Where to get?

Purchased 1st and 2nd cut at Glicks. I went in there thinking the place would be not the best. Very impressed. Clean, easy to navigate and every (kosher) cut imaginable. Every person working there was sooo nice and helpful. I'll let you know how the meat tasted next week. Just so you know, I spent $250 meat and other things. I guess their stuff was appealing to me....

taverna kyma or estia?

Which seafood, greek place do you think is better? Taverna Kyma or Estia? Thx.

Brisket- 1st & 2nd cut- marbled. Where to get?

Yikes all over the grocery store! Grocery bills are up 15% or more from last year. I've found that item for item here, things are almost $1 more+. Seriously. That adds up at the checkout line, big time! Back to the brisket- I'm going to try Glicks. Not that I need it to be kosher, but Kosher butchers have a handle on the deckle... :) I'll report back

Brisket- 1st & 2nd cut- marbled. Where to get?

I've purchased meat at Costco, and even though people swear by it, I thought the meat was not great. Not horrible, just not great. Thank you for the rec of Western Beef. We had one in NY that I've been to. I'll give it a whirl. As far as full fat yogurt- try Whole Foods or other similar markets. They sell it. If you can't get the Greek style, just buy regular full fat and allow the yogurt to drain overnight through cheesecloth, a sieve or even a coffee filter set over a bowl. You will achieve thick, creamy yogurt (plus the added benefit of probiotics).

Brisket- 1st & 2nd cut- marbled. Where to get?

So, this board had been extremely helpful, and now I need another rec. I'd like to purchase a 1st and 2nd cut brisket- on the fattier side. I've spoken to butchers at Fresh Market, Publix, Whole Foods. No Go! Do I have no choice but to go to Meating Place (overpriced) or Costco (not the biggest fan)? Are those my only options? Thanks, neighbors.

Food Franchises That Don't Suck

Every Chipotle I've ever been to (at least 5 separate ones) allow me to ask for extra meat.

Apr 08, 2014