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Any casual restaurant in Boca Raton area for a largish group?

Check out Nicks New Haven. It's a fairly large spot. The food is good. It's already loud. http://www.nickspizzeriabar.com/

They don't have a ball pit.

Manggiano's does this all-you-can-eat thing. It's not amazing, but good enough and I've been there where there are tons of kids. Again, no ball pit.


Lunch on the water between West Palm and Boca

Have lunch at The Waterstone Hotel in Boca- http://www.waterstoneboca.com/
Here's the dining: http://www.waterstoneboca.com/dining-...

most vegan-friendly city in south Florida?

If you are in the area- Apura is a casual raw, vegan, gluten free spot in Boca (Powerline and Palmetto). They do cold pressed juices, coffee's, make their own nut milks and seed cheeses.

Palm Beach County openings 2014

I've eaten two times at Aladdin- once 6 months ago where I took out a second time shortly thereafter, and again tonight for the third time. I will not return. The hummus was devoid of flavor, the falafel and side pita were cold, the lentil soup was salty, the garlic "dressing" was gelatinous and the beef shawarma was literally rancid. I pointed out that the "droppings" of meat tasted as if the meat were frozen prior to cooking, but even so, the texture and the greasiness was simply unacceptable.

At the table near to us ( there were not many people there at 7pm), the gentleman returned his salad and showed his waiter that his lamb was so hard by literally trying to take his fork out of the meat to no avail. The waiter had nothing to say (poor guy) but yeah, it's been cooked way too long and it's like a rock. (no joke. that's what was said)

The restaurant is clean and the help was young and nice. The owners were MIA (maybe that is the problem)? I felt bad for my waiter and the rest of the front of the house staff.

What a shame. I really wanted this place to last.

New barbecue spot.

FYI- Smoke has a killer happy hour (3 for 1 cocktails using deep eddy vodka or Sousa Silver tequila). 1/2 price app's. After 8 or 9 (can't exactly remember because I had the 3 for 1's) they move the table away and have a dj with dancing. Food is great, and the vibe is rockin and relaxed. Fun.

Basilic Vietnamese in Boca- great Pho

Had a really great meal at Basilic in Boca Raton that is worthy of letting fellow CHOWders know.

The place from the outside looks like nothing special, however inside, there is a peaceful Zen ambiance with a nice bar in front and plenty of tables. It was a rainy night, but I believe there is a garden out back with outside seating as well.

While I did not try many dishes, what we had was incredibly satisfying. They begin by bringing shrimp chips to the table. Most of the time, I forgo eating them because they are usually stale and taste of nothing but fry and calories to me, but here, they had real "shrimp" and spice flavor. On the table there are also two styles of chili sauce to dip in.

We ordered the pork/shrimp eggroll, the least successful dish eaten, (somewhat greasy), and tasted mostly of pork, rather than shrimp but was still crispy and tasty just not the best I've ever had. ($7).

We also had the beef Pho (10.50)- complete with sprouts and all the traditional fixings. The broth was rich in flavor, the noodles were perfectly cooked and the beef was fresh and abundant. I was thoroughly stuffed after the dish. There was a Vietnamese couple slurping and eating with gusto next to me, always a good sign.

My husband had the Shaken Beef, which tasted Chinese (a good thing). It was a wok dish of stir fried filet in a brown sauce with onions and peppers and a lime/salt and pepper dipping sauce alongside fried rice. (19.50) He also had a "33" (Vietnamese beer 5).

Will definitely return to have a bahn mi for lunch and other dishes for dinner. Wondering what, if any, has anyone else to say about this place?


Local, homemade chocolate at Jan's in Lauderdale by the Beach

I have to give a shout out to Jan's Homemade Candies and strongly recommend them to my fellow Chowhounds.

This is a destination shop, kind of in the middle of your getting from here to there. Jan and Bob the owners are always there from 8 am to 8 pm. They make practically everything from scratch. Have a specialty item in mind? They can make it for you. I challenge you to find a more perfectly balanced chocolate.

When you walk in you will be overwhelmed by the intoxicating aroma of chocolate, not sugar. Start chatting with Jan and she will undoubtedly hand you sample after sample. While there I sampled salted caramel fudge, dark chocolate peanut butter cup, chocolate ganache, a not-to-be-missed habanero dark chocolate bar and their best seller- the good for you bar with organic blueberry, pepita, and a slew of other fruits and nuts. Both of the bars will be sold at Whole Foods soon... each piece I tried was better than the next. Not a single piece left a cloying, sweet aftertaste that you get with most chocolate these days. Her chocolate is perfectly sweet, as are her fillings. Jan and Bob are true artisans.

I purchased the dark chocolate covered marzipan (my favorite of all the candies) which was perfectly rich and smooth, the toffee and graham cracker. I could have purchased the whole store, but seriously held back.

All I can say is, my mother owned a homemade chocolate shoppe back in the day, and this is literally the only store that can compare to my mom's. Jan's won best chocolate store in South Fla. 2014 (I think that was the year) and just got written up in Paula Deen's magazine this month. You don't find stores or products like this too often these days. It's simply a special place.


Visiting hound needs Boca / Delray help

I'd also like to recommend Calypso Restaurant in Pompano Beach. Party of 4 ate (and ate and ate) at the bar and had 2 beers each for $105/couple. But you could definitely get away way cheaper than that. This is a beer and wine only place.

I had a special sandwich of shrimp and scallops that was made into a burger. It was outstanding, as was their coleslaw and potato salad. The conch chowder was good, a little bland and could use more conch and salt. I also enjoyed the smashed conch which tasted like lobster (a little chewier). Conch was flattened, grilled and served with drawn butter. Another must-have dish would be the stuffed mushrooms. My husband had the fried lobster cutter (sandwich), quite good (needed salt) and my friend had the shrimp and mushroom cutter (open-faced sandwich) which is blended with cheese. Shrimps were extremely fresh, but the dish lacked seasoning.

If you are looking for a no-nonsense kind of place, where the owner is present and the help and staff are grateful for your business, and where the food is honestly good and satisfying, then this is a great choice.


Visiting hound needs Boca / Delray help

I feel you, emarcus. I strike out a lot too.

I concur on Nicks- but both times they were out of the clam pizza (said the weather made harvesting impossible). I was incredibly disappointed both times, but had other pizza dishes and a salad that were both delicious.

Zingers in West Boca- great deli food. IMO, more satisfying than Katz's. http://zingersdeli.com/

It sounds like you enjoy fish. Fish Shack in Pompano. It's literally a hole in the wall with 5 tables. But really, inexpensive and super fresh.

Steak, roast chicken, fish... New York Prime. Expensive- Bryant and Cooper kind of vibe, noisy (ask for the room off the bar area. You can hear there), but honestly delicious. Consistently satisfying.

Italian- Ristorante Sapori in Boca, Royal Palm Place. Not cheap, not beautiful or trendy, but fresh, fresh, fish and homemade pasta. Owner takes pride in his food. http://ristorantesapori.com/

I also like (and never see anyone write anything other than that there was some drama associated with the place) the no frills Pizza Time on Camino Real just off Dixie in Boca. It's a hokey named pizzeria with with Italian dishes. Owners are from the Bronx, and it reminds me of what Mother Kelly's in Cedarhurst used to be. Nothing fancy or special, but a local place that just feels comfortable and I always leave satisfied and happy. Get the baked clams or stuffed artichoke. They are delicious. I like them better than Matteo's (which incidentally is here too). http://www.yelp.com/biz/pizza-time-ri...

Indian- Sapphire in Royal Palm Place. Very good. Not fancy, but a good looking spot.

American- 13 American Table (the Josper grilled foods are really good), or Rebel House (especially for the fried chicken), both on Palmetto Park Road, east of Federal. We also like Trattoria Romana (Palmetto Park Road) but it can be a scene, a big ticket and noisy for the elderly. If you go there, you might want to ask for the room in the back which for me, seems like Siberia, but works for others.

No frills, but delicious hamburgers at M-E-A-T http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/985980
The place reminds me of eateries that I used to go to with my dad in office buildings down in the garment center in NYC. Maybe because it's in an office building...

V & S for sandwiches (Federal) ask for the hard, seeded bread, Brooklyn Water Bagels (multiple locations) for just that, legitimate bagels outside of the Metropolitan NY area.

True restaurant

Has anyone been to True near Royal Palm Place? What do you think?

Birthday Dinner for 85-Year Old Near Delray

I've never been, but my 81 year old father and 76 year old mother ate at Sundy House and out of all the restaurants we took them to (and there were 8-10 ranging from high end Italian, steakhouses, neighborhood tried and true), they loved that the most.


My parents like a nice atmosphere, fair price for good food and excellent service, as well as a place where they can hear conversation. They have good palates from NY so I trust their opinions. Their experience at Sundy House met all of those criteria. In fact, they said it was a "special place". It's not a new or super trendy place though if that is what you are looking for...

X-Mas Eve/Day in Delray or Boca

New York Prime is open. So is Zingers. I'd say Chinese... but #1, not a fan of any down here, and #2, it's usually crazy busy with horrid service and food on that day.
What about Bogart's or Tanzy's at the local movie houses which are open on Christmas? Have not eaten at either, but I've actually heard pretty good reviews on both.

R House Wynwood

Looks like a fun show. Very Chowhound.

La Ferme- best new restaurant in Boca, hands down!!

I actually liked and appreciated your 'over the top' review, Sockster.
With so many bad food experiences and boatloads of wasted money, it is hard not to wax poetic with superlatives on the restaurants that provide truly excellent food and service.

CFB, I also enjoy your posts, and value your opinion. Your style of review is more toned down, plus you appear to be a local to Boca at this point for some time. Your reviews are peppered with local comparisons which is quite helpful since it gives me frame of reference.

I like that Sockster is well traveled and can make a glowing review of a Boca restaurant. His frame of reference is worldly (so it seems) and for that, I will put La Ferme on my list of must-try's. After reading their menu and the "about" section, the Shapiro's look as though they have this bistro formula figured out.

ps- I recently went to Dada too for the first time. Very disappointed.

Swank Farms

Anyone going today/tonight, Dec. 7th? I was asked to go and am very much looking forward to the event...

New barbecue spot.

Sushigo Boca Raton

Sushigo is very good and very clean. There are unusual combinations and a level of sophistication you just do not get anywhere else here. Maybe the best sushi I've had in Palm Beach County. It's not a trendy, "fluffy" sushi house. This is a serious sushi place.

The owner/Chef, Joe was the Sushi Chef at Nobu in Florida. He's not very engaging or friendly but you can tell, he is the real deal. It almost seems like he has a lot on his mind and this place isn't quite as satisfying a job... that's just my impression. Maybe it's just his intensity. I'd like to hear other people's take-

But here's the thing. Sushigo is quite expensive given that it is located in a no-nothing strip center and from the outside looks like it could be a takeout place. Rolls average at $18. App's $14. They do have a happy hour M-Th 4-6 w/ half price options.
1 large Sake, 1 gyoza app, 1 sashimi app, 1 miso soup and 2 rolls= $110.

13 Things to Do With Canned Sardines

I grew up eating Moosabeck (?) sardines. We only ate it one way. On a toasted english muffin, mashed with cream cheese, sliced onion and lettuce. It was delicious but one of those things I never admitted eating to my friends.

Nov 19, 2014

Los Fajitas Boca

I went once. It was not good. Try Mi Casita next to 7-11. I have not been there in a few months, but I thought it was a fair alternative. It's not much to look at- and the strip center is dicey, but the food is pretty good, not amazing, but worthy of a few dollars. Here's a thread where you can find more info: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/780142

Fish Shack in Pompano Beach

Fresh, delicious. Really, incredibly reasonable. $2 draft beers.

Palm Beach County openings 2014

Gary Rack's Farmhouse Kitchen- Royal Palm Place. Opening Monday, November 10, 2014.

well known brands that just arent as good as in the past

im still here. love me some egg creams

Oct 18, 2014
LETTUCEINLOVE in General Topics

Blue Willie's BBQ

But DO go for the smoked food. Very delicious. I also heard that "Smoke" in Delray is excellent. I have not tried it yet, but if you don't like to drive too far, here you go.

Blue Willie's BBQ

FYI: If you like pastrami hand cut, zingers will do that for you, otherwise, it's done on a slicer, which gives you a different experience. Also, Knish's are same recipe as Knish Nosh on Queens Blvd, NY. So good.

Blue Willie's BBQ

Got there at around 1215 (it's a Thurs so I was there for the pastrami) and waited in line for probably around 20 minutes, 12 pp ahead of me. But it was fun. I spoke with other enthusiasts that were from where I grew up and we not only knew common people, but spoke about our hometown favorite restaurants. And, of course, we spoke a lot about pastrami.

So here are my two cents about BW's. It was delicious. About 85% of the patrons were men. I thought that was funny. The place was completely packed with patrons at their communal tables and was also clean and not sticky like other bbq joints can be, or so it appeared. I say that because the lighting really stunk, but I still think it was clean. I know this is weird at a smokehouse, but there literally was no 'smoke' aroma. All this said...not the biggest deal, i'm just setting the tone for you.

The food. The pastrami was perfectly warm and well crusted with loads of assertive pickling spices like coriander and pepper, almost too much for me. Some bites I actually had to scrape off the seasonings. The meat-fat ratio, was to my liking almost perfection. Just enough buttery fat co-mingled with the sweet and fragrant meat. I noticed that most people were eating theirs on an onion bun, but I opted for the rye bread because 1) the onion bun looked kind of dry, and 2) I just think pastrami should be eaten on rye bread. Mistake. This rye was sub par. It was a thin cut with a soft crust, so the juices from the sandwich made the whole thing fall apart. I also opted to have mine with deli style mustard, which was fine and cole slaw that tasted pedestrian like the kind you get behind the supermarket counter. I'd skip the cole slaw next time.

My husband ordered pulled pork on the onion roll and sauced it up at the table. For me, it might have been the tastiest pulled pork I have ever eaten. Hand pulled in front of you, you get big and small chunks, moist with just a bit of char on some pieces. The pork certainly tasted like pig, but didn't have that "porky" taste that I find to be sour sometimes. The smoke was there, but just enough to allow the pork flavors to shine. Believe it or not, I didn't see even one person eating ribs. Not a one. But maybe because it was thursday. I gotta believe that other than the money aspect of it all, the bbq master must be sort of bummed in a weird way that he is getting all this buzz about the only non-smoked dish on his meat menu.

Alfred, I'll say this to you, because you love Zinger's, I think as much as I do. This place, this pastrami, is totally awesome. There is no denying it. Worthy if you will. But for me, and IMO, I choose Zingers for the pastrami, if only for the whole package; the great, great homemade crusted rye they serve it on as well as the Dr. Brown's and Knish I get to accompany the meal. I guess, that's the way I like to eat my pastrami. Maybe even a black and white afterwards.

2 sandwiches, 2 lemonade/arnold palmers $23.55

ps. Not the best parking, so park on the side streets
pps. Anyone been to that polish deli next door? How's that?

Meat/Chix Burlington, VT

Where is the best place for a student on a budget to buy meat and poultry in Burlington VT

Meat/Chix Burlington, VT

Hi. My son goes to UVM and is looking for a reasonably priced option to buy quality steaks such as skirt, and chicken. He is grossed out by Price Chopper, and says City Market-Onion co-op is too expensive. He has no problem w/ a supermarket, but I just don't know where to send him.

I've been doing research online, but having a hard time working it out for him. I suggested getting him a Costco membership, but unless he shares, the receipt is always huge.

Blue Willie's BBQ

I'll be there Thurs. Gotta try that pastrami @LiveRock if you agree that Zingers is 5 star.

Blue Willie's BBQ

Couldn't agree with you more about not being able to find a good brisket in Sofla. I surprisingly found one at Glick's kosher market in Delray if you can believe that!

Blue Willie's BBQ

Have not tried Blue Willies yet, but will, simply because it tops my list on what I'd take if stranded on a desert island.

I LOVE and think Zingers pastrami is #1 in my book (great spice, buttery-moist, melt in your mouth fat-meat ratio which is perfection to my taste buds), even after having Katz's (NYC) 2 times this summer, now my #2. But, it's not really fair to compare any "barbecued" product to a cured/smoked/steamed preparation. I can say this with conviction since I worked in a bbq joint for a time. Apples and oranges, so you cannot make a comparison.

While it's ok to love Blue Willie's pastrami (and I'm excited to think I will too...) "barbecued" Pastrami- Same name-different dish.