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3 nights in Vegas (including Thanksgiving)

The first night, wednesday, we'll be staying at the MGM Signature. We found a nice deal that included a food credit, and we'll have a jacuzzi in the room! Thursday, friday, and saturday we'll be staying in a "GO" room at the Flamingo. I know the property isn't all that interesting, but people seem to be complimentary of their newly updated "GO" rooms. It was the most affordable, centrally located hotel we could find. This will allow us to spend a little more on food :)

The Peppermill looks like a fun place to try for a late night/early morning experience. Also Raku looks like a great option to go with some friends who will also be in Vegas, but aren't planning to join us for the more extravagant (expensive) meal. There are a few yakitori places in the San Diego area (where I'm from), but I don't think they can find that kind of food in wisconsin (where they're from). I just hope they're feeling adventurous!

It's too bad B&B isn't more consistent. I recently read Heat, where the author spends a few years in the Babbo kitchen (Batali plays a role in the book), and then he goes to Italy to learn pasta making and butchery. It inspired my girlfriend and me to make handmade ravioli and braised lamb shanks with polenta last weekend. At least our dinner was fabulous!

Sep 23, 2010
riggle in Las Vegas

3 nights in Vegas (including Thanksgiving)

Thanks for your insight!

It seems like we may simply try to do room service for our first night as we will have hotel dining credit. However, any other suggestions for a fun and unique late night dining experience would be very much appreciated.

For Thanksgiving, we will definitely look at menus. Hopefully one will strike our fancy, and we'll make a reservation. My girlfriend has never been to Las Vegas before though, so she still would really like to experience a Vegas buffet. From what I've seen on the boards, competitors have come and gone, but it seems like the Bellagio is still the best. Would you agree?

Finally, Robuchon is probably out of our price range. I've been reading great things about Alex and Sage all over these boards. It seems like we may be deciding between those two restaurants for Friday night. The idea that B&B is supposed to be like Babbo is intriguing, however it seems like they don't quite pull it off. We're still scouring these boards, and others, for reviews, and studying menus. Any more help would be great!

Thanks again

3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

Sep 22, 2010
riggle in Las Vegas

3 nights in Vegas (including Thanksgiving)

Hello All

I've been a frequent reader of chowhound for years, but this is my first post (so please go easy on me if I leave out any vital information).

My girlfriend and I will be driving into Las Vegas (from san diego) on the wednesday evening before thanksgiving. We'll be staying on the strip, though we haven't booked the hotel yet. We'll have a car, so we can drive, but we'd prefer not to have to deal with too many inconveniences/extra charges.

Here are my thoughts:
Classic Vegas for wednesday night. I'm not sure what time we'll be arriving, so I don't want to make reservations. Also, we may be slightly tired from the drive, so we won't be ready for "fine dining." This seems like the perfect opportunity to try out a classic (perhaps late night) spot. Do these types of places still exist? Any fun suggestions?

Thursday (thanksgiving) might be a good day for a buffet. This way, I figure we'll be able to get all traditional thanksgiving fare as well as whatever else we could possibly imagine. Plus we'll be able to eat to our heart's content just like at home.

Friday night we want to have a special night. We're fairly adventurous in our eating (we enjoy offal, game meats, fine french cuisine, peasant french, italian, asian.... pretty much everything), and so we'd like to find a truly unique dining experience. We're familiar with most of the celebrity chefs in vegas (through their cooking shows and game shows), but we don't want to limit ourselves to those restaurants alone. We'll be happy to pay for one of the best meals of our lives. Alternatively, I'd also like to know if there are some more casual places (and thus I've been overlooking them) that specialize in an incredible item (or two), and so it may be worth trying such a place instead.

I appreciate any help that you can give me. Please let me know if you have any other questions for me, and I'll try to answer them to the best of my ability. Thanks!

Sep 14, 2010
riggle in Las Vegas