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New restaurant in old Ivory Thailand space

Ivory Thai was my husband's favourite restaurant near where we live so he was very disappointed when he discovered it had gone.

Anyway, we decided to give it a try on Saturday night and thought I'd update on what this new place is like.

We were greeted by a very nice lady at the door who was very welcoming and offered to take our coats ... after taking our coats they then had a very long conversation about whether they would be able to seat us. This was a little odd as there were only about 5 people in the place so there was plenty of space and furthermore I thought they could probably have had this conversation before taking our coats so we had the option to run if there was no space! Anyway they eventually seated us and we had a very nice evening.

We each had a cocktail from their limited cocktail menu - these were very nice sorry I can't remember what we had but they were both good.

Then the chef gave us a complimentary amuse bouche on the house which was delicious - it was a pate with a couple of pieces of toast.

My husband had the filet mignon - this was very tender and delicious ... he thoroughly enjoyed it.

We also shared two side dishes - the mushrooms and the vegetable casserole. The vegetable casserole was just a dish of steamed vegetables, these were good but slightly underdone. The mushrooms were gorgeous.

At this point we got another complimentary dish to try which was some scallops with asparagus - again very nice.

the only complaint I have is that the menu is very limited - there are no vegetarian main dishes, only 1 fish option and no poultry option. I ended up having the soup as my main meal which was absolutely delicious but I would perhaps have liked a bit more choice.

Finally we had the Chocolate Mousse Burger for dessert - a very small almond bun with some chocolate mousse in the middle. The idea for this was good and it was ok although it was very cold and solid as though it had come almost directly to table from the freezer - we would probably have a different dessert in the future although.

All in all very nice night and we will be going back again soon.

Restaurants near Sony Centre

Directly over the road is Frans, Biff's Bistro and Oliver and Bonaccini Bar and Grill.

Just round the corner is Houstons and Marche. Round the other corner is The Keg, The Spaghetti Factory.

Along the road is Hot House Cafe, The Sultan's Tent and Vagabondo.

There are alot of things around that area so it all depends what you are looking for!

Hot House
35 Church Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1T3, CA

Sultan's Tent
49 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E1B3, CA

Biff's Bistro
4 Front St. E, Toronto, ON M5E 1B2, CA

Tim Tams lost again !

Saw three flavours - Caramel, Dark Choc and Milk Choc in the Sobey's on Front Street East last weekend.


My SO came home last night with a sudden "need" to get a Turducken ... no idea where he got this idea from but I suspect one of his work colleagues of planting it in his mind!

Does anyone know where it is possible to get a Turducken from in Toronto? The only place I can think is SLM but them I'm not sure which of the shops (if any) in there would have or be able to prepare such a thing.

Any suggestions gratefully accepted!

Culinary Festivals in Canada

I don't know of any large festivals there are a couple of wine and food shows held at the International Centre in Mississauga I think they are around March/April time (or at least that is when they were this year).

Also, Saturday 17 October there is International Chef's day where a selection of chefs will be showing and selling their creations (I believe for around $2/$3 per portion) at Yonge Dundas Square.

If anyone knows of any others then I too would love to hear about them.

Sudden Inexplicable Craving for a Banana Split

Where are you based?

Yeah we witnessed the multiple reincarnations ... hadn't realized it had been a Restaurant Makeover though ... missed that one but the first time we tried it was Red Plum.

Has anyone ever been to on Front (next to the Jason George)? It seems to be constantly empty ... this may have something to do with the decor and the staff!

The decor is poor ... even though they have apparently only just opened following yet another refit.

The staff are very slow .... the last time I was there one of the staff (the only waiter in the place) was in the bathroom when we came in and when he came out of the loo he actually jumped about 6 feet in the air as he was scared that we were there! Interesting as the door was open and they were open. He then proceeded to assume we wanted take away and after we managed to make him understand we wanted food he tried to give us both the same drink!!!

Now, on to the food ... I had Won Ton soup and sweet potato fries and my husband had combination (chicken, shrimp and beef) phad thai! The food is really really good ... the only reason we keep going back. The Won Ton soup was really nicely done with a gorgeous broth and very succulent Won Tons. The sweet potato fries were thick and really nicely cooked not even slightly greasy, they came with something called thai ketchup which was very interesting and very moreish although became a bit vinegary after a while. My husbands phad thai was delicious, not a hint of ketchup or standard sauces, in fact I don't think I have ever tasted anything like it before.

So has anyone else been here? What do you think?

If you haven't been and you have time (they are not the fastest) then I highly recommend it.

Swish by Han?

Went to Swish last night! They now have their liquor licence and it was a really fun experience. The only problem is that it was 8pm on a Friday night and it was dead .... me and my other half were the only people in there so please go down and enjoy we want this place to stay open.

We had:

A portion of the dumplings ... although these were deep fried they were very light and not even slightly greasy which was nice. The filling was a minced pork and they had been drizzled with soy sauce to serve.

A seafood shabu shabu ... this was a nice selection of scallops, shrimp, mussels and squid also vegetables including several different types of mushrooms and greens. All the fish and vegetables were fresh and tasty. You took each item and cooked it in the accompanying fish broth over a portable gas hob. The fish broth was very nice and fresh ... when it started to run low the waitress came over with a bit more to make sure we could cook everything. All accompanied with a nice (but unfortunately not homemade sweet chilli dipping sauce). After we had finished the seafood and veg we were offered either porridge or noodles - we chose noodles. A nice way to finish.

The only down side is, although they do have a liquor licence now, they do only offer 2 different beers (steam whistle being the choice my other half had) and house white and house red wine so not a large choice.

The waitress explained fully how to use and eat everything so don't worry about not knowing what to do.

Highly recommended please keep this place alive!

beer festival

I'm going to the beer festival tonight ... I'm going because my husband loves his beers and loves tasting new ones! I on the other hand don't like beer at all ... is there anything else there for people like me?


English Guests

Thanks to everyone who has made suggestions so far ... all very much appreciated ... keep them coming if anything else comes up!

English Guests

Thanks Paulustrious ... yes, they are mobile so maybe menu shopping is the best idea.

Herein lies the problem ... we were planning on the top of the CN tower but when I reviewed the menu there was too much stuff on there that would have been considered not plain enough ... chicken (fine) shitake mushrooms (definite no no)!!

Yes I do agree that pizza, tandoori chicken massala, coq au vin, beef stroganoff and spaghetti bolognese are all considered traditional fair but I believe my mother in law would actually term them as anything but ... although pizza could just about squeeze through so long as it had nothing on it but tomatoes, cheese, ham and pineapple ... and I mean nothing no herbs nothing!

English Guests

Thanks, yes we are talking meat and two veg ... we may well travel to Prague even if it is tricky on the TTC!!! Any one else got meat and two veg options?

English Guests

Thanks for all your suggestions so far ... the Irish Embassy and any form of fish and chips sounds good but if anyone has any ideas for somewhere more memorable that would be great as this is the first time they will have been outside of Europe.

Sorry I forgot to mention we live down by the St. Lawrence Market so somewhere downtown ish or we are willing to travel anywhere on or near a TTC stop of some sort (we don't have a car).

English Guests

I have been a silent chow reader for quite some time now reading and absorbing everything you all have to say ... in fact several times I've followed your advice and it is always spot on. Now I have a problem and I need your help.

In a couple of weeks time my mother and father in law are coming to visit for 2 weeks. During these two weeks they will both have birthdays so we wanted to take them somewhere nice for food.

Here is the problem, my mother in law has very simple tastes ... she only likes very plain and simple food! Do any of you have any ideas of somewhere nice that serves english food "unmessed" with (or at least offers this as an option on the menu). Don't mind about the price at the moment just trying to get some ideas ... anywhere suggested would be very welcome as I'm struggling.